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Link Whisper is a  WordPress plugin that makes it much faster, easier, and more effective to build internal links.

Building proper internal links can be time-consuming depending on the size of your site and how many new articles you write.

What if building 10 new internal links was as simple as checking a few boxes?

What if these links were not only easy to build but were also smart links – meaning the anchor text varies and comes from relevant articles?

Imagine you have an established blog with a few hundred posts on it but internal linking was something you never worried about.

Only now, you’ve learned just how important internal linking is in getting your blog ranked.

Manually finding keywords to use and what posts to link to would be a very time-consuming task.

Link Whisper reads content like a human would and automatically makes smart link suggestions that you can simply approve (you are in complete control).

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Here’s the experience (from Feb. 2020) of Stephen Smith, MD, who owns a nutritional supplements blog and store:​

I just installed Link Whisper on my blog. I have twelve pages of posts (20+ posts per page), so sorting through them looking for internal links – forget it. I installed LinkWhisper and went to all posts and saw that none of my recent posts had internal links. Reviewing the posts on my blog I found that most of the older posts did have links. ​

So here is the “tedious” process of adding links with this software:

  1. Select a post Hit Edit
  2. Scroll down to the LinkWhisper section at the bottom of the post.
  3. Select links that are pertinent by checking the box next to the post.
  4. Hit Done

The whole process took about 30 seconds and half of that was waiting for the page to load.
Well, that is all very nice, but does it make a difference? My results were pretty mind-blowing.

This report is a 7-day traffic report after adding links to the most recent posts with Link Whisper. Google Analytics for the period was amazing, the traffic tripled.

My sales are on track to double this month. My main concern is this tool is almost too effective. This tool paid for itself in just a couple of days. I guess Spencer knows what he is talking about.

Stephen Smith, M.D.


You can also watch a video of Stephen using Link Whisper right here and see him review his Google Analytics showing the traffic increase:​

Obviously, these results are not typical.

It’s also entirely possible that the traffic increase was due to an algorithm update, but clearly Link Whisper is easy to use and didn’t hurt his results, that’s for sure.

But using Link Whisper to improve your internal links does have the potential to improve your site’s traffic from better rankings due to improved internal link structure.

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