Silent Sales Machine Radio Episode 101

After watching his Dad for 15 years earn a steady seven figures from multiple online related strategies, Trey Cockrum (Jim Cockrum’s son) started diving into online business a few years ago and at the age of 17 has built an incredible multiple income stream empire all of his own.

It’s not on Amazon or eBay, but through other creative channels. On this show Jim and Trey discuss the businesses that Trey is running, what motivates him and the family dynamics of living in an entrepreneurial home.

Listen To Podcast #101 Here

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Silent Sales Machine Radio Episode 108

Over the years Jim Cockrum has observed many people who have succeeded seemingly easily with an online business, and he’s seen many who just can’t seem to get going no matter what strategy or technique they deploy.

It’s not your intelligence, your tools, your cash, your education or your determination that matters nearly as much as this ONE single factor that he reveals in this simple free podcast episode. Deploy this strategy and you’ll be unstoppable!

Listen To Podcast #108 Here


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Jim Cockrum's "Silent Sales Machine" Book Offer

There are many reasons why you might want to start making a living or supplementary income online. And there are several ways to go about earning that income stream.

You might have heard of the Amazing Sales Machine (ASM) in recent weeks when it was relaunched for the 6th time in the last 2-3 years. It’s a very high-ticket item originally costing $2,997, but at latest launch the price was $4,500. It’s a course with supporting software that teaches you how to make a living selling white-label products on Amazon. It’s got good reviews.

But its price puts it out of the reach of many who’d like to give that income model a try. That’s where Jim Cockrum comes in. He created the Proven Amazon Course that teaches the same information (I have a review of it here), but at a fraction of the price of ASM – $299 instead of $4,500. He doesn’t include the software tools that come with ASM (which you have to pay for annually, btw). Jim’s course is very highly regarded. It predates ASM by some years and it’s constantly kept up to date.

About 10 years ago, Jim published his Silent Sales Machine book and he’s updated/rewritten it nine times since to an ever expanding audience of loyal and successful readers. Numerous success stories haven come from just reading this book.

Version 9.0 is the latest edition of the book and Jim is giving it away FREE for five days only – right on!

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Adam Short - Passive Profits Formula Webinar

Adam Short is one of those internet marketing guys who’s been around for ages. He’s not high profile like other “gurus” but has quietly made over $15 million from affiliate marketing over the last few years.

He’s running a webinar on Tues. August 11th at 9PM EST where he’ll be revealing his “Passive Profits Formula” for creating sites that generate income on autopilot.

This is a limited-time, live event (no replays announced). Check out the trailer for the webinar here.

For example, these are some things he’ll be covering:

How to create simple 2-page “under the radar” websites that each generate between $500 and $1,500 per month on autopilot. How to tap into an unlimited source of free profit-producing traffic that naturally increases over time – without having to pay a single penny for it. How to take that free profit-producing traffic and funnel it through a “silent sales machine” that will get you an astronomical 5% to 10% conversion rate.

He’ll be covering other topics too, which he talks about in the trailer video

Check the video out now and sign up for the webinar. You’ve nothing to lose.

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