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You’ve probably noticed all the chatter about artificial intelligence and how it’s changing the face of online marketing.

And what we’ve seen so far is just the start.

Regardless of AI, one trend has seen a steady increase over many years – the popularity of videos on the likes of YouTube and TikTok.

Facebook and Instagram have also jumped on the bandwagon by allowing users to post video “Reels”.

But the video creation problem is always the same – how to you create a video if you don’t want to appear on camera?

There are many channels on YouTube where content creators never appear on camera but will talk about what interests them.

Other creators will neither appear on video nor speak and won’t even use someone else’s voiceover.

They’ll just have some nice music playing in the background while their video plays in front of you.

But videos on YouTube are long-form videos – videos that are at least a few minutes long.

Plus, they’re recorded in the landscape format (wider than high) using webcams or screen capture software.

Today, people are hooked on short-form videos that use the portrait style (taller than wide).

You can create these types of video easily with your smartphone, if you want to appear on camera.

If you prefer using a desktop PC or laptop for creating videos, things are a little more problematical.

There’s a new cloud-based video creation tool available called Shorts AI¬†which uses the power of Artificial Intelligence to quickly create stunning videos for you.

I can point you to a special offer where you get all the components of Shorts AI plus a bunch of bonuses for one heavily discounted price instead of buying each one separately.

No upsells. No one-time-offers.

And you do get pretty much unlimited everything as well.

There are far too many features to list here so go look at the special bundle page yourself to see what’s included…

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