Traffic Analysis Webinar

Webinar Times:

Wednesday, 7 February 2018, at 2 PM EST Thursday, 8 February 2018, at 5 AM EST Thursday, 8 February 2018, at 2 PM EST Friday, 9 February 2018, at 5 AM EST

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

How to expose the keywords your visitors searched to land on your website using the KeywordExposeNetwork How to expose the keywords any other website is ranking for using the KeywordExposeNetwork How to easily rank for these keywords with this 3-point Search Engine Optimization checklist Case Studies: How small companies grew their traffic


Space is limited and these LIVE training events always fill up because they are significantly better than the information others charge you thousands for… even though they are free.

This webinar will be no exception. So claim your spot below!

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PerkZilla Header

Your friends grabbed it – did you?

PerkZilla, which  launched today, is taking the online marketing circles by a storm!

People are already using this viral rewards platform and totally flipping out over how well it works. Marketers and other small business owners everywhere are reporting more traffic, more subscribers, and more sales – all completely hands free!

You’ve gotta see it for yourself

It’s crazy how well it works! And I’m a little surprised that there are still holdouts who aren’t jumping on this right now. Those who’re using it are already benefiting – and everyone else is getting left behind!

If you’re one of those who’s fallen behind, it’s probably because you’ve just been busy this week. You haven’t had time to really check this out. So, let me answer your most frequently asked questions…

What is PerkZilla?

It’s a viral rewards platform that helps you generate viral traffic the quick, easy and proven way! It works by letting you set up campaigns where you offer rewards (AKA bribes) to your visitors in exchange for referring their friends.

Your visitors will LOVE getting free stuff just for talking about your lead pages, sales pages, contests and more. And you’ll love all the free traffic, subscribers, sales and social love!

Do you need to be a techie to use it?

Not at all! PerkZilla was designed to be the absolute easiest and most user-friendly way to drive massive amounts of viral traffic to all your content and web pages.…

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Content Samurai Box

If you want to generate traffic in 2016, then you NEED this tool.

Here’s why…

Right now over 60% of all web traffic comes from VIDEO, and by the end of next year it’ll be over 74% – which is just insane!

If you have been avoiding video marketing because you didn’t want to get on camera or you thought it was too complicated – this tool is perfect for you

It is hands down the easiest way we’ve seen to create traffic-generating videos quickly…

So, if you’re going to need traffic in 2016, this is how you’ll get it…

The tool comes from Noble Samurai, the guys behind Market Samurai and other “Samurai” products. They’ve also just released a super cool new feature, and to celebrate it, for the next 72 Hours they’re giving away access for 50% OFF – FOR LIFE…

But you need to take action now

…because if you wait till next year you will have well and truly missed out……

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Facebook Traffic Ricochet

Have you ever said to yourself “I’ll just check Facebook” and two hours later you’re still there?

We’ve been there and it’s not nice. Most forms of social media are real time sappers and can eat away at your productivity, but Facebook is the king of time sappers.

We bet if you added up all the hours you’ve wasted on Facebook so far this year you’d get a major shock.

So now that you know how much time you spend on Facebook, how about being more productive with your time there?

Well our advice would be to invest the time saved into this. You’ll get our 10-Part Facebook Marketing video tutorial as a bonus too.

FB Traffic Ricochet is a system that shows you how to increase your web traffic by up to 1160% using Facebook starting today. There are no ad costs or other hidden charges. All you have to commit to is some time to it. Time you’re currently putting into Facebook already with no return.

We’ve gone over the training videos and must say this is something that anyone can implement and get fast results from and can highly recommend. It’s also how you should be investing your time on Facebook.

Go check it out.

It does involve using WordPress blogs and if you don’t want to build one yourself, they guys over at Top Design Blogs can build one for you (these blogs are fast, search engine optimized and, most importantly, secured against hackers). Tell ’em we sent you.…

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Today is your last chance to get the bonuses being offered to early adopters of Traffic Genesis. These bonuses will be pulled in about 10 hours (at time of posting)!

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If you waited until now to check out Traffic Genesis, you can click here to check it out. It’s well worth the watch.

They have saved the best for last and this video is jam packed:

1. Learn the 5-part process of the “Driving Web Traffic on Demand” System.

They’ll show you the key to getting high quality traffic that converts using Discovery, Targeting, Optimization, Upgrading, and Re-engagement

Click here to see how Mike & Andy got these amazing results!

2. Why your success with advertising is dependent on this one skill and how to get it quickly even if you don’t have a huge budget for ads.

(By using handy research techniques and tools, you’ll find out what your competition is doing in a snap and when you combine it with the skill you’ll learn about in the video, you’ll be unstoppable.)

No doubt about it, this is simply some of the best training and information I’ve seen on how to get loads of repeatable high quality traffic to your offer that you can control. Click here to watch the video now.

