iiStores - Push-Button eCom

eCommerce is all the rage at the moment. But getting a Shopify store set up isn’t as easy as you’ve been led to believe. And then you have to spend money buying Facebook ads to drive traffic. And pay Shopify $30 each month too.

That’s not to say that the Shopify eCom model isn’t good and doesn’t work like gangbusters. But it’s a bit technical and complicated to get set up.

I just bought iiStores because it’s a simply way of setting up an eCom store that earns passive income. I love passive income, hands-free income.

iiStores pull product listings from Amazon, eBay and AliExpress after you do your 2-5 minute niche research.

It’s actually a WordPress plugin so will work on millions of sites. It can auto-post content too (there’s that hands-free element).

Traffic, or the lack of it is where most people fall down. iiStores has inbuilt methods for driving traffic to your site so you don’t have to do all that SEO stuff with backlinking and social signals, though I’m sure doing that will bring some rewards.

If you’re looking for a push-button solution to making money online, this is probably as close as you’ll get!

Hey, if you buy iiStores through any link on this page, I’ll give Platinum Membership to Niche Site Profits as a bonus. This is currently worth $14.95 per month, but will be worth more as new content is added to it and the subscription fee (which you won’t have to pay) will increase in line (you can take a look at Niche Site Institute here).…

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SpinRewriter 6.0

There are three ways to get content for a website:

Write the content yourself Pay someone else to write your content Accept guest blogs posts (though this is not content on demand)

There is a fourth option. Use spinning to create new articles from existing content.

Spinning gets a bad rap because most people do it wrong. They just want to click a button, do no work and have a new article burped out the other end. And what you get with that method is crap. Everybody knows it, including Google. However, if you put a little extra time into tweaking and tuning your spins, you will always get readable, quality articles.

The spinner you use will also play a big role in the quality of your end results.

There are three common applications for spinning content:

WordAI – hands down, the best content spinner out there. But it is very expensive at $49.95/month. The Best Spinner – Jon Leger’s desktop application is good but needs a lot of hand-holding to get the best results, It’s $77/year SpinRewriter – a web-based tool that leverages the input from all its users to continually improve the results they get from the tool. Discount to $77/year until midnight PST, 19 Oct. 2015.

There’s currently a 60% discount available on the annual plan for SpinRewriter 6.0. If you sign up before the offer expires, you get to keep the 50% discount year after year (as long as you remain a member). PLUS you get all seven (7) launch bonuses…

Simply click here to take advantage of this Spin Rewriter 6.0 limited-time offer…

Here’s what you’re getting in this special deal:

A no-strings-attached 5-DAY FREE TRIAL:You can try Version 6.0 tool for yourself for 5 full days, hands-on, without committing to anything and without paying even a single dollar… Guaranteed 60% Lifetime Discount:All signups before midnight PST, Oct.…

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Value Addon

If you’ve ever wanted to create your own membership site but been daunted by what’s involved, JVZoo recently launched their own membership site package. Called Value Addon, this makes it easy to set up your own sites without having a steep learning curve before you can use the system.

As is usual, the discounts available for products like this are only available for a short period.

In this case, the discounts are only available for another 2 days (today and tomorrow). After that, the price doubles.

There’s more info on the system, including 4 inside-look videos, in this blog post.

But if you want to head directly to the official site, you can do that here:

If you prefer more control over things, then a good alternative is InstaMember (it’s what we use for building membership sites).

This is a plugin for WordPress and turns any WP installation into a fully featured membership site (you have to add the content though!).

Various payment methods are supported and certain content can be put behind a paywall (i.e. the stuff you only want your members to see). Different membership levels are available too. …

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Great news, super affiliate millionaire, Mark Ling, is putting on a NEW webinar today (and tomorrow (if today doesn’t suit) where he teaches you in step-by-step detail, 7 ways to drive FLOODS of traffic online – none of which rely on Google:

On top of the 7 strategies he teaches in more detail he also is going to be covering a further 8 or so other strategies in brief detail as well…

…So that’s a lot of traffic-getting stuff being covered here.

PLUS he’ll be recapping his 6 step strategy for making 10k per month online, in case you missed his last webinar. Reserve your spot now.

Also, one thing we find really interesting is that NONE of the methods Mark reveals require Google (and that’s a very good thing!).

If you want to achieve 5 and 6 figure paydays then make sure you are on this one-of-a-kind webinar, and discover how to drive floods of traffic AND how to monetize it easily… Even if you’re a total newbie and has never made money on the internet before.

Register now, space is limited due to bandwidth, don’t miss this…

At Mark’s last webinar (How To Make 10k Per Month in 6 steps) they were at full capacity.

If you don’t register soon, they’ll run out of space on the upcoming webinar.

If getting visitors and traffic is important to you, then set your alarm and show up on time to make sure you get in.

If you missed the last webinar Mark ran called ‘How to Make 10k per month’, you can watch the replay here.…

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We’ve just finished reviewing the entire Money Marketing Mastermind package, and it’s pretty AWESOME!

So let us back up a second…

When we first started hearing about this package a couple of weeks ago, people were saying it included cutting-edge strategies…some of which have never been revealed before.

Truth or fiction? Our BS Meter totally went off. How many times have we all heard that claim before? Pretty much every day in every “new” product that claims to teach you how to make money online.

Then we came across five videos that were created by Simon Hodgkinson and Jeremy Gislason, who are known for putting out high-quality training. Simon and Jeremy are in the trenches every day, testing everything, developing revolutionary new strategies and then sharing what they’ve learned.

