If you read our post yesterday about why popups are an effective means of getting offers in front of your visitors, you’ll be glad to learn that Mark Dulisse’s Popup Deluxe plugin is now on sale.

There are two versions:

1. Single User License: You can add the plugin to whatever sites you own (you cannot include the plugin on any sites you sell). Price at time of writing was $17.43.

2. Developer’s License: As well as being able to add the plugin to your own sites, you can add the plugin to sites belonging to your clients. In addition, you are allowed to sell sites that use the plugin (though they must be sold for a minimum of $100). The price at time of writing was $37.39.

This is a dimesale which means that each time the plugin is sold, the price goes up. So the sooner you buy, the more you save.

We just bought this plugin as we consider it a “no-brainer” and will be adding it to various sites.

Check out the Popup Deluxe sales page here
for more information on the product


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Profit.FM has reopened, though I don’t know for how long. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a membership site created for bloggers who want to earn an income online, by Mike Johnson (who created the AutoBlog Blueprint course) and Gary Prendergast, a co-developer of NicheReaper.

Members get a ton of stuff, from premium WordPress themes to access to NicheReaper functions to comprehensive training and exclusive WordPress plugins.

There’s more info on Profit.FM in this post or you can hop over to the sales page. …

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Learning how to tackle a web business is hard enough, but now that all this Social Media stuff is going on as well it would be nice if someone could slow things down so the rest of us could catch up.

Well, this all just got a little easier as our friends over at Profit Focused Marketing are giving away an incredible WordPress Plugin for Free.

This isn’t some cheap, non-working, low budget plugin either. This thing rocks!

It is called Lock.FM and it is a small part of the New Profit.FM system, but they are giving it away to show it off. They are saying it has just a fraction of the capabilities of all the other tools being released when they launch their main product later this week, but who cares, free is free.

This thing can Lock Content on your WordPress blog Pages and Posts. Any Content (Videos, Articles, Links, downloads, etc). Then when visitors come to your site, they have to click on either a Facebook Like button, a Google +1 button, or a Twitter Tweet button (or a combination) to access your content.

Their testing shows that most people will want to click even though they might not truly think your content is that great. People are used to it now and what this does for you is it sends out massive Social Media Signals across the web.

Google will love you, Bing will love you, but most of all more People will love you and your content.…

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The Short Codes Deluxe WP Plugin offer has now closed but if you’re interested in getting the plugin, you can get it here ($37 for a 3-domain license, $77 for unlimited domains, $127 for Developer’s License).

Anyone who uses WordPress for creating sales pages knows that various themes contain their own marketing toolkits and functions. You may even own one of these themes; they come with testimonial boxes, Add To Cart buttons, order forms, etc.

But the problem with all of these WP themes is the following:

You cannot take the marketing toolkit from one theme and use it on another. The toolkits are integrated into specific themes. If you are making sales pages month after month, they all end up looking the same. The marketing toolkits in WordPress themes are somewhat limited.

Short Codes Deluxe is a WordPress plugin form Mark Dulisse (developer of the RSS Link Bomber plugin) that give you access to a range of marketing tools right from the Visual Editor in WordPress. 15 buttons bring marketing power to your pages…

These give you access a variety of Bullets and Numbers, Johnson boxes, Add To Cart buttons, One Time Offer Signs and Phrases, “Featured” Banners, Testimonial boxes, Guarantee and Order Forms, Headline fonts with drop shadows, Content line dividers, a fully-featured hyperlink designer, a delayed content timer, Action Arrows, a Highlight Text Inserter and 3-column Price Tables.

The variations are too numerous to mention here so go take a look at the sales page but here are just some of the signs:

…and here’s an example of some of the Price Tables:

All the graphics were produced by professional graphics artists.…

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BlogPiG make a number of very useful WordPress plugins, some of which are listed in the Top 100 WordPress Plugins Report available on this site.

The 70% discount applies is you buy all 5 plugins in their software suite. Normally, these would cost $750 if bought separately but, for the moment, you can get all 5 plugins for $197.

