Link Whisper Pricing

Link Whisper is a  WordPress plugin that makes it much faster, easier, and more effective to build internal links.

Building proper internal links can be time-consuming depending on the size of your site and how many new articles you write.

What if building 10 new internal links was as simple as checking a few boxes?

What if these links were not only easy to build but were also smart links – meaning the anchor text varies and comes from relevant articles?

Imagine you have an established blog with a few hundred posts on it but internal linking was something you never worried about.

Only now, you’ve learned just how important internal linking is in getting your blog ranked.

Manually finding keywords to use and what posts to link to would be a very time-consuming task.

Link Whisper reads content like a human would and automatically makes smart link suggestions that you can simply approve (you are in complete control).

This offer is available until 11:59PDT, Friday, March 26th and ends in…

Here’s the experience (from Feb. 2020) of Stephen Smith, MD, who owns a nutritional supplements blog and store:​

. I just installed Link Whisper on my blog. I have twelve pages of posts (20+ posts per page), so sorting through them looking for internal links – forget it. I installed LinkWhisper and went to all posts and saw that none of my recent posts had internal links. Reviewing the posts on my blog I found that most of the older posts did have links. 

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Hoth March SEO Studies

Would you like to see what’s working in SEO right now?

Well, Hoth just got done analyzing a BUNCH of SEO data over the last few months and put together some pretty interesting case studies for you.

Register by clicking the image above or the link below and join the free training class on Wednesday (March 25, 2020) @ 2:00PM EST for a special 1 time only online training event.

Register Now For This Free Webclass… 

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Webinar: Rank In Google And YouTube In Minutes!

FREE Webinar today at 5PM EST discusses how you can rank in Google and YouTube in just minutes.

The webinar is hosted by Jonathan Leger, Amin Motin and Josh Spaulding.

It’s only hours away so Reserve Your Free Seat Now as spots are limited.…

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Catch the replay of Andrew Hansen for SEO Webinar, entitled The $14,300/mth SEO Action Plan For 2014, that was recorded on September 9th and learn how to boost any website’s rankings. The replay is only available until Friday 19th at 11 PM EST.

It’s full of actionable items: Things that could improve your rankings fast, if you implement them.

Andrew has previously released some case studies showing techniques you can use today to help your sites rank better. Check out the case study videos here:

Case Study #1 Case Study #2 Case Study #3

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In our previous post, we talked about Andrew Hansen’s Rankings Institute (RI), a members-only 8-week coaching course on Search Engine Optimization techniques for 2014 and beyond.

That post had a link to a video that explained two techniques you can use to radically improve how your sites rank. If SEO is something you’re interested in then check out the post or, if you want to skip that, you can skip straight to the first video here.

A New Rankings Institute Case Study

Hansen has released the second of his case studies looking at the successes achieved by members. This time it’s the turn of Ennis, who has taken a new blog from $0 in February to just under $4,000 per month in August, just by following what RI teaches:

The Live Rankings Institute Webinar

Andrew will be hosting a live webinar on Tuesday, September 9th, at 5pm EST, where he’ll share with you the SEO action plan that created the success stories in the above videos. And he’ll also look at seven other members who have also seen success with site earnings ranging from $1,000 per month to over $14,000.

Click here to claim your spot on the webinar immediately (limited places)

You can forget hype. Forget the nonsense of the whole “make money online” industry.

He’s going to show you LIVE rankings.

… Real keyword lists

… And real income statements

…of 3 real people who have grown 4 and 5 figure monthly incomes in the past 6 months using cutting edge SEO strategies and smart business principles.…

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We signed up with Andrew Hansen’s and Alex Miller’s Rankings Institute earlier this year. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know we’ve promoted Hansen’s products before, such as Forever Affiliate and Unstoppable Affiliate (no longer available).

We wouldn’t be surprise if you never heard of the Ranking Institute as it had a bit of an underground launch back in January. It is an 8 week coaching program with a private members area which takes people from start to finish through the process of getting quality search engine traffic that will last, in 2014.

Alex Miller

Alex Miller, Hansen’s business partner and the course’s creator, is the co-founder of PosiRank LLC – the #1 SEO Platform for Agencies and has spent the past 6 years working with high profile clients and businesses that lead their respective industries, helping them to manage SEO campaigns for optimum results – so he knows what he’s talking about and practices what he preaches.

The Rankings Institute is his “nothing omitted” step by step guide to how he is getting rankings in the most competitive markets on the web, right now. Getting the rankings quickly… and making them stick. This Search Engine Optimization course was designed specifically for affiliates, product owners, ecommerce stores, and local businesses.

The program not only includes an 8 week coaching program, with personal access to coaches and full support, but also has a resource center with done-for-you-link building, access to outsource staff, almost 100 step by step training videos, an exclusive forum and community, and much more.…

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Ranking can be one of the hardest parts of owning your own websites.

