Amazon FBA

Many affiliate marketers like to use Amazon as one of their affiliate partners, but another way of making money with Amazon really opened up a few years ago – selling products on Amazon.

In the old days, this would involve sourcing a supplier of a product you’d researched, which would then be shipped to your home or office. Then selling those products on Amazon and fulfilling the orders yourself. As you can imagine, a lot of stock takes up a lot of space and considerable time is needed to pack and ship a product that sells well.

But who needs the headache, even if you have a very profitable product?

Amazon opened up its Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) centers a few years back and it took marketers a while to realize just what a great this this is. Essentially, you get your supplier to ship product direct to Amazon’s warehouses and they’ll send out packed products to customers on your behalf. There are fees involved, of course, but it still works out cheaper (as Amazon get huge shipping discounts due to the volume of stuff they move) and is way less time consuming where you’re concerned.

It’s a model that saw it’s first major course appear 4 years ago. Other courses have appeared in the meantime. If this is a business model you’re interested in pursuing, then here are the Top 5 “Selling on Amazon” courses available:

1 Proven Amazon Course

Proven Amazon Course

This was the first major course about selling on Amazon. It appeared in 2011 and has been updated continuously ever since. It is every bit as good as Amazing Selling Machine though perhaps not as well organized. It also does not include the additional software tools that come with Amazing Selling Machine (which are not required for success anyway) and the course is significantly cheaper at $299. The glowing reviews attest to how effective the course is.

You’ll find a comprehensive review of Proven Amazon Course here.

You can get the course here (one time payment).

2. Amazing Selling Machine


This was the second major course about selling on Amazon. This is a very comprehensive course that takes you from product research to finding suppliers around the world to building a lasting business in partnership with Amazon.

It’s also extremely expensive at $3,447. That fee covers the use of some specialist tools and software for the first year. After that, you’ll need to pay an annual subscription fee to continue using these tools. You’ll need to set aside an additional $1,000+ to buy inventory when using this course.

Doors to this course are currently closed.
However, they do reopen every 6-9 months.

There’s a more in-depth look at Amazing Selling machine here.

3. Home Business: Amazon FBA: Turn $10 Into $15,737

Home Business: Amazon FBA

This course is over at Udemy (if you’ve never heard of it, it’s a warehouse of quality video courses on a huge range of topics). This course takes you through researching products to sell on Amazon, where to find suppliers and how to get them to ship stock to Amazon’s FBA centers and how to brand products.

This course shows how you can get started with as little as a $10 investment in stock. The first three videos in the course are free to watch so you can get a flavor of what the course has to offer. While costing $300, this is a more lightweight course than Proven Amazon Course but may be better suited to those who want a more simple overview of the process of selling on Amazon, especially for those on a small budget. Everything you need to get started is here, however.

UPDATE: This special discount link will get you the course for just $5/€6.

You’ve nothing to lose at that price. These discounts don’t last forever as there are a limited number of them.

4. Amazon FBA: Learn The Top Items That You Should Be Selling!

Amazon FBA Product Selection Course

This course assumes you’re already familiar with the Amazon FBA model and how to find suppliers and get them to stock the FBA centers. Finding the right products to sell is crucial. Many think that it’s about selling high-ticket items when, in reality, it’s about selling lots of low price items. Profits come from sales volume. But with millions of products out there, this course presents a number of niches to get into that probably have never occurred to you. The course is $200.

UPDATE: Click this special link and you can get the course for $5/€6.

5. Amazon Secrets: How I Make $10,000+ A Month

Amazon Secrets Course on Udemy

This is also a Udemy course and it too looks at the methodology for selling on Amazon. You’ll learn how to pick smoking hot products, get your own products listed on at the top of Amazon, and how to drive lots of traffic to it from YouTube and Google.

So much of how successful a product is on Amazon depends on how the product page is crafted and this course explains the techniques to use on your product pages that will result in more sales.

There’s no discount available for this course which is $300.


Selling on Amazon can be very profitable but you will need to put some work in to research and source products. If this is a business model you’d like to investigate further, then opt for the Home Business: Amazon FBA: Turn $10 Into $15,737 course ($5 instead of $299 with that link) and then pick up Amazon FBA: Learn The Top Items That You Should Be Selling! (again $5 while the discount lasts).

After that, get the Proven Amazon Course or the Amazon Secrets course (you won’t need both). If Amazing Selling Machine becomes available again in a few months, you may find that you have no need of it as you’re already making money from Amazon from the other courses.