Save 50% on IM Wealth Builders Covert Tools

Black Friday is upon us as you can tell from other deals on this page, but the deal we’re about to show you sure beats having to venture out to join the crowds at the mall.

Stay at home, grab a nice hot cup of coffee and instead do something that will take your business to new levels…

On this page you can grab a massive 50% discount on the top 9 best selling products from the IM Wealth Builders: Covert Store Builder, Covert Video Press, Covert PinPress, Covert Messenger, Covert Social Press, Covert Action Bar, Covert Shirt Store, Covert Commissions and Viral Wizard.

This is a great opportunity for you to grab any of the “covert” tools currently missing from your arsenal at a real bargain.

Note that this sale is open for 4 days only and that when the count down timer on the site hits zero, the page and discount codes will automatically disappear.

Click here to secure your 50% discount

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Black Friday Deals

Here, all the Black Friday deals are collected in one place so you can see them all at a glance…

#1: Save 65% on Hostgator packages and get $5.99 .net & .com domains.
Use coupon code BF2015 at checkout. #2: 75% discount on Hostnine webhosting packages.
Use coupon code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout. #3: Save 50% on the “Covert” affiliate marketing tools.
These include Covert Store Builder, Covert Video Press, Covert PinPress, Covert Messenger, Covert Social Press, Covert Action Bar, Covert Shirt Store, Covert Commissions and Viral Wizard. #4: Save up to 57% on Hide My Ass fees.
Stay anonymous online by masking your IP address. #5: Save 50% on WordAI fees.
Lock in a discounted fee for the best article spinner on the planet that creates human-quality content. #6: Save 30% on the WPeka WordPress Club.
Get exclusive access to premium WordPress themes, plugins and tutorials. #7: Get 6 PLR Products with Reseller Kits For Pennies On The Dollar.
These are multi-part video tutorial courses on Facebook Marketing, WordPress List Building, Ranking Videos on YouTube and 3 other courses on driving Traffic that you can sell on for 100% profits. #8: Get 1000s of Udemy Courses for $15 each.
Many courses normally sell for $100, $200 or $300+, all discounted for Black Friday weekend. #9: Save $100 on Site Build It!
Build a lasting business online with the 80+ tools included in your membership. #10: Amazon’s Black Friday Big Screen TV Offers #11: Star Trek Fan?

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In less than 60 seconds watch someone build an entire membership site ready to be customized using the brand new Value Addon platform:

If you’ve ever wanted to sell online courses and make money from your expertise, we’ve got good news…very good news!

You’ll love this.

A new platform is being released very soon called Value Addon and it’s a game changer 9it comes from the people who built JVZoo). Seriously…this new platform makes it “dirt simple” for anyone to begin selling online courses within minutes. Yep, we said minutes!

Unlike other products out there…Value Addon only requires 3 steps before you’re ready to sell your advice, deliver online courses, or build beautiful membership sites.

Step 1: Upload your content (audios, videos, pdfs, images … etc) – They host everything for you and even pay your Amazon S3 bill for you. Step 2: Set your price using the built in shopping cart. (i.e.: How much do you want sell access to your content for?) Step 3: Configure your sales page using the SWEET built-in sales page creator that an 8 year old can complete. “YES, It’s literally that easy”…

And that’s it! You can have a complete membership website set-up within 10-15 minutes and be ready to rock without no messy plugins to install, no custom code to write, no expensive hosting to configure, or domains to buy, etc. – This is TOO EASY!

But, most of all, NO Webmaster required! You will never be held hostage again!!

So…The good news is that Value Addon is officially going LIVE on Tuesday (Feb.…

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When Mark Ling first started Affilorama, he did it because he wanted to give people a clear roadmap for success.

Getting started as an affiliate marketer can be confusing and overwhelming, so he wanted to cut through all the murk and just show people exactly what to do.

It’s been 8 years since Affilorama opened its doors to their first students. Many of Mark’s early students have gone on to become famous marketers, and even more of them have been able to quit their dreary 9-5 jobs and learn the freedom of working for themselves.

So to celebrate Affilorama’s 8th birthday he’s offering everyone the chance to grab his ultimate step-by-step blueprint for success at a huge discount.

For the next 64 hours (from time of posting) you can grab AffiloBlueprint for just $97 (it’s normally $197).

The AffiloBlueprint Members’ Area – there are actually 12 sections in the course

AffiloBlueprint is Mark’s step-by-step course that shows you how he personally makes his own affiliate websites.

