Black Friday Deals

Here, all the Black Friday deals are collected in one place so you can see them all at a glance…

#1: Save 65% on Hostgator packages and get $5.99 .net & .com domains.
Use coupon code BF2015 at checkout. #2: 75% discount on Hostnine webhosting packages.
Use coupon code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout. #3: Save 50% on the “Covert” affiliate marketing tools.
These include Covert Store Builder, Covert Video Press, Covert PinPress, Covert Messenger, Covert Social Press, Covert Action Bar, Covert Shirt Store, Covert Commissions and Viral Wizard. #4: Save up to 57% on Hide My Ass fees.
Stay anonymous online by masking your IP address. #5: Save 50% on WordAI fees.
Lock in a discounted fee for the best article spinner on the planet that creates human-quality content. #6: Save 30% on the WPeka WordPress Club.
Get exclusive access to premium WordPress themes, plugins and tutorials. #7: Get 6 PLR Products with Reseller Kits For Pennies On The Dollar.
These are multi-part video tutorial courses on Facebook Marketing, WordPress List Building, Ranking Videos on YouTube and 3 other courses on driving Traffic that you can sell on for 100% profits. #8: Get 1000s of Udemy Courses for $15 each.
Many courses normally sell for $100, $200 or $300+, all discounted for Black Friday weekend. #9: Save $100 on Site Build It!
Build a lasting business online with the 80+ tools included in your membership. #10: Amazon’s Black Friday Big Screen TV Offers #11: Star Trek Fan?

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Keyword Canine 3.0 Logo

One of our favorite keyword research tools, Keyword Canine, gets a major upgrade today. The previous version was fast and left PC-based tools like Market Samurai in the dust. What it also provided, among its many tools, was a traffic light system that graded keywords on easy rankability. Green meant keywords were easy to rank, amber meant there’d be some difficulty and red meant don’t bother trying to rank unless you have some big-gun SEO tactics and resources you can bring to bear.

There were two downsides to the tool – it could hang sometimes and it required a monthly subscription. PC-based tools like Market Samurai required a single payment which was equivalent to a few month’s subscription to Keyword Canine.

Now owner/developer Jonathan Leger has revamped his keyword tool and Keyword Canine 3.0 launches today.

This isn’t just an update to the tool, but a complete overhaul. In fact, it’s been completely rewritten from the ground up. Here are some of the tool’s brand new features:

Domain Dashboard – tells you EVERYTHING you need to know about your site. It also checks for problems with your site’s health and makes suggestions about what to

Keyword Explorer -the flagship tool of Keyword Canine makes it incredibly fast and easy to see how hard it will be to rank for any set of keywords, and to find other related keywords to rank for.

Backlinks Report – Everybody knows that to rank in Google you need lots of high quality links.…

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WP Fan Pages Box

A new WordPress Plugin helps you grow your FaceBook Fan Pages on complete auto-pilot! It’s just $18.63 at time of posting for a multi-site license but the price will be rising.

It’s a smart wordpress plugin you can install on any site and it helps you get unlimited likes to your FaceBook fan pages… all without paying for ads.

WP Fan Machine takes 2 minutes to setup and then it’s complete set and forget.

How does it work? Just add your Fan Page and keywords related to your niche and in less than 60 seconds, it’s ready to go.

See it in action by clicking here…

The software works every hour of every day without requiring you to lift a finger. All that’s left for you to do is watch your Fan Pages grow each and every day on COMPLETE AUTOPILOT.

Bonus: Facebook Marketing Made Easy Video Series

Buy through our links and this bonus will be waiting for you along with your WP Fan Pages plugin….

Any marketer worth his/her salt uses Facebook as a channel for driving additional traffic to their websites and offers. In this 10-part video tutorial series you’ll discover…

A LIVE showcase of best techniques. An Easy to understand and Professional US voiceover. How to get targeted traffic to your website. How to garner brand recognition with less effort. How to reach the widely scattered Facebook audience. how to boost your marketing efforts.

Some Facebook facts:

Approximately 900 million people use Facebook on a daily basis.…

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Long Tail Pro 3

It’s funny how keyword research tools come and go. Market Samurai was the old reliable but while still useful, it’s slow and these days, people don’t want to wait around for their keyword lists to be built.

However, there is another keyword research tool that has stood the test of time – and is fast…

With over 70,000+ marketers and SEOs using Long Tail Pro – it has become the benchmark for Keyword Research and Competition Analysis.

But now…

Long Tail Pro has raised the bar again.

Version 3.0 is their most powerful and feature-rich release to date with added features like:

Real-Time Filtering Fetch Missing Data 1-Click Competition Analysis More Flexibility with Search Results Brand-New User Interface Add Notes for Keywords Deeper Keyword Results

On top of the improved core features marketers have enjoyed for years:

Uncover 1000’s of Lucrative Keywords in Seconds Search Multiple Seed Keywords at Once Check Domain Availability Monitor Keyword Rankings Analyze Your Competition per Keyword Its Lightning FAST!

Check this out and prepare to be amazed!

With over 4+ years and 70k marketers worth of feedback, Long Tail Pro has evolved into the ultimate SEO research tool on the market.

PLUS…for only a limited time you can grab Long Tail Pro at up to 70% off the normal price ($27 instead of $97).

However, at midnight EST on Saturday July 18th, the price rises by $10 to $37.

So NOW is the time to grab your license!

What About Upsells?

Naturally, with a launch like this, yes there are upsells the they don’t matter.…

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List Building

The Money’s In The List!” – how many times have you heard or been told that before?

We wanted to let you know about an awesome tool that came across our desk yesterday.

