The price on Keyword Blaze Pro continues to go up from the crazy low price of $19 they are selling it at right now.

If you were one of the people who tried to go to the Offer and buy it when they were supposed to launch at 12:00 PM EST and found that the offer pay buttons said “Closed”, this was because the Warrior Plus server got crushed by all the people trying to use it.

They had IPN issues with PayPal and only got things up and running to accept purchases at just after 1:00 PM.

Here is how the pricing will go up during this special offer:

Keyword Blaze Pro will start at a ridiculously low price of $19 for just a few hours only. It will then go up to $21 for the next 48 hours. Then it will move up to $24 on day 3, $27 on day 4, $34 day 5, $41 day 6 and $47 by day 7.

Even at $47 this tool is massive value, but do you really want to pay that much for it?

We were lucky enough to get Market Samurai when it was first launched for just $47 and we still consider our Lifetime license on that to be the best purchase we ever made. This is that kind of purchase.

If you need a keyword tool which has the features you need to augment your success, then this tool is it. Watch the video on the page here and see for yourself:

Take action now on a software tool that can be used on a PC or a Mac using Adobe Air.…

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If you are into SEO and promoting your websites, you probably want to check this out:

It’s called Perpetual Ranker. Now, here is the sweet part…

If you’ve ever wanted SENukeX or a tool similar to it, you should check out his bonus:

– Article Submitter (Free bonus)
– Site Submitter (Free bonus)
– RSS Submitteer (Free bonus)
– Article Spinner (Free bonus)
– And a ton more (you can see it below)

The cost? 7 to 9 bucks dimesale. Wow.

Free tools. His method. For Cheap!


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We all know how important backlinks are to positioning our sites in the search engines and in driving traffic to our sites. And there’s no doubt that the higher the pagerank of the page that contains a backlink, the more influence that has in how the search engines regard our sites.

But where do you find high-PR sites and pages where you can leave your backlinks? One technique is outlined in the How to Do SEO the Right Way post.

But what if you don’t know where to look to find high-PR sites? You could have someone do that legwork for you either by outsourcing the work or have someone provide that information as a service.

That’s what the Backlinks Packet is all about. This is a membership site where, each month, you’ll receive a weekly packet of 20+ PR5 and above sites where you can leave your backlinks. All backlinks are DOFOLLOW as well. Sites are a good mix of high authority sites, forum profile sites and profile links sites.

Membership is $17 per month and will be restricted to 400 members only. backlinks Packet has been selling fast and, at time of posting, there are only 36 memberships left.

Click Here Now To Lock In Your Membership Before They Sell Out!

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This is the coolest SEO trick I’ve seen for a while.

If you want to quickly get PR7 DO FOLLOW backlinks to any site you wish, for FREE (they normally cost a few hundred dollars per month each) then you have to check out the free video at the link below.

And I don’t mean like “on a PR7 site” either, where you get a link from an inner page on a PR7 domain – no, no, no. I mean a real link on a real PR7 page. Just one of these links can skyrocket your rankings.

It’s from Matt Carter, and you have to enter your email to see the free video, but if you’re not on Matt Carter’s list, you should be anyway (he’s one of the best affiliate SEOs on earth, period.)

Click Here To Watch This Video Now

Trust me, you’ll thank me for this one 🙂…

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I get a lot of questions about a complete SEO process, a complete system from start to finish.

For all those who’ve been asking, you literally couldn’t do any better than picking up a piece of “SEO gold-dust“.

Incredibly simple and straight forward, it cuts to the heart of what we all like – SEO Made Simple! The whole thing is only a handful of pages long and yet I know from experience (and the testing results) it is incredibly effective.

Short, sweet, and effective. Let’s face it, would you rather wade through 100 pdf pages of complex intertwined backlinking processes, or have an entire blueprint set out for you that you can read and apply in 15 minutes?

Paul Prissick’s SEO Recipe is one such thing. If you are struggling with your SEO, this’ll cost you about two Starbucks coffees, and it’ll turn your business around.

This offer is now closed.

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Ever heard of NicheReaper? It’s a subscription-based service that has a database of just under 2,000,000 fully researched keywords (about 20,000 new keywords are added each day).

The keywords are researched for their profitability (so you get a ballpark figure of how much can be made with Adsense per month) and how many opportunities there are to rank the keyword in one of the top 5 positions on Google using competition analysis.

Keywords are grouped by niche, so you can quickly go in, find a niche, get a list of profitable keywords in that niche and start building sites around them in minutes. Keyword and niche data can be further filtered using other criteria.

NicheReaper in action (more features have been added since this video was made)

And because the keywords are held in the NicheReaper database, retrieval times are measured in seconds rather than minutes (as would be the case if you were to do similar keyword research and analysis with desktop keyword research software).

