Content Samurai Discount

A few days back, I posted a special deal that offered a 40% discount on fees for the Content Samurai online video maker.

That deal expired on August 25th.

However, I’ve negotiated a deal with Content Samurai to offer you a 25% discount on ongoing fees.

Content Samurai is normally $47 per month but with this special deal you pay only $35.

PLUS, you still get all my exclusive bonuses that I offered on the earlier deal!

There’s no restriction on how many videos you can create and videos can be of any length.

If you’re not familiar with this online tool, I have an in-depth review of it here.

Grab Your 25% Discount Here Before It Too Is Gone!

I used the tool to create videos like these:

The voiceover in this video is a computer-generated voice (one of several available) that recently been added into Content Samurai.


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YouTube Advertising Course 800x800

Right now YouTube is an incredibly cheap price to advertise. I mean VERY CHEAP. YouTube is practically begging for people to advertise with them.

And there’s a simple reason for that. YouTube is losing money hand over fist because to run a site with so much video being uploaded and watched every month costs an enormous amount.

Because of this loss each year, Google is desperately trying to get advertisers on-board to cover the costs and then make a profit. Which means a BIG OPPORTUNITY for advertisers…

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Instant Video Wizard Bonus Offer

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You’re probably a webmaster who could do with having your site (or your site’s pages or YouTube videos) boosted in Google. What webmaster isn’t in that position?

We recently came across a service called CrowdSearch that basically employs people to search for your keywords in Google and then look through the listings till they come to your site or page and click that link. They then visit a couple of pages on your site and stay there for a few minutes.

This is a strong signal to Google that people like your site so they boost your site rankings as a result.

This is a hands-off approach to website promotion. You set up a campaign on the CrowdSearch service and it does the rest.

CrowdSearch have a special promotion this week where they’re offering credits for sale (one-time payment) with up to a 45% discount on regular prices. Here’s an inside look:

On Friday, Jan. 9th at midnight EST, doors close to new customers. That doesn’t just mean the offer closes on Friday…it means no one can join CrowdSearch after Friday. Period.

Bonus credits are also being offered but the number offered is halved each day. That makes today the best time to buy. CrowdSearch are offering credit packages at substantial discounts (up to 45% off). These are the packages:

Credits Price Bonus Credits % Saving2,000 $27 400 37%5,500 $67 1,100 37%10,000 $97 2,000 42%25,000 $197 5,000 45%

If you buy a package (one time payment, not a monthly subscription), your CrowdSearch account will be created for you and you can buy additional credits whenever you want.…

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A peek inside NicheReaper 2

You may or may not be familiar with a keyword and niche research tool called: Niche Reaper. Matt Garrett launched it in 2011 and it was the only tool available where you could review pre-researched niches, and keywords in those niches.

Ok, now let’s fast forward to 3+ years later here in 2014. About 2 weeks ago, Matt contacted me and told me he had just put the finishing touches on Niche Reaper 2.0 and he wanted me to check out the Beta version.

What I found was a highly updated product which not only finds niches fast, but only finds rock solid niches which can help you start making money fast.

The best hands free keyword discovery system is back as NicheReaper 2, but only if you’re quick…

NicheReaper v1.0 sold out it’s maximum 1,000 spots in under a week when it first launched back in May 2011. Now the smarter, better & faster v2.0 has opened it’s doors once again and is already selling out…

Since 2011, keyword research has changed, it’s become even more difficult with Google Panda, Penguin & Hummingbird updates & with Google closing doors on their “free” keyword tool.

Just as well that Matt’s back with a new version of NicheReaper that has even more hot trending keywords, more accurate data and great new user interface, putting the very best profitable new keywords at your finger tips 24 hours a day…

And you no longer need to do brainstorming for keyword ideas, NicheReaper 2 delivers thousands of pre-qualified, valuable keywords for you (about 5,000 per day) by spotting hot trends as they happen!…

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Everyone know that you can add a clickable link into a YouTube video description and that the best place to put such a link is right at the start of the description.

There are two major problems with this:

The link is a raw one, not a hyperlinked keyword or phrase The link is not in the video and unless you draw attention to it in the video, telling people to “click the link below”, they might miss it

How about if you could embed a clickable image, like a button, anywhere in a YouTube video, at any time in the video? How powerful do you think that is?

If you sell your own products, you can have a Buy Now button pop up just as you tell people to buy your product. Or have a button tucked in the corner of a video that people can click whenever they want. You can use different style buttons at different points in the video which all lead to greater dynamism for the watcher.

If you promote other people’s products you can have buttons pop up whenever you want, tailored to the product you’re promoting. Add a button at the end of a video with a call to action to get viewers to follow through to the offer.

If you create videos for clients, think how much more powerful those videos will be in diving traffic to your clients if there’s a button they can click right in the video itself.

Because buttons are embedded in the video, they appear right where the viewers eyes are pointed.…

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Let’s face it: Backlinks = traffic = cash.

And one under-utilized method of getting backlinks is by submitting your site RSS feeds to the right places.

If you build WordPress blogs, then you have the option of using the Web Traffic Genius plugin (review here) which will automatically submit RSS feeds to a multitude of RSS aggregators each time a post is published.

But what if you don’t use WordPress or you don’t want to spend money on another WP plugin?

RSS Pigeon is a system for getting free backlinks from high-PR sites using RSS feeds. Don’t just think this is just for your blog posts. You can use it ALL ON AUTOPILOT for…

Backlinks to your articles on EzineArticles and other article directories Backlinks to your hubs and lenses on Squidoo & Hubpages Republish your tweets on Twitter to get more backlinks to your site Republish your Aweber email broadcasts across the web! Actually ANY content you publish online. WOW!

With the RSS Pigeon strategy, you’ll be able to crush Google…

Making your content available on as many of these authority sites is just good marketing sense Getting backlinks to all your posts from these sites is SMART SEO Doing it automatically is icing on the cake!

No expensive software is required! The main RSS Wildfire strategy for automatic backlinks & wide exposure on authority sites costs nothing. You don’t even need your own website as you can use this to promote your YouTube videos or published articles.

Automatic, authority backlinks, all for free!…

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Here’s what the TubeSpy creators will give you:

Step by step training that shows you how to beat Youtube at their own game.

We will teach you how to leverage other peoples’ hard work We will teach you how to get your links displayed and keep them displayed We will teach you how to get even the most popular videos to display your links We will teach you how to get traffic for less than the cost of lunch We will teach you how to spread a web so big that your links literally follow your audience around everywhere- they will have no choice but to click your link!

You will also get access to the Tubespy membership site – This site alone has the power to change your marketing forever!

PLUS – Access to never before released Tubespy software! This isn’t your everyday piece of software. We’ve seen stuff selling for TWENTY times the price of this offer that can’t do what Tubespy does.

And As A Bonus: Customers of Tubespy also get Access to Anthony Aires Critically Acclaimed Tube Ranker!!! (Currently Closed to the Public)

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To Your Affiliate Marketing Arsenal!

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