Top Design Blogs Will Build A Blog For You!

Building a blog takes time, energy and resources. If that’s something you’d prefer to outsource, then Top Design Blogs will build a Niche or an Authority Blog for you.

There’s no need to buy a Premium WordPress theme, as one will be provided.

Blog security is a big topic these days, especially after the huge attack on WordPress blogs was perpetrated earlier this year. Unfortunately, however, many people who use WordPress have little appreciation for security and how to harden their blogs against attack. The blogs built by Top Design Blogs come with Premium Security Plugins, pre-installed and fully pre-configured so that the blogs you get are pretty much hacker proof. So that’s another aspect of a blog you don’t need to worry about.

In addition, the blogs come with other plugins that will make them SEO optimized, provide options for social networking and include tools (some automated for you) that make site management easy. For example, a copy of your blog’s database will be emailed to you each week in case you ever need to recover the blog; you can’t always rely on your webhost to make backups for you.

Content is always an issue for any webmaster. “Content is King” has long been a mantra amongst top webmasters as well as Google and other search engine providers. Top Design Blogs offers two options for content:

5 Unique articles – this is for a Niche blog and typically these would focus on promoting/discussing a product that the blog is designed to sell

20 Unique articles – this is for an Authority blog that aims to provide information on a particular topic so generally would not be product focused.

Articles are written by native English speakers and vetted prior to being accepted for publication on the blogs.

And, once you get your blog, you can do what you want with it as you own it lock, stock and barrel. May you want to build it out, build backlinks to it or flip it on one of the auction sites.

But you’ll have a quality blog to start with and you ca hit the ground running!

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