One of the most effective ways of marketing online is to do video marketing. But what if you don’t want to create your own videos? Or you don’t have the tools to create videos? Or you simply don’t have the time?

Then use someone else’s video!

Every once in a while, a good idea comes along. And this is one of them – a simple system to embed a YouTube video in a sales page. One that allows you to take control of the video by setting the start and end times of the video that visitors will see; one that lets you hide, auto-hide or show video controls as you want; one that automatically forwards visitors to an offer once the video has finished playing; and one that lets you add a clickable product image for those who like to do things without waiting.

You can see that video marketing tool in action by clicking the image below (or here if you prefer text links). The page, created with the video marketing tool, is advertising that video marketing tool. It took me about 10 minutes to set up (it’s my first one so things will get faster after this).

Video Review Master By Matthew McDonald

I can see this being an effective marketing tool used on a variety of domains. It’s not a WordPress plugin, so can be used on any type of site. And the beauty of it is that you just make use of videos other people put up on YouTube that you can freely embed in your pages.

Now that’s cool!

And if you don’t want to see Video Review Master in action, you can skip straight to the sales page here.

Update Feb 2nd:

There are actually three One-Time-Offers with this software:

1. The Enterprise OTO ($197): gives you some extra templates to work with plus allows you to call the product your own (badge it) and offer it as a service to your own clients (they’d be able to log into your site in restricted areas). So for this it would be better to dedicate a domain or two specifically to video reviews

2. Extra templates ($67): you get 8 extra templates with the software

3. The multi-domain license ($9.95): Allows you to install the software on as many domains as you like so long as you personally own them

Unless you want to try to build a business around this software, you don’t need the Enterprise edition. Besides, I don’t really see how anyone could resell this service in a way that would make it profitable given the low price of the software as it is.

The extra templates are probably a waste of money. From what I can see, they’re basically custom backgrounds with a slightly different border around the video. Since you can use your own background images, the video border is the only distinctive thing about them (and they don’t look that different on the various templates). So not worth the money as far as I can see.

The third (last OTO) is the one to get if you want to use the software on multiple domains. I think this is worth it as I can see many times when it would be better to have video reviews appear on a specific domain rather than a generic one.

So get the software for $9.90 if one domain is all you’re interested in using it on and get the $9.95 multi-domain license if you think you’ll use it on more domains. I got the main software and the multi-domain license.

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