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If you knew that a bulletproof vest was only 8% effective against a bullet – would you let someone shoot you?

Well, unless you have big issues… we’re guessing the answer is no…

So if you knew that your WordPress site security is only 8% effective against common hacker attacks – would you set your site live in the most toxic hacking environment ever…. the internet?

The reality is… that’s exactly what 73 Million WordPress sites are doing right now … that’s like playing Russian roulette with site security.

Don’t believe us? …Watch this SITE GET HACKED IN SECONDS:

WordPress Exploits

This WordPress site was running the best WP security plugins + the latest version of WordPress and just one bad plugin.

In fact… ALL 6 Top Security plugins & Cloudflare FAILED TO BLOCK a simple comment exploit.

That’s just insane as 92% of sites are hacked by exploits …

WordPress Vulnerabilities


WP Site Guardian is the first plugin to PROACTIVELY DEFEND against current and future exploit attacks … it has built in intrusion detection and user behaviour monitoring.

So, if hackers launch a common exploit – they will be booted and you’ll get notified immediately…

It’s on launch for 1 week only [ending tonight] – it will then go to full price – not to be missed.

Click here to visit the WP Site Guardian page…


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