SEO is constantly changing and there are so many rules and tricks you need to follow to ensure you have consistently good rankings and don’t drop pages because Google has released a new algorithm update.

Since it was first launched, the free version of the SEO Smart Links WordPress plugin has been downloaded over 1 million times from the plugin repository and is conservatively estimated to have been used on over 3 million blogs. It’s a plugin that’s used to manage internal links on blogs.

Internal links are now more important than ever, especially since the Panda and Penguin algorithm updates on Google.

SEO Smart Links Pro is the plugin’s big brother. It includes and better and more enhanced content parsing algorithm. It also runs about 3 times faster than the free version of the plugin (that can result in faster page load times, another metric now used by Google to rank pages). It features a range of advanced and automatic interlinking options along with a variety of advanced custom keywords options.

You can control the number of links created per keyword per page and it supports link redirection and link cloaking. All settings can be overriden at post level so you have complete control over how the plugin works. You can even set up custom CSS for your links so they look exactly how you want.

An there’s even a statistics module which gives you insight into how the plugin is working – you can see how your posts are interlinked and how your keywords are used throughout your site, the keywords used in links and the URLs generated for them and more.…

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Many affiliate marketers still do not cloak the links on their blogs. What they end up with is a lot of ugly links that are easily spotted as affiliate links and it therefore makes it easier for commissions no to be earned as visitors can side-step the links. Not good.

So for any serious affiliate marketer, it’s essential to use a quality link cloaker. There have been a few over the years and many have come and gone for a variety of reasons.

Cloak.FM is the latest incarnation of a link cloaker that’s been around for years, one that has seen constant improvements and upgrades in that time (at no extra cost). you might know it by its former name: CloakPiG.

When I originally bought the CloakPig plugin about 2 years ago, I paid $77 for it. I’ve used it consistently ever since. In fact, it’s used on this blog to cloak the links you find here.

Cloak.FM is just one plugin that members of Profit.FM get access to after they join. It’s one of the best blogging courses and methodologies available today.

However, Mike Johnson, one of the co-creators of Profit.FM has decided to offer Cloak.FM to the wider blogging community, outside of Profit.FM.

Remember, I paid $77 for this plugin. Today, it’s on offer to you for just $17.

Cloak.FM can automatically cloak links for you; you don’t even need to go back and edit your blogs links. You can have it cloak all links, cloak all links except those from particular domains (useful if there are links to external sites you don’t want to cloak) or you can cloak links just from specific domains.…

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We know you get this stuff all the time, but a new product is just about to be released (12:00PM EST today) which is a lot different than most of the stuff you are seeing out there these days.

This new product has been built as a huge portal for building an internet business. This thing is big, but it is one of the most perfectly setup operations we have ever seen.

Honestly, if you have ever wanted to get on track with setting up your own Internet Marketing Business without a bunch of hype. Without a bunch of Gimmicks.

This is it.

Imagine being able to build an entire business online and not having to continue to buy product after product? Well this product has made sure you don’t have to.

It’s called Profit.FM and it has everything you will need to build your business.

It has a website installer which instantly installs new blogs, totally Optimized for use via their custom Clone setups.

It has a 24/7 Live Niche Research tool which pulls the best and most profitable niches for you from across the web and has a database of over 2 Million and counting with over 30-50,000 new Niches being added each and every day.

It has a huge Premium WordPress Theme Library so you don’t have to buy any Premium WordPress themes. You will be able to have a professional looking site fast without any additional cost to you!

It has 6 Premium WordPress Plugins which allow you to Automate almost everything you would normally need to pay for.…

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2-day Sale: This special offer is for Mark Dulisse’s Google Video Sitemap (the full version) WordPress Plugin. It is a product that’s been developed and enhanced over the last two and a half years, so it’s not some flash-in-the-pan product.

It will generate a .xml video sitemap and a .rss video feed at the same time, so you can add the RSS feed to Yahoo’s mRSS and feeds and Google’s Webmasters Tools (or anywhere else that accepts RSS feeds). In fact, with the click of a button, it will submit the video sitemap to over 35 RSS directories.

The videos it uses to build sitemaps are videos you will have created and are either self-hosted on your own website or on AmazonS3 servers. It will not add embedded videos into the sitemap.

There’s a lot more info on the plugin and testimonial here.

The Google Video Sitemap costs $97 per year if you buy it from the main sales page at

However, using the link below, you can get the plugin for a fraction of the price (currently $27.68, though the price rises bu $0.01 each sale). And it’s a one-time fee, not an annual fee.

Given the value of this offer, it’s only available for 2 days.

So grab your copy of Google Video Sitemap now
efore this offer is closed
. …

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