We review a lot of tools, but this one grabbed our attention because it has the power to double…triple…even quadruple your list size in a very short period of time.

And we know that the profits are in the list (as should you). Bigger list, bigger profits. It’s that simple.

That’s why you need every edge you can get when it comes to generating leads for your site.

The tool we’re talking about today is a list building mega machine.

Have you heard of an event-based ‘light box popup?’ If not, it’s essentially a popup that shows up when and where you want it to, on your page.

You can tell it to display:

When the visitor arrives When they’re about to leave When they’re about to click something Etc…

This allows you to display your light box at the PERFECT TIME, increasing your optin rate dramatically.

Sounds powerful right? That’s because it is…

…and if you’re not doing this, you’re missing out on a lot of leads.

This tool – called Video Lead Box – has taken popups to whole new level by enabling you to quickly launch both video and non-video event-based popups in mere SECONDS. It’s drag-and-drop, point-and-click simple.

We’ve been testing event-based light box popups on some of our sites for several months now and the results blow traditional popups OUT OF THE WATER.…

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List Building

Making a good living online really isn’t rocket science…

You’ve already got what it takes…even if you don’t know it yet…

The simplest and easiest way to get started, hands down, is to sell products as an affiliate…

The beauty of selling affiliate products is you don’t need to go to the time, trouble and expense of creating your own product…

That saves you a TON of time and hassle, and you can become profitable that much faster…

You just select from dozens of top-selling products in all the hottest niches around…

But…you have no doubt seen (and probably purchased) tons of affiliate marketing “how-to” courses and products claiming to teach you how to make HUGE $$$ as a Super Affiliate.

Well, for the first time ever, the IM Wealth Builders have taken it to the next level…

Instead of trying to TEACH you how they make massive affiliate commissions and leaving you to try to emulate their methods, they have actually created an entire “plug-in-and profit” system that does all the hard work for you – practically on auto-pilot!

Look, it’s not your fault you haven’t become successful online yet…

The so-called online gurus blatantly lie to you…they make everything sound so complicated and difficult, and they pretend to be the only ones with the solution for you…

They just want your money…but it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to create a growing, profitable sustainable business online…

Go check this out and see if it doesn’t resonate with you.…

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You’re probably a webmaster who could do with having your site (or your site’s pages or YouTube videos) boosted in Google. What webmaster isn’t in that position?

We recently came across a service called CrowdSearch that basically employs people to search for your keywords in Google and then look through the listings till they come to your site or page and click that link. They then visit a couple of pages on your site and stay there for a few minutes.

This is a strong signal to Google that people like your site so they boost your site rankings as a result.

This is a hands-off approach to website promotion. You set up a campaign on the CrowdSearch service and it does the rest.

CrowdSearch have a special promotion this week where they’re offering credits for sale (one-time payment) with up to a 45% discount on regular prices. Here’s an inside look:

On Friday, Jan. 9th at midnight EST, doors close to new customers. That doesn’t just mean the offer closes on Friday…it means no one can join CrowdSearch after Friday. Period.

Bonus credits are also being offered but the number offered is halved each day. That makes today the best time to buy. CrowdSearch are offering credit packages at substantial discounts (up to 45% off). These are the packages:

Credits Price Bonus Credits % Saving2,000 $27 400 37%5,500 $67 1,100 37%10,000 $97 2,000 42%25,000 $197 5,000 45%

If you buy a package (one time payment, not a monthly subscription), your CrowdSearch account will be created for you and you can buy additional credits whenever you want.…

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Video Marketing Publisher allows you do display your videos (hosted on Amazon’s S3 servers rather than YouTube) with custom video players; and you can embed text, images, links and watermarks in your videos.

You can also publish your videos on Facebook and they’ll keep all the embedded images and links. You can even put a “Share this on Facebook to see more” shutter on videos so that viewers are forced to share them before they can watch them to completion.

Developer’s Rights are being given to the first buyers (they’re still available) which means you can use this publishing package for your clients’ videos as well as your own.

This video marketing package is proving very popular. It’s only launched earlier today and it’s already sold almost 1,000 copies (one of them to me). While not exactly a dimesale, the price is increasing a couple of dollars every few hours.

Click here to watch the demo videos now.…

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If you do any kind of video marketing and you upload your videos to YouTube and make it your primary source of those videos, you may be putting your business in danger. This new free report details 9 things you should consider when hosting videos on YouTube.

Download the PDF report here.…

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VideoMakerFX reopens to new customers on Thursday May 29th @ 11:00 AM EST

There’s no question that Video Marketing gets results.

If you’re not already using video in your marketing efforts, you’re leaving money on the table.

Creating professional quality videos has been beyond the capabilities of most people but a new video application makes creating dynamic, engaging videos easy for just about anyone.

Videos just like this one:

Before using this software, creating videos was a pain – I didn’t like appearing on camera, doing voice overs or recording PowerPoint

VideoMarketingFX takes all that pain and inconvenience away.

Check out some of the features:

Creates easy and powerful sales videos Makes those character explainer videos that cost THOUSANDS of dollars Creates beautiful photo slideshows Easy presentation style videos, faster then using Powerpoint Creates videos in full HD, exports them in record time! It saves your precious time! The learning curve is just minutes! Over 200+ Animated Scenes and Slides to use with the software Music, beautiful backgrounds, photos and even more Works on Windows or Macs NO monthly subscriptions, NO watermarking of your video and NO other limitations You get full Resell and Monetization Rights to any videos you create

Here are two more videos I created with VideoMakerFX:

Top Design Blogs

LunarPhase Pro

And, if you order through my link, you’ll also get free access to YouTube Raider.

Click here to find out more about VideoMakerFX…

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