BTW, the bonuses Mike and Andy are giving away (worth over $5,000) will be pulled in just a few days. Click here to see if you’ve managed to grab them.…

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One of the tools we used day in, day out was Web Traffic Genius. This link building software was a plugin for WordPress that created an RSS feed from each new post published on your site and added links to other articles you wanted to promote into to feed (you could set up a list of articles from which items were randomly to each post’s RSS feed).

Web Traffic Genius plugin was a fantastic plugin while it lasted. But something killed it off recently and that something was the Google Penguin update.

Following that Google algorithm change, the plugin’s developers ran a few checks and tests and discovered that the automated backlinks that were being created in those RSS feeds were actually of no value – they simply didn’t have any affect ion a site’s, or a page’s, pagerank any more.

So they decided they should call time on Web Traffic Genius and stop selling it. Support for the plugin will also only be offered until July 21s. If you happen to own and use Web Traffic Genius, it will continue to work for the time being, but will gradually break down as the RSS aggregators it connects to change and eventually the plugin will cease to be of any use. The developers also feel that Google could introduce an algorithm tweak in future that targets backlinks built via RSS feeds and that’s another reason to pull the plugin now.

As Web Traffic Genius was being retired to the plugin graveyard, Sean Donahoe over at the Internet Marketing Success Center released new automated link building software – another WordPress plugin.…

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Traffic is the single most important factor that determines if a website will be a success or failure. It trumps pretty site design and it even trumps content. Because without traffic, a website is just dead in the water.

There are many link building strategies to drive traffic, both free and paid, but the bottom line is that they all take time. There really isn’t a fully automated system. Web Traffic Genius comes pretty close as far as backlinks from RSS feeds are concerned, but there is a bit of a lengthy setup time for the plugin (read review here).

SENukeX automates submissions to Social Network, Social Bookmark sites and Article Directories, along with submissions to Forums, RSS Feeds, Web 2.0 sites and Press Release sites. But you have to prepare the content yourself. That’s where the bulk of your time will go. It’s an extremely powerful tool but it has a steep learning curve and it may take several weeks before you become familiar enough with its intricacies before you can use it to best effect.

Webfire is the new kid on the block. This link building company provides 20+ tools that allow you to analyze your sites to see what needs to be fixed to help them rank. It finds the top 100 sites in your niche where you can leave backlinks which will be of value (in blog comments or forums), both as high-PR backlinks but also in getting real visitors you your sites through those links.

If you’ve ever wondered how to get backlinks, this link building service might just be for you.…

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Although this product from Mark Dulisse is very similar to Web Traffic Genius (WTG), it’s pretty impressive. While I love WTG, I had to admit after installing this and quickly setting it up, this is like WTG on steroids. Frankly it is very impressive.

This WordPress plugin is called RSS Link Bomber and it will create an RSS Feed for each and every Blog Post you create just like WTG does, but here is where it somwhat veers off course. While it submits your RSS Feeds to around 50 RSS Feed and Aggregator sites, it also automatically fills in forms and defeats Captchas.

Still sounds very like Web Traffic Genius except that after is submits your Feeds to these services, it can also use Multi Proxy Support to shield your blog from being IP Banned (for Safe Submissions) and then also ensure that every Feed gets indexed by Pinging it to over 150 different Ping Services.

Plus, it also allows you to Mashup your Feeds with other Feeds and/or allows you to create new feeds and add them to the Submission Engine on your Blog. This includes any Youtube or other Video RSS Feeds you might have.

Even more, you can add Spin syntax to the Header and Footer of the Feeds you create to make them even more unique across the Submission Sites they are sent to, increasing the value of each and every RSS Submission that is made.

The amount of natural backlinks that can be added to your site’s profiles are crazy with this plugin.…

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Let’s face it: Backlinks = traffic = cash.

And one under-utilized method of getting backlinks is by submitting your site RSS feeds to the right places.

If you build WordPress blogs, then you have the option of using the Web Traffic Genius plugin (review here) which will automatically submit RSS feeds to a multitude of RSS aggregators each time a post is published.

But what if you don’t use WordPress or you don’t want to spend money on another WP plugin?

RSS Pigeon is a system for getting free backlinks from high-PR sites using RSS feeds. Don’t just think this is just for your blog posts. You can use it ALL ON AUTOPILOT for…

Backlinks to your articles on EzineArticles and other article directories Backlinks to your hubs and lenses on Squidoo & Hubpages Republish your tweets on Twitter to get more backlinks to your site Republish your Aweber email broadcasts across the web! Actually ANY content you publish online. WOW!

With the RSS Pigeon strategy, you’ll be able to crush Google…

Making your content available on as many of these authority sites is just good marketing sense Getting backlinks to all your posts from these sites is SMART SEO Doing it automatically is icing on the cake!

No expensive software is required! The main RSS Wildfire strategy for automatic backlinks & wide exposure on authority sites costs nothing. You don’t even need your own website as you can use this to promote your YouTube videos or published articles.

Automatic, authority backlinks, all for free!…

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