Content Samurai 40% Discount March 2019

If you’re camera-shy or you think you have a face for radio or a voice for silent movies, using this app is an easy way to create professional quality videos that you don’t have to feature in.

If you’re a savvy entrepreneur or a work from home mom looking for a way to make some extra cash in between school runs, then be sure to check out today’s new video (first video on the page) from the guys at Noble Samurai (there’s an in-depth review of Content Samurai here)…

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Content Samurai 40% Discount + 27 Bonuses

Get an ongoing 40% discount on Content Samurai fees plus my bonus package of 27 products.

Content Samurai is an online video creator.

It’s what I use to create my own videos, so I’ve no hesitation in recommending it.

With this special offer you pay $29/mth instead of $47/mth.

It’s a good deal.

The offer ends at midnight tonight – Nov. 2nd.

Grab The Discount And Bonuses Here…

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Content Samurai 40% Discount

The 40% Discount Off on Content Samurai Fees Is Back! But for 5 days only!

In addition to my bonus package of 27 related products, with this offer you also get a LIFETIME subscription to the Vidsy copywriting software and the Ultimate Traffic Blueprint Pack.

A library of thousands of motion backgrounds has now been added to Content Samurai making it even easier to create dynamic, eye-catching videos.

BTW, my review of the tool is here if you want to know more about it:

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You’re probably a webmaster who could do with having your site (or your site’s pages or YouTube videos) boosted in Google. What webmaster isn’t in that position?

We recently came across a service called CrowdSearch that basically employs people to search for your keywords in Google and then look through the listings till they come to your site or page and click that link. They then visit a couple of pages on your site and stay there for a few minutes.

This is a strong signal to Google that people like your site so they boost your site rankings as a result.

This is a hands-off approach to website promotion. You set up a campaign on the CrowdSearch service and it does the rest.

CrowdSearch have a special promotion this week where they’re offering credits for sale (one-time payment) with up to a 45% discount on regular prices. Here’s an inside look:

On Friday, Jan. 9th at midnight EST, doors close to new customers. That doesn’t just mean the offer closes on Friday…it means no one can join CrowdSearch after Friday. Period.

Bonus credits are also being offered but the number offered is halved each day. That makes today the best time to buy. CrowdSearch are offering credit packages at substantial discounts (up to 45% off). These are the packages:

Credits Price Bonus Credits % Saving2,000 $27 400 37%5,500 $67 1,100 37%10,000 $97 2,000 42%25,000 $197 5,000 45%

If you buy a package (one time payment, not a monthly subscription), your CrowdSearch account will be created for you and you can buy additional credits whenever you want.…

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We’ve just finished reviewing the entire Money Marketing Mastermind package, and it’s pretty AWESOME!

So let us back up a second…

When we first started hearing about this package a couple of weeks ago, people were saying it included cutting-edge strategies…some of which have never been revealed before.

Truth or fiction? Our BS Meter totally went off. How many times have we all heard that claim before? Pretty much every day in every “new” product that claims to teach you how to make money online.

Then we came across five videos that were created by Simon Hodgkinson and Jeremy Gislason, who are known for putting out high-quality training. Simon and Jeremy are in the trenches every day, testing everything, developing revolutionary new strategies and then sharing what they’ve learned.

When we started going through the videos, we were absolutely blown away. The bottom line is that these five training videos are all about putting more money in your pocket. Each of these videos covers topics such as:

Getting more sales by boosting your conversion rate. Harnessing the power of viral marketing. (This was eye opening!) Turning a surprising source of traffic into money in the bank. Becoming a respected super affiliate in your niche. (Sneaky!)

And much more. Let’s break it down…

What’s Inside the Monkey Marketing Mastermind Package

Here’s what you get:

Five eye-opening training videos designed to put more money in your pocket. Special Bonus: The resell rights to these training videos. Special Bonus: High-converting sales materials to sell these videos to others, including video sales letters and emails.…

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Until MIDNIGHT Friday the 6th of December 2013 (PST), which is late tomorrow – you can grab Market Samurai for an UNHEARD OF 50% discount…

Get Market Samurai here

With over 540,539 users of their free version, and 76,659 customers using the paid version, Market Samurai is probably the most popular piece of Internet Marketing software EVER created.

…And right now (with only a a little over a day remaining) they’re practically giving it away for a strictly limited time. You don’t want to miss out on this exclusive offer!

