Click here and buy Covert Copy Traffic and always get credit for the content you’ve spent time crafting and adding to your blogs.

Social sharing is big these days and if I were to ask you what the top ways to share stuff are you’d probably say Facebook and Twitter. Yet Facebook, with its 700,000,000 users is only responsible for 25% of all shares. Twitter has an even (much) smaller percentage. So what’s responsible for 70% of shares across the internet?

Covert Copy Traffic WordPress pluginEmail.

Good old reliable, tried and tested email. You probably do it yourself. How many times have you copied and pasted text and/or links to stories, videos, articles, etc. into emails you’ve then sent onto friends.

People have been using email for this for years, probably decades, as email even predates the inception of the World Wide Web in the early 90s.

The trouble is that if it’s your content that’s being copied, or scraped via your site’s RSS feed, your affiliate links aren’t being copied and your site isn’t credited as being the original source of the content (and that could hurt your rankings in the search engines).

Covert Copy Traffic is a new WordPress plugin that addresses that issue. With it, an attribution link is appended to any content from your blogs that’s copied and pasted onto someone else’s blog, shared in emails or on Facebook and so on.

You can make that attribution link an affiliate link to try to make sales, link it to your blog or link it to the specific post from which content was copied.

And, of course, each link that points to your blog or post counts as a backlink to your site. It’s also a way to drive traffic from someone else’s blog to your own.

A lot of major sites are using this technique – you may even have encountered it yourself if you copied a story from one of the major news sites to syndicate on your blog. These big companies would have paid big money to get this feature on their corporate blogs.

Today, you can get the same features at a pittance – $9.93 at the time of writing – and add them to your blog.

Is it worth it? Absolutely. You put time and effort into building your blog so shouldn’t you received credit for your work, especially if someone copies it without asking you first?

In the interests of full disclosure, there is a one-time-offer attached to the Covert Copy Traffic plugin. The offer is to get the Pro version of the plugin. Everything that’s demonstrated in the video on the Covert Copy Traffic sales page is included in the basic plugin, but the Pro version offers a few more features:

  • Include an attribution message on all copied content – this is a fully configurable message that can include additional links and is more like the author bios you see on syndicated articles. You can use this alongside the attribution link that’s in the basic version of the plugin
  • Add your attribution message and link into your blog’s RSS feed. Some people build their blogs by scraping content from other blogs’ RSS feeds. With this feature, your RSS feeds will contain the attribution message and link back to your site
  • The Pro version of the plugin also allows you to create code snippets that you can add to other, non-WordPress sites so that they too can append the attribution message and link(s) to any copied content
  • Lastly, if you buy the Pro version of the plugin, you get the Developer’s License at no additional cost which allows you to include the plugin on any sites you flip or sell, and to use the plugin on any sites you build for your clients

The Covert Copy Traffic Pro plugin is just $19.95 (at time of writing) so it’s a bargain and well worth upgrading to. You do need to have bought the basic plugin before you can buy the Pro version.

You can see the plugin do its thing if you copy any content from this blog and paste it anywhere.

Both the basic and Pro plugins are on dimesales so the prices will go up as more of them are sold.

Click here and buy Covert Copy Traffic and always get credit for the content you’ve spent time crafting and adding to your blogs.

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