SellerCon 2023

SellerCon 2023 is a convention for online and ecommerce entrepreneurs and takes place over 3 days from June 1-3, 2023 in Austin (at the Hilton Austin), Texas, USA.

There are 3 ways to attend:

  1. As a virtual attendee for the live streaming event
  2. As a general in-person attendee at the convention hotel
  3. As a VIP in-person attendee which gives you additional privileges

Tickets are currently available for less than half price but will rise as time goes by.

Use this coupon code at checkout to get an additional 30% discount on ticket prices: SELLERCON30

You even have the chance to win a free ticket if you visit the site.

Learn what’s working now to grow ecommerce sales from real experts, in sessions over 3 days.

Get their best strategies to improve your business.

Speakers at the SellerCon event are hand-picked for their experience and content, not for what they have to sell you.

This is not a “pitch fest” where speaker after speaker gives a tidbit of content, then tries to sell you a multi-thousand dollar product to get their “real” strategies.

Speakers don’t sell you anything at SellerCon.

All speakers will deliver specific, actionable strategies to help you grow your business.

15 speakers have been lined up so far (you cam see who they are on the SellerCon Site) with more being announced each week.

It’s easy to build relationships with other driven ecommerce entrepreneurs by creating the right environment with the right attendees.

Each of these special experiences are hosted at the event to help you meet your fellow attendees and the speakers to grow your success during the event:

  • Networking happy hour: Day 1 (June 1st), 5PM-7PM
  • Million dollar seller gathering: Day 2 (June 2nd), 5PM-7PM
  • Attendee party: Day 2 (June 2nd), 7PM-Midnight
  • Networking lunch: All three days (optional – extra fee may apply)

A huge part of success as an Entrepreneur is mental.

Sometimes it feels like you know what you need to do to succeed…but you just can’t figure out how to get yourself fired up enough to do it.

Other times, it feels like you’re on fire.

You can do anything.

Your motivation is soaring.

You know what needs to be done.

You do it with relentless energy.

If you’re feeling the fire, discover how to gain the motivation you need to push through to new heights and how to get more of that unlimited energy to drive your business forward fast.

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