The plugins are:

CloakPiG – cloak affiliate links on your site. An excellent alternative to MaxBlogPress’s Ninja Affiliate plugin CommentPiG – searches the blogosphere for relevant comments to add to your posts. Keeps you site alive and makes it look active to the search engines. You can also specify a list of backlinks to use in comments, so it’s a good way of building backlinks to your own sites. TagPiG – automatically manages every aspect of your WordPress tagging, giving your blog the maximum opportunity of being deep indexed by Google. TagPiG automatically analyses each post on your blog and adds topic themed tags. CSVPiG -a data feed import plugin for WordPress. It transforms affiliate data feeds into professional WordPress blogs with thousands of content rich self-publishing posts. You can also build your own CSV files and import them using CSVPiG, automatically scheduling the posts so they appear naturally over time. NukePiG – provides easy one-click bulk deletion of all your autoblogs posts, pages, tags, categories & links.

You can use the plugins on an unlimited number of sites as well.

Click Here Now to Save 70% On The Price Of The BlogPiG WordPress Plugin Suite

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One Day Special! – This special offer closes on Thursday, 8th September, 8:00AM EST.

If you’ve read my Top 100 WordPress Plugins report, you’ll know that two of the recommended plugins are the MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate and Subscriber’s Magnet plugins.

MaxBlogPress have all their plugins for sale today at a 30% discount, so now’s the time to buy. The 30% discount applies to each plugin so buy however many of their plugins as you want.

CLICK HERE NOW To Take Advantage Of This Short-Lived Offer
And Save 30% On All Of The MaxBlogPress Plugins

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Matt Callan has released a brand new WordPress plugin that makes it dead simple to create cool entry and exit popups for your blogs. You can put ads, optin forms, whatever you want on them.

Simply install. Choose a style. Click Save. 🙂 It’s literally that easy to turn your blog into total awesomeness!

By using this exact same plugin, he’s been able to build a list of several thousand potential customers all from his niche sites (not to mention the IM niche). Directly from these lists, he’s made 1000s of dollars on autopilot in a very short time.

Now you can too.

The Bad News:
The plugin sells here for $97.

The Good News:
You can get the plugin for half-price here.

I don’t know how long this offer will last. It’s a launch offer and these tend to to last more than a few days.

Get the Awesome Optin Popup Plugin at half price now while the offer is still available. …

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Click Heat Dynamo is a WordPress plugin that allows you to optimize your site based on real-time user behaviour.

Instantly see where your users are clicking vs. where you want them to click!

With Click Heat Dynamo you will discover your page’s hidden click distractions and dramatically increase the effectiveness of your site. Here’s the best part – There’s No Code Required!

Go get Click Heat Dynamo now before the price goes up again (starting at $24 at time of posting).…

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This video series walks you through the steps in building and developing your own WordPress plugins from scratch without knowing any code.

Some of the things you will learn inside this video course:

Introduction to WordPress plugins Why WordPress plugins are so HOT Why you should be creating them Where to get your ideas from How to find GOOD coders and developers How you MUST structure your payment schedule The importance of Non Disclosure Agreements How you must NEVER write a spec Getting the spec right for results How to put a freelance project up for bidding Finding the RIGHT freelancers to work with Pricing your product Getting the all-important testimonials for your product Step by step plugin development is at your fingertips…

Normally $27 (check here), you can grab this video course for just $8.95 now!

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Quickly, easily, and painlessly populate a blog with Amazon affiliate links in the form of text, banner, and review posts.

WP Dollar is an Amazon all-in-one WordPress plugin that can add text ads, review posts and banner ads for Amazon products.

The plugin is plug-n-play and newbie friendly. Just install, activate and you’re good to go.

WP Dollar works on autopilot. You don’t need to worry about keyword research. The plugin will show relevant ads all by itself.

It works with all premium and non-premium WordPress themes.

Choose from over 8 variant text ad box sizes.

Works with Amazon International, UK, Canada, Japan, France & Germany.

Target only specific categories you want per campaign.

Fetch and create Amazon review posts with UNIQUE content quickly.

The plugin adds keywords to the “alt” tag of images in posts and cloaks affiliate links for better SEO.

The plugin is $17 – compare that to ReviewAZON ($79), WPZon Builder ($99) and PHPZon ($79).

Go grab WP Dollar now.

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