Promotional Company Sourcing

Launch Special Price $147 (instead of the regular $327)

Christi Michelle, the lead instructor in this course has over 6 years of experience working with promotional companies and is a leading private label expert. She will systematically show you how to uncover countless promo company opportunities the same way she’s done time and time again.

This method is low risk, inexpensive, and makes a great starting point for transitioning to private label.

Learn More About The Promotional Company Sourcing Course

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Social Media Marketing

SocialAdr is offering 50% bonus credits for the next 3 days in one of their flash sales.

What is SocialAdr?

It’s a web-based service for distributing social bookmarks so it can be used to promote any type of website, not just WordPress sites. It’s another way to get the word out about what you have to offer. (There’s a review of it here)

It works on a credit based system. You can earn credits as a free member which allow you to advertise your links. Or you can become a paying member and get a fixed number of credits per month.

You can also buy additional credit packages to top up your account. It is in these credit packages that you get the extra 50% of credits.

You do need to be a member of SocialAdr to buy these credits. the sale ends at midnight November 3rd.

Sign up using our affiliate link, simply contact us via the contact page and we’ll send you the hidden link to get these extra credits. …

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List Building In A Box Bonuses

Here’s a list building course for anyone who’s wondered about how to go about building and email list and not known how to. A list is where the real money is, not in making commissions of affiliate sales from a website.

The course is very affordable at $9.97 (though the price is going up in a few hours) and if you happen to buy through my link, you’ll get all the bonuses listed on my bonus page. What’s more, all but one of the bonuses come with Master resale Rights or Resale Rights which allow you to sell these products yourself and keep all the profits.

If you’re not sure if list building for you or not, download the free report opposite and it’ll help you decide. …

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Developer Chris Record talks about his Smart Member 2.0 software suiteChris Record is an internet marketer to keep your eye on. In the last year, he did over $2,000,000 in sales on JVZoo alone. He built a platform (Smart Member) to run all his membership sites, the support desks for them and the autoresponder he uses exclusively to email his lists. Smart Member is designed to create membership sites where some or all content is free for members, or some content can be put behind a paywall. It is not built on WordPress, so is not a plugin for that platform. Sites build with his software are hosted on his servers so no additional hosting fees are required.

Yesterday (January 12th), he launched Smart Member 2.0, a souped-up version of the original Smart Member 1.0. He talks about it in the above video. You should watch it get a full understanding of what Smart Member 2.0 has to offer internet and affiliate marketers.

This system is not cheap. It’s not a $97 plugin, or a $197 or even a $297 one. It costs $997. This is a solid product with a track record with a brick-and-mortar company and salaried employees behind it.

This Smart Member launch offer lasts for 2 weeks only, until January 25th. Demand will be high. The launch was originally meant to last a week, but was extended to 2 weeks to give potential buyers the chance to digest the copious amount of information Chris Record provides about Smart Member 2.0 and marketing in general.…

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Xpress Stores

How would you react if someone told you that you could make 4 figures in passive income on 100% autopilot with your own physical product store that pays 50% commission with NO stock costs, no worry about shipping and handling or having a warehouse for stocking?

Well, now you can with this!

EVERYTHING is taken care of with ZERO startup costs and NO monthly expenses for your store setup and maintenance…

Alibaba makes $9.3 BILLION in sale in just 1 day and is bigger than Amazon AND Ebay combined.

You can now forget the typical eCommerce headaches of stocking, returns, refunds and shipping…

…Say goodbye to expensive monthly eCommerce platform fees.

Xpresstores builds high converting, self-updating ecommerce stores in minutes and is available for 2 days only.

It allows you to sell in LOW competition markets for bigger profits. Avoids eCom hassles like stocking and shipping You get paid up to 50% commissions with a 30 day cookie… …Plus the Aliexpress affiliate program is open to ANY US resident, so if you’re in an Amazon banned state this is for you :).

Enter Low Competition Markets For Big Paydays

With Xpress Stores!

An example of an Xpress Stores Store

Plus as a bonus you’ll also receive:

BONUS 1: ALIEXPRESS PREMIUM AFFILIATE TRAININGA complete guide on how to get fast profits as an affiliate in untapped marketers. BONUS 2 – FAST START ALIEXPRESS AFFILIATE LIVE TRAINING EVENTGet ready to earn 3 times more with your eCommerce stores with insider access to a live training event.…

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Social Multiplier

Social Multiplier is a tool that was only opened up to the public for three days and yet did almost 6 figures in sales! Then doors closed.

After a lot of success using the tool over the past months, Jonathan Leger has decided to open it back up for five days more — from midnight EST today, November 23rd to midnight EST Friday, November 27th.

What Is Social Multiplier?

It is the hottest traffic generation tool to hit the market in years. It automates traffic generation from one of the most incredible social media sites on the planet,

Why generate traffic from Pinterest? Here’s a few reasons:

Pinterest gets 10s of millions of visitors a week (Social Multiplier sends them to your site)! 93% of Pinterest users go there to plan purchases (have them plan to purchase from you)! Pinterest has the highest per-sale value of any social network ($50+ per sale could be yours)! 34% of Pinterest users have a household income of $75,000 USD or higher, and 68% have $50,000 USD or higher (money that could be spent on your site)! More than 100 million members of Pinterest are from the United States!

