Discount .COM Domain Names

Two of my favorite domain registrars are running sales on .COM domain names at the moment.

First up is Dynadot which is offering .COMs for $8.69 each.

But f you thought their .COM price was already low, they’ve gone even lower with a limited time flash sale.

Register your .COM domain names for only $7.88!

The offer applies to 1st year registrations and excludes re-registrations of existing domain names.

You can get the additional discount by using coupon code LUCKYCOM until March 23, 2023 23:59 UTC.

Dynadot’s domain renewal fees are one of the lowest around as well –  a .COM renewal is just $10.99 per year.

By comparison, GoDaddy (which I do not recommend as a registrar) charge about $20 per year for .COM renewals.

The second company offering low-cost .COM domain renewals is NameCheap.

There you can currently get a .COM domain for $5.98 but only if you use the NEWCOM598 coupon code at checkout.…

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How To Grow Your YouTube Channel

In 2 weeks (at the end of March, 2023) this YouTube course will be updated to Version 3.0 and the price will go up to $397 (from $247 as it is now).

Take your YouTube channel to the next level with this course and join a community of creators on the journey to creating a fun, sustainable, online business that generates you income 24/7.

Along with the 6 included modules, you will have access to a private Discord server that you will use to get your questions answered live in the daily AMA’s (Ask Me Anything) from Monday to Friday with the course developer and other students!

The course is for anyone who wants to take YouTube seriously.

If you’re committed to growing your online brand and putting yourself in the best position to build, sustain and succeed at this YouTube thing, they’re there for you, and you’ll get large amounts of value from the course.…

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NameCheap Spring 2023 Sale

NameCheap are having what they call a SoloPreneur Sale which starts tomorrow at 12:01 AM (March 14th) where you can save up to 97% on various products and services.

I don’t know how long the sale will run for.

Domain names up to 97% off Hosting & Email Services up to 65% off A Business Toolkit up to 80% off And Web Security Tools up to 71% off

The ‘Make more online, for less’ is Namecheap’s pledge to support you at every level of your online business.

They’ve lowered prices, invested in more products and services to help you save, and expanded their range of video guides and online content help.

See what you can make for less today!



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SellerCon 2023

SellerCon 2023 is a convention for online and ecommerce entrepreneurs and takes place over 3 days from June 1-3, 2023 in Austin (at the Hilton Austin), Texas, USA.

There are 3 ways to attend:

As a virtual attendee for the live streaming event As a general in-person attendee at the convention hotel As a VIP in-person attendee which gives you additional privileges

Tickets are currently available for less than half price but will rise as time goes by.

Use this coupon code at checkout to get an additional 30% discount on ticket prices: SELLERCON30

You even have the chance to win a free ticket if you visit the site.

Learn what’s working now to grow ecommerce sales from real experts, in sessions over 3 days.

Get their best strategies to improve your business.

Speakers at the SellerCon event are hand-picked for their experience and content, not for what they have to sell you.…

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Shorts AI Bundle

You’ve probably noticed all the chatter about artificial intelligence and how it’s changing the face of online marketing.

And what we’ve seen so far is just the start.

Regardless of AI, one trend has seen a steady increase over many years – the popularity of videos on the likes of YouTube and TikTok.

Facebook and Instagram have also jumped on the bandwagon by allowing users to post video “Reels”.

But the video creation problem is always the same – how to you create a video if you don’t want to appear on camera?

There are many channels on YouTube where content creators never appear on camera but will talk about what interests them.

Other creators will neither appear on video nor speak and won’t even use someone else’s voiceover.

They’ll just have some nice music playing in the background while their video plays in front of you.

But videos on YouTube are long-form videos – videos that are at least a few minutes long.…

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TubeBuddy Logo

Take your YouTube Channel to the Next Level.

TubeBuddy is a browser extension & mobile app that integrates directly into YouTube to help you run your channel with ease.

In addition to the extension, Premium account holders get access to a bunch of other productivity tools.

You can compare all the features of the three plans here.

Where would we be without George Washington?

Where would Abraham Lincoln be without his top hat?

Where would Elon Musk be without his alien superpowers?

Probably where most YouTubers are without TubeBuddy… stuck.

This Presidents Day, take 25% off any new individual license with coupon code PRZBUDDY at checkout.

Don’t be stuck.

Be presidential.

Get TubeBuddy today

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InVideo Logo

Would you like to be able to create videos easily, especially ones where you don’t have to appear or speak on camera?

InVideo is an online app that lets you create such videos…and you can start with a free account.

Obviously, free accounts are limited in what they can do and one of those limitations is not being able to remove the InVideo logo from your videos.

But, if you can live with that, then you can create great videos using just its free features.

If you’d prefer not to have the logo or you want to be able to use more features, then for the month of February, I can offer you two discounts:

Save 30% on ALL InVideo annual plans with code AIVIDEOS30 Save 25% on ALL InVideo monthly plans with code AIVIDEOS25

Coupons are valid until March 1st.

Open Your Invideo Account Here And Use Whichever Coupon Code You Want To Save!

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OA Simplified Sale 2023

What is “OA Simplified”?

This is a new strategy for Amazon Sellers who want to methodically locate virtually unlimited sources of “OA” (online arbitrage) products that sell fast for great margins on Amazon using a PROVEN system.

And it all runs 100% hands-free.

These are the same strategies that are being talked about more and more on this free podcast and in the course creators’ nearly 70,000 member Facebook group (free to join)!

This wildly popular course is now on sale at 97% off for the next few days (until midnight EST, February 2nd)!

Hundreds of happy students paid full price just a few months ago for this cutting edge content!

This entire course is also one of dozens of cutting-edge Amazon seller training modules found inside this more extensive collection of courses – you can get access to them all for about $1 per day.

Visit the site for details and join the 1,000s of students who are building beautiful businesses!…

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MemberPress Plugin For WordPress

The media is abuzz with news of Big Tech layoffs, quiet firing, and recent scares of an AI job takeover 

Forget those 6-pack abs or dreams of Mandarin fluency.

In this wild economy, 2023 should be the year to future-proof your income.

Start building membership sites with this All-In-One WordPress membership plugin for 7-figure creators…

…and charge your members a monthly fee to get that recurring passive income.

An income that is both predictable and scalable.

It’s a simple formula: Paywall your content with MemberPress + choose how often to charge + sell sell sell!

Adding a new revenue stream can make 2023 the year you solidify yourself financially.

Don’t wait around until the next New Year to start.

Let MemberPress jumpstart your Recurring Revenue Resolution!

With a new lifestyle on the line, this is one you can’t break.

MemberPress is the only WordPress monetization and membership plugin built for 7-figure creators.…

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If you’re looking for a tool to make videos to promote your own products or services or to promote stuff you’re affiliated with, InVideo are offering a 25% discount on all their video plans (except for their free plan of course! ).

InVideo is a video creation tool that lets you create stunning videos in under 5 minutes with over 5,000 pre-made templates covering a wide range of industries.

Or you can make something completely custom.

There’s also a text-to-speech feature.

If you used to use Content Samurai / Vidnami, then this is a great alternative ro replace that.

Paid plans normally cost $15/mth or $30/mth (if paid annually, otherwise they’re double that) and provide access to a variety of Pro features.

Save 25% on fees with coupon code: AUGUST25 until 5PM EDT, August 30th.…

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