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One of the most effective ways of driving affiliate commissions is by doing product comparisons.

Some of the methods for implementing this are more complicated than others, and many people put off using comparison tables because they find that the technical side of getting it done is too daunting.

Fortunately from today, any such problems are history.

A WordPress plugin has just been released that creates about the nicest looking comparison tables we’ve seen, and all you have to do is add a shortcode into your post where you want the table to appear.

That’s it. No coding, no formatting, nothing.

comparison-table-exampleEasily and quickly create tales like this
You choose the options – like what you want in the table – then enter your shortcode and presto, your comparison table is ready to boost your conversions, and make you more money per visitor.

You can see a ton of examples of cool looking tables at the link here.

The plugin in on a “dimesale”, so the price is slowly going up.

Right now it’s $14.93 for an unlimited license… to use on any site you personally own. Developers rights (so you can use the plugin on client’s sites) are available as a one-time-offer for a ridiculous $9.95.

To us, that’s simply a no brainer.

If you have an affiliate site and you’re getting traffic, you need this.

Go pick up the plugin now at this link.


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