Here’s what others are saying about this Market Samurai offer:

Don’t waste a moment. Don’t blink. Don’t even take another breath before you’ve put your details in. Get it. Now.
(Rezbi – Senior Warrior Member since Oct 2006 – Lancashire, United kingdom)

Sounds great. Heard great things about Market Samurai. At this price it is a steal. I am buying NOW! How about YOU?
(jrahall – Warrior Member since Aug 2005 – USA)

Heard nothing but good things about this tool from various sources… Sounds like the deal of the century!
(LeslieZ – Warrior Member since July 2009 – Indiana)

This page has some videos about Market Samurai that will give you a better idea of what’s in this excellent software. Just don’t buy it from that page – there are no 50% discount links there!

Here’s what you get if you take advantage of this deal:

You’ll Get Access to Market Samurai’s BRAND NEW secret keyword weapon, that enables you to tap into the highly profitable hidden sources of FREE Traffic most SEO Pros don’t know exist – even in today’s hyper competitive online markets.…

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Update: It’s been just 1 week since Paul Clifford launched his new Content Marketing systm and it’s been receiving rave reviews:

“Kudani KICKS butt – very good work Paul…blown away!” (Pat) “Amazing product, your best yet. Business in a box that I can go forward with to build a real income. Blown away.” (Charles) “Kudani is like a Swiss army knife, a most useful and valuable tool.”(Yvette) “I can understand why everyone has been going into fits of ecstasy about Kudani 🙂 ” (Michael) “Kudani is the best I have seen so far!” (Goran) “This is the best curation software. It’s all in one! Keyword research and other stuff. Great!” (Mazween) “Love the program so far.” (Mike)

Paul’s Early Bird pricing offer is expiring in the next couple of days so now’s your last chance to get this software at a discount. Grab the annual pricing option if you can afford it as it works at at half the price of the monthly option over a year!

Click Here To Get Paul Clifford’s Content Marketing System
Before This Special Offer Expires!

I just had an opportunity to review some state-of-the-art software developed by Paul Clifford.

It’s called Kudani and it blows away anything out there related to content marketing.

This system is designed for lifetime traffic and improves your rankings the more you use it.

Here are some of the powerful features:

it has a built in keyword explorer that lets you find keywords that people are actually searching for it examines Google trends right inside the keyword tool so you can immediately decide whether or not you want to use it – HUGE time savings it has a built in RSS Reader and a plugin so you can grab any feeds off the Internet PLUS, drag and drop integration so you can grab snippets from the content and just drag them into an editor…curating was NEVER this easy.…

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Video marketing continues to get more and more popular and easier to do. If you’re into video marketing, then why not give your videos an edge by adding some professional animations to your presentations.

Normally, each set of animations from costs between $3.00 and $8.00.

With this special offer, you can pick up 10 animation sets (from their catalog of 41 sets) for just $19 (that’s $1.90 each).

Now the offer doesn’t say that there’s only one offer per customer, so you could pick up their entire set for less than $80 by putting in orders for different animation sets.

Now some info about the kind of animations you’ll be getting:


Pre-Keyed/Chroma-Keyed Footage
 – Why this bundle is so immensely helpful is because it includes pre-keyed video footage. Most of today’s user-friendly video editing programs let you layer multiple tracks, including pre-keyed and chroma-keyed footage. Pre-Keyed images are similar to “green screens” in film, where the subject is removed from the background. This just opens up a world of endless opportunities when it comes to video editing. 10 Video Collections – 
This killer Deal lets you select 10 video collections of your choice from Marketing Motion Graphics. Choose from a plethora of video clips to work into your videos either as backgrounds or intro scenes. Huge Collection – 
No matter your video content, you’re sure to find the perfect clip for your editing purpose. Just browse through the category collection including Particle Trails, Light Reveals and Transitions, Earth and Space, Hearts, Motion Backgrounds, Textured Backgrounds, and more.…

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Tracking how your sites are ranking in the search engines can be a real pain, especially if you’re doing it all manually.

AccurankTracker saves you time and effort by checking the rankings of ALL of your websites with the click of a button and with no restrictions or pricey upgrades! You can rest assured that the rankings you are shown are the true rankings of your websites, guaranteed or your money back! But don’t take our word for it, watch this video to see it in action!

The software runs on your PC (there isn’t a Mac version yet). It uses a very small amount of resources from your own computer in order to provide 100% accurate rankings that you can verify at any time by simply checking the ranking yourself manually.

Unlike other rank trackers, the number of websites or keywords that you can track isn’t limited. Use AccurankTracker to keep track of one site or hundreds, it’s totally up to you. No restrictions, no fine print and absolutely no limits.

You can also pick any country that the top search engines support and track rankings using that option. This can be set on a website and keyword basis, so you can track rankings for one site/keyword in one Country, and others in another Country if you like.
Accurank Tracker was originally launched by Jonathan Leger a few months back and there are several new additions to the software:

Multi-Keyword PDF Reports: Add multiple keywords to the exportable PDF reports (latest addition).…

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