Popups are starting to become “hot” again. In olden days, popups were driven by Javascript and usually involved displaying a mini page over a main page. They got a bad rep when you started to see umpteen popups appear when trying to leave a site. With the worst offenders, popups would appear faster than you could close them.

Something had to be done and that resulted in the appearance of popup blockers. These are now integrated by default into modern browsers. It spelled the end of mini-page popups.

But popups did still appear, except these ones were based on CSS and DIV tags within a page. The popup was part of the page that showed it. So there was only one popup per page. Much more friendly to visitors. And the way browsers currently work means that there’s always a “Leave This Page”/”Stay On Page” option presented before a popup can appear (when the “Stay on Page” option is clicked).

But popups are passe, aren’t they? It turns out that’s not the case. Advertising is ubiquitous on blogs and websites these days and tends to appear in the same positions on sites so visitors are becoming ad-blind, mentally editing them out of what they see on a page. And that’s bad news for webmasters who rely on those ads for their income.

Popups are unexpected and so they do grab a visitor’s attention. And for that reason they can prove to be lucrative.

But being able to create effective popups these days is not an easy task. That’s why Mark Dulisse created his Popup Deluxe WordPress Plugin. It doesn’t go on sale until March 14th, but you can watch a video demonstrating some of its capabilities here.

You can see some samples of the popups that can be created in the image above.

This popup will work on page entry or page exit. It’s fully configurable in size, positioning, fonts, colors, borders and features a selection of attention-grabbing buttons. You can set up different popups for different pages and posts and you can even have a popup appear on someone else’s site (e.g. you could show a video review of a product over the product’s sales page. Close buttons can be optionally added to popups and they can also run on timers so they automatically disappear after a set time.

While this is almost certainly a “must-have” for affiliate and internet marketers, webmasters in other niches will benefit from this plugin as well. You could use it to show an optin form to build a list, promote products you’ve created in your niche, show videos about products and services you are redirecting your visitors to…

Popup Deluxe goes on sale tomorrow, March 14th at 12pm, EST. The plugin will initially cost $17 but the price rises with each sale. You can use the plugin on any domains you personally own.

For those who build sites for clients, there’s also a Developer License version available. The price will start at $47 and it too will increase with each sale.

So it makes sense to buy as soon as possible after it launches so you spend as little as possible.

Sign up here for the early-bird list which will give you an edge over the general public.


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