Easy Azon 3Easy Azon 3 is a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to integrate Amazon products ans links into your posts. Links can be simple text links, images with links or images and descriptive text with links.

You don’t need to use the “Link to this page” link on Amazon itself to get your links, so using the plugin saves you time.

There are two other major benefits to using the plugin:

  • You get the “Add to Cart” option. As soon as someone adds a product to their cart, a cookie is written to their PC which means that if they buy the product withing 90 days, you get the commission. The usual cookie length is just 24 hours!
  • You can localize the product links so if someone from the USA visits your site, they see products from Amazon.com; if someone from the UK visits, they see products from Amazon.co.uk. It’s the same for all the Amazon regions (apart from India – you have to be resident in India to be an affiliate for Amazon.in). What’s more, this link localization happens automatically behind the scenes without you having to do anything. So how much time do you think that would save you?

The plugin is on sale for $27. However, for just $10 more, you can get developer rights which allow you to use the plugin on sites for your clients and to flip sites that use the plugin. That’s certainly worth an extra few bucks!

Easy Azon 3 is only available until November 24th, so just less than 2 days.

Click here to secure your copy of the Eazy Azon 3 WordPress plugin and save time building your Amazon affiliate websites!



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