Social Multiplier makes it easy to start getting traffic from Pinterest, often in the first 24 hours of using it. Check out the sales page to see all of the proof and watch the short video showing how it generated more than 100 unique visitors in its first day on a brand new site!…

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Jim Cockrum's "Silent Sales Machine" Book Offer

There are many reasons why you might want to start making a living or supplementary income online. And there are several ways to go about earning that income stream.

You might have heard of the Amazing Sales Machine (ASM) in recent weeks when it was relaunched for the 6th time in the last 2-3 years. It’s a very high-ticket item originally costing $2,997, but at latest launch the price was $4,500. It’s a course with supporting software that teaches you how to make a living selling white-label products on Amazon. It’s got good reviews.

But its price puts it out of the reach of many who’d like to give that income model a try. That’s where Jim Cockrum comes in. He created the Proven Amazon Course that teaches the same information (I have a review of it here), but at a fraction of the price of ASM – $299 instead of $4,500. He doesn’t include the software tools that come with ASM (which you have to pay for annually, btw). Jim’s course is very highly regarded. It predates ASM by some years and it’s constantly kept up to date.

About 10 years ago, Jim published his Silent Sales Machine book and he’s updated/rewritten it nine times since to an ever expanding audience of loyal and successful readers. Numerous success stories haven come from just reading this book.

Version 9.0 is the latest edition of the book and Jim is giving it away FREE for five days only – right on!

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Adam Short - Passive Profits Formula Webinar

Adam Short is one of those internet marketing guys who’s been around for ages. He’s not high profile like other “gurus” but has quietly made over $15 million from affiliate marketing over the last few years.

He’s running a webinar on Tues. August 11th at 9PM EST where he’ll be revealing his “Passive Profits Formula” for creating sites that generate income on autopilot.

This is a limited-time, live event (no replays announced). Check out the trailer for the webinar here.

For example, these are some things he’ll be covering:

How to create simple 2-page “under the radar” websites that each generate between $500 and $1,500 per month on autopilot. How to tap into an unlimited source of free profit-producing traffic that naturally increases over time – without having to pay a single penny for it. How to take that free profit-producing traffic and funnel it through a “silent sales machine” that will get you an astronomical 5% to 10% conversion rate.

He’ll be covering other topics too, which he talks about in the trailer video

Check the video out now and sign up for the webinar. You’ve nothing to lose.

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Long Tail Pro 3

It’s funny how keyword research tools come and go. Market Samurai was the old reliable but while still useful, it’s slow and these days, people don’t want to wait around for their keyword lists to be built.

However, there is another keyword research tool that has stood the test of time – and is fast…

With over 70,000+ marketers and SEOs using Long Tail Pro – it has become the benchmark for Keyword Research and Competition Analysis.

But now…

Long Tail Pro has raised the bar again.

Version 3.0 is their most powerful and feature-rich release to date with added features like:

Real-Time Filtering Fetch Missing Data 1-Click Competition Analysis More Flexibility with Search Results Brand-New User Interface Add Notes for Keywords Deeper Keyword Results

On top of the improved core features marketers have enjoyed for years:

Uncover 1000’s of Lucrative Keywords in Seconds Search Multiple Seed Keywords at Once Check Domain Availability Monitor Keyword Rankings Analyze Your Competition per Keyword Its Lightning FAST!

Check this out and prepare to be amazed!

With over 4+ years and 70k marketers worth of feedback, Long Tail Pro has evolved into the ultimate SEO research tool on the market.

PLUS…for only a limited time you can grab Long Tail Pro at up to 70% off the normal price ($27 instead of $97).

However, at midnight EST on Saturday July 18th, the price rises by $10 to $37.

So NOW is the time to grab your license!

What About Upsells?

Naturally, with a launch like this, yes there are upsells the they don’t matter.…

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100K Factory

UPDATE: By the end of launch day, 100k Factory had ALREADY done $1,323,155 million in sales making it the biggest opening day in JVZoo! Doors close on this offer for good on June 11th.

A new program called the 100k Factory has just gone live, and it’s something you should check out.

What is this it?

Well, in short, it reveals the exact formula that has allowed a group of newbies to build $100,000/year businesses in UNDER 60 days.

The results will astound you.

Some ‘test student’ websites earn up to $25,000/month…

Others have been able to earn $10,823.24 in their FIRST month from their FIRST website.

The 100k Factory system is unique, and it’s brilliance is in its simplicity.

4 simple websites, each making $25,000/yr = $100,000 per year.

And that’s just the beginning…

This model is easily scalable and you can control it all from your very own ‘command center’.

Go here to watch the video – It’s a pretty incredible product.

Important things to note are that…

You don’t need any prior experience. You don’t need a mailing list. You don’t have high inventory or running costs. And you CAN see results in 48 hours or less.

This Video Explains Everything.

Be one of the first 50 to get the 100K Factory and get the 100k Formula Bonus.

100k Factory Sneak Peek


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