When we started going through the videos, we were absolutely blown away. The bottom line is that these five training videos are all about putting more money in your pocket. Each of these videos covers topics such as:

Getting more sales by boosting your conversion rate. Harnessing the power of viral marketing. (This was eye opening!) Turning a surprising source of traffic into money in the bank. Becoming a respected super affiliate in your niche. (Sneaky!)

And much more. Let’s break it down…

What’s Inside the Monkey Marketing Mastermind Package

Here’s what you get:

Five eye-opening training videos designed to put more money in your pocket. Special Bonus: The resell rights to these training videos. Special Bonus: High-converting sales materials to sell these videos to others, including video sales letters and emails.…

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If you’ve never heard of it, Udemy is an online academy where you can get video training on all sorts of stuff.

For the next 7 days (until December 26th), you can save 90% on these courses using the discount links below. Normally $99, these courses are on sale for $9 each during the sale period:

Learn Responsive Web Development from Scratch Learn to Build Mobile Apps from Scratch Learn iOS Programming from Scratch Learn Android Development From Scratch Learn to Build Apps for Facebook and Chrome Store Learn iPad Development and Advanced iOS Programming Learn Ruby on Rails from Scratch Learn PHP and MySQL Development From Scratch Complete WordPress Training For Beginners Learn How to Build Ecommerce Website From Scratch

…And you can save 75% on this YouTube course as well (no time limit on this one – the discount is available until the discount coupons run out and at time of publication, only 43 are left):

YouTube Raider 2.0

So grab yourself an early Christmas present or two!…

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Back at the end of October, I posted about an alternative course to the Amazing Selling Machine that was available at a substantial discount. Amazing Selling Machine was out of the reach of many who were interested in it due to its high ticket price – $3,988!

The alternative proven amazon course comes from Jim Cockrum who’s highly respected in IM circles. At the time, he discounted his course to just $97 (from $347), probably to show that people didn’t need to pay thousands to learn how to sell physical goods through Amazon. Even at full price, his course was only a tenth the price of Amazing Selling Machine (ASM).

To be fair to ASM, it included additional software tools that required additional training and expense but, even so, a $4K buy in price is steep in anyone’s book.

Cockrum said his offer would close on November 1st and the price of his course would return to $347.

Since I bought his course at the discount price, I didn’t think twice about his deadline.

As it turns out, he’s been selling a lot of copies of his course and he recognized that there was great interest with people in building a business selling physical products on Amazon (just to be clear – neither of the courses had anything to do with people being Amazon affiliates, like selling stuff on Amazon through their websites).

So Cockrum extended his discount offer till the end of November.

So that means if this was something you were looking at as a business model, you can still get Cockrum’s course for $97 till the end of this month.

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Spend the next 2 minutes reading this post. I guarantee you it will be worth it.

Gene Pimentel (if you haven’t heard of him, look him up) is essentially THE domain guru. He has made a full time living for about 10 YEARS domaining.

Gene knows his stuff more than pretty much anyone in the domaining niche and is the first name most people think of when they head out domaining.

Gene has just released his first course in 3 years and it’s ridiculously simple.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Register Locally Based Domains Step 2: Set site up (this takes, literally, less than 2 minutes – Gene gives you a template you just drag and drop on your server – EASIER than installing WordPress!) Step 3: Watch local businesses FIGHT with each other to give you money.

It’s that easy. Rinse and Repeat.

This system (and this isn’t just a method, it’s a full business in a box) will absolutely without a doubt be an ASSET to not just building and flipping websites, but building up a business with real value, one where you can infinitely grow in a variety of niches, repeat as often as you like and have local businesses competing to pay you cold hard cash today.

The best part is Gene even gives you the TEMPLATES for free. All you have to do is purchase a $3 domain, upload his template (no tech skills required, drag 1 folder in and the site is live!) and sell.…

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Update: It’s been just 1 week since Paul Clifford launched his new Content Marketing systm and it’s been receiving rave reviews:

“Kudani KICKS butt – very good work Paul…blown away!” (Pat) “Amazing product, your best yet. Business in a box that I can go forward with to build a real income. Blown away.” (Charles) “Kudani is like a Swiss army knife, a most useful and valuable tool.”(Yvette) “I can understand why everyone has been going into fits of ecstasy about Kudani 🙂 ” (Michael) “Kudani is the best I have seen so far!” (Goran) “This is the best curation software. It’s all in one! Keyword research and other stuff. Great!” (Mazween) “Love the program so far.” (Mike)

Paul’s Early Bird pricing offer is expiring in the next couple of days so now’s your last chance to get this software at a discount. Grab the annual pricing option if you can afford it as it works at at half the price of the monthly option over a year!

Click Here To Get Paul Clifford’s Content Marketing System
Before This Special Offer Expires!

I just had an opportunity to review some state-of-the-art software developed by Paul Clifford.

It’s called Kudani and it blows away anything out there related to content marketing.

This system is designed for lifetime traffic and improves your rankings the more you use it.

Here are some of the powerful features:

it has a built in keyword explorer that lets you find keywords that people are actually searching for it examines Google trends right inside the keyword tool so you can immediately decide whether or not you want to use it – HUGE time savings it has a built in RSS Reader and a plugin so you can grab any feeds off the Internet PLUS, drag and drop integration so you can grab snippets from the content and just drag them into an editor…curating was NEVER this easy.…

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