GrooveDigital Replay

This is a replay of a webinar presented by Mike Filsaime, the guy who created GrooveFunnels.

In it, he shows you what you can do with this digital marketing platform.

Unlimited Lifetime access and no account limits are currently available for a single fixed price.

The platform will soon be moving to a monthly subscription model and will cost a couple of hundred dollars a month for then new customers.

Click Here To Watch The Webinar And Lock In Your One-Time Price >>
Plus, you’ll also get my 45 bonuses!

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If you waited until now to check out Traffic Genesis, you can click here to check it out. It’s well worth the watch.

They have saved the best for last and this video is jam packed:

1. Learn the 5-part process of the “Driving Web Traffic on Demand” System.

They’ll show you the key to getting high quality traffic that converts using Discovery, Targeting, Optimization, Upgrading, and Re-engagement

Click here to see how Mike & Andy got these amazing results!

2. Why your success with advertising is dependent on this one skill and how to get it quickly even if you don’t have a huge budget for ads.

(By using handy research techniques and tools, you’ll find out what your competition is doing in a snap and when you combine it with the skill you’ll learn about in the video, you’ll be unstoppable.)

No doubt about it, this is simply some of the best training and information I’ve seen on how to get loads of repeatable high quality traffic to your offer that you can control. Click here to watch the video now.

BTW, the bonuses Mike and Andy are giving away (worth over $5,000) will be pulled in just a few days. Click here to see if you’ve managed to grab them.…

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Everyone with a website or a product/service to sell needs traffic. How you get that traffic has changed over the years, not least because of Google’s interminable search engine algorithm updates.

Traffic Genesis is a course from Mike Filsaime & Andy Jenkins (who also created Video Genesis some months back).

Sign up for their free “Facebook Traffic Breakthroughs You Need For Your Business” webinar here. The webinar runs on Wednesday, 02 July 2014 at 4:00 pm (GMT-07:00) Pacific Time.

You can also see some other videos they’ve released around this product here.

If you’re interested in this, the Early Bird bonuses will be withdrawn on July 2nd.…

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Video marketing is becoming hugely important if you’re an affiliate or internet marketer. Maybe it’s something you’re interested in, maybe not. But it can be used to promote your websites, your product or services or affiliate products and services.

Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins, two living legends in the IM industry, have put together the most comprehensive and complete video marketing course to date – Video Genesis.

Learn Talking Head, Whiteboard, Doodle, Animation, Presentation, Software Demo, Fly on the Wall, Interview, Google Hangouts, Apple’s “Hippie Style” Direct to Camera, Story Style and more video styles.

Knowing which of these to use and which NOT to use depending on your landing page, squeeze page, webinar registration page, or sales page is very important. Using the wrong page could kill conversions. Using the right one can boost sales.

You’ll learn everything there is to know about creating your own marketing videos.

BTW, if you’re not interested in buying Video Genesis, here’s an invite to promote it as an affiliate yourself:

And Here’s Our Video Genesis Bonus:

Being able to create great videos isn’t enough. It’s a bit like creating a great website. You still need to promote them and tell others about them. So if you buy Video Genesis through my link, you’ll also get the Tube Raider 2.0 course which shows you how to get your videos to rank highly in Google for your selected keywords. You can read about what’s in the course here, but you cannot buy the course from this page.…

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Video Marketing is a growth area and people are using it to advertise and promote their own products and services as well as affiliate products.

Making videos is now easy. All you need is a digital camcorder and you can record yourself talking about whatever it is you want to promote. If you can afford Camtasia, then you can record your screen and create “over-my-shoulder” type video tutorials, inside looks at membership sites or record PowerPoint presentations.

But one thing stands out about you and your videos. They’re not professionally produced (unless you’ve got the big bucks to hire a video production team!). So your videos contain mistakes, or maybe that would be better stated as: there are things you are doing wrong in your videos that you don#t even know about, and they will hurt your sales.

Mike Filsaime learned the video marketing ropes the hard way and now he’s teamed up with Andy Jenkins a professional video editor to create a top-notch video marketing course that shows you where you’re going wrong and how you can easily fix it. Your videos will look far more professional and your bank balance will look all the better for it!

In this fun video, Andy Jenkins explains to Mike Filsaime what video mistakes
people commonly make and how to fix them

The guys have also created a sample video showing you what typical marketers put in their own videos – it’s a mock sales pitch for a product. In the video, a sad smiley face pops up whenever something is being done incorrectly in the video production.…

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