Not sure how to build profitable affiliate websites? AffiloBlueprint takes you through how Mark does it, step by step. He makes it really easy for you to copy his methods by revealing them in an over-the-shoulder style. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel: you just need to copy his methods. This is the perfect course for people who want something that isn’t super technical. He even used AffiloBlueprint to teach his father (who isn’t tech savvy) how to build a 6-figure business. Mark doesn’t just teach you how to build websites: he shows you how to drive thousands of eager buyers to your websites with his targeted traffic techniques.…

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Ben Shaffer makes a killing selling little 30 page ‘how-to’ books on Amazon Kindle for about $3 each. Today he released a new way that you can partner with him and earn royalties…

Earn Royalties from Ben’s ebooks

Royalties are almost as old as commerce itself, but still work just as well in the modern world. It is very rare that something comes along which follows the old royalties method to the tee and which is affordable. Shaffer is changing all of that.

Go here for the full details

If you ever wanted the ability to make a passive income while letting someone else do all the work, then this could be right for you. He’ll be closing this pretty soon once the numbers full up (you’ll understand why it has to be very limited when you check out the offer).

Free Presentation Showing You EVERYTHING You Need To Know To Make Money With Kindle – to access, click the image, then press the “Back” button in your browser and finally, click the “Stay on Page” button that will pop up.

This is not a normal product per se. Or even a ‘done for you’ product. Shaffer is literally letting you become a partner with him where he does all of the work.

Given the amount of work he has to put in, this is a high-ticket product costing $997.

Shaffer has been an internet marketer for over 10 years and has sold (literally) millions of dollars of products both within internet marketing and also other strange niches.…

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If you’ve never heard of it, Udemy is an online academy where you can get video training on all sorts of stuff.

For the next 7 days (until December 26th), you can save 90% on these courses using the discount links below. Normally $99, these courses are on sale for $9 each during the sale period:

Learn Responsive Web Development from Scratch Learn to Build Mobile Apps from Scratch Learn iOS Programming from Scratch Learn Android Development From Scratch Learn to Build Apps for Facebook and Chrome Store Learn iPad Development and Advanced iOS Programming Learn Ruby on Rails from Scratch Learn PHP and MySQL Development From Scratch Complete WordPress Training For Beginners Learn How to Build Ecommerce Website From Scratch

…And you can save 75% on this YouTube course as well (no time limit on this one – the discount is available until the discount coupons run out and at time of publication, only 43 are left):

YouTube Raider 2.0

So grab yourself an early Christmas present or two!…

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Easy Azon 3 is a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to integrate Amazon products ans links into your posts. Links can be simple text links, images with links or images and descriptive text with links.

You don’t need to use the “Link to this page” link on Amazon itself to get your links, so using the plugin saves you time.

There are two other major benefits to using the plugin:

You get the “Add to Cart” option. As soon as someone adds a product to their cart, a cookie is written to their PC which means that if they buy the product withing 90 days, you get the commission. The usual cookie length is just 24 hours! You can localize the product links so if someone from the USA visits your site, they see products from; if someone from the UK visits, they see products from It’s the same for all the Amazon regions (apart from India – you have to be resident in India to be an affiliate for What’s more, this link localization happens automatically behind the scenes without you having to do anything. So how much time do you think that would save you?

The plugin is on sale for $27. However, for just $10 more, you can get developer rights which allow you to use the plugin on sites for your clients and to flip sites that use the plugin. That’s certainly worth an extra few bucks!

Easy Azon 3 is only available until November 24th, so just less than 2 days.

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Creating deals for you customers is a great way for making some extra income online. Easy Deal Builder is a dedicated bit of software that’s specifically designed for taking the pain out of creating professional-quality pages. It’s stand-alone software so doesn’t need WordPress to run.

The software allows you to build professional quality sales pages that have scarcity counters, expiry times/dates and lots of other settings. You fill in some boxes, add a payment link and a video link (e.g. from youTube, if you want) and the software builds the page for you.

You can check out our Easy Deals page here.

You can use the software to show time-limited deals from JVZoo or WSO’s if you want as well, so you’ll never be stuck for deals to create. You also get a few deals you can set up yourself that will always be available to visitors.

Easy Deal Builder is available for the next 4 days only at its original $37 price.

Click here to grab it now while this offer is still available


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