NicheReaper memberships sold out fast when it launched and it has been closed to new members for weeks now. In fact, there’s a large number of people on their waiting list hoping to be allowed in at some point in the future.

We contacted the NicheReaper guys and asked them if they’d be willing to open the doors to people on our mailing list and they agreed to do so. Frankly, the request was a shot in the dark, but it’s paid off. Guess it goes to show that there’s never any harm in asking for something!…

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Maybe you’ve heard of Andrew Hansen, maybe you haven’t. If not, he’s the guy behind FirePow. Which means he knows his stuff.

He recently released his Unstoppable Affiliate Video Course, which consists of four main parts, each one relying on doing something differently to what you’ve been taught by “most” big shot marketing gurus.

Unstoppable Niches: …will teach you how to find hot affiliate offers outside of Clickbank, outside of Amazon, and outside of most of the places you’ve probably looked before.

Unstoppable Minisites: …the goal is to knock out one of these minisites in an hour or so, plug it into your traffic systems, and let it go. Now that idea is cool, but it requires some very specific steps & a perfect plan. In two areas, Site Strategies & Conversion Strategy you’ll learn how to quickly create mini sites that can’t be defeated by Google, that suck traffic from the search engines like a magnet, and that consistently convert those visitors into cash in hand buyers ready to make you money today.

Unstoppable Traffic: …you’re going to learn how to flood your websites with high value, high profit, FREE visitors from the search engines. Yeah, no paying for traffic. With this you’ll get the traffic that other people pay for – for NOTHING.

Unstoppable Systems & Outsourcing: …once you’ve been through the process for one profitable site, you need the systems to replicate it over and over. Systems that will turn one $500 a month mini site into two… then two into three, then add a $2000 site into the mix, and just keep on growing.…

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This offer will expire on August 2nd!

Link Assistant have created a range of SEO tools for webmasters over the last couple of years.

They’ve just launched a massive SEO PowerSuite sale. They’re actually offering discounts for two products: SEO PowerSuite Professional and SEO PowerSuite Enterprise. The discounts will amount to 63% when compared to the original price of the products.

SEO PowerSuite Professional – $250 off

Originally SEO PowerSuite Professional cost $399. It’s been offered for $249 on their website for a while but today you can get the pack for as little as $149 – that’s 63% off the original price!

SEO PowerSuite Enterprise – $600 off

That’s the biggest treat. You get the full-power version of SEO PowerSuite for only $399 instead of the original $999. If you are an SEO service company, you simply can’t afford missing this deal!

Try the Free version of the software to see what it’s capable of.

The offer expires on August, 2nd or earlier when the first 2,000 copies of SEO PowerSuite are sold.

Go visit their site and look for the SALE sign at the top right of their homepage.


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Click Twister is a seriously powerful traffic generation method, including PDF’s, Audio, Video, and more – which has an UNRIVALLED conversion rate.

The visitors to your pages are all RED HOT BUYERS in the niche, and eager to click ads, buy products and more.

Besides being a traffic method that is “reactive” to a Click Twister campaign, there’s also a “proactive” organic method within, which will turn a blog into a full-on authority site that the search engines will LOVE!

“Anyone can teach you how to drive traffic. It’s ‘easier’ now than ever …but does the traffic convert? This is traffic that is pure PROVEN BUYERS, and not just “SEARCH” traffic.

Yes, it’s traffic that totally CONVERTS!”

This is a fantastic product for under $10! Grab Click Twister now before it’s pulled from sale.

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Wow! Maria Gudelis has convinced a mystery $200,000 per month traffic addict to show you how to get massive traffic…guaranteed or she’ll double your money back!

You’ll Get All His “Secrets” She’s Twisted His Arm To “Confess” You’ll Get At LEAST 6 Traffic Tactics And Learn How To Drive MAJOR Traffic… You’ll Avoid Mistakes 99% Of All Marketers Make

So who is this traffic guy?

He drives traffic for the “gurus” He puts the “gurus” (and Maria included!) to SHAME with his traffic skills! With a SNEEZE he sends 2,000 visitors in 76 Minutes with EASE! He’s never even launched ANY of his own products because he’s just making too much darn money that he doesn’t need to!

In fact, you’ve never EVEN heard of him because he’s never wanted to EVER Teach his Traffic Secrets…

So what exactly is The Ultimate Traffic Challenge? It’s a 12 Day Challenge You get VIP access to a “Elite” Members Area Live WEBINAR coaching workshops Simple Step by Step Blueprints/Mindmaps Cheat Sheets *** AND YES – ALL Recorded for you in case you can’t make it live… AND you get LIFETIME ACCESS

It all happens on Tuesday July 19th (tomorrow)!

So sign up for The Ultimate traffic Challenge now (limited availability) – $18.99 at time of posting. …

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