Internet Marketing Newsletter October 2018 Issue

I just published the October 2018 issue of my Internet Marketing Newsletter (PDF).

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There’s a sample issue of the emagazine available on those pages you can check out (no strings attached).…

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Wealthy Affiliate Bonus Offer

Wealthy Affiliate is the best training program and site builder package I’ve ever used (and I’ve bought a lot of courses over the years). If you missed my review, you’ll find it here:

If you want to start an affiliate marketing business, this is the course to get.

Start Your Affiliate Marketing Business Today For Free!

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Developer Chris Record talks about his Smart Member 2.0 software suiteChris Record is an internet marketer to keep your eye on. In the last year, he did over $2,000,000 in sales on JVZoo alone. He built a platform (Smart Member) to run all his membership sites, the support desks for them and the autoresponder he uses exclusively to email his lists. Smart Member is designed to create membership sites where some or all content is free for members, or some content can be put behind a paywall. It is not built on WordPress, so is not a plugin for that platform. Sites build with his software are hosted on his servers so no additional hosting fees are required.

Yesterday (January 12th), he launched Smart Member 2.0, a souped-up version of the original Smart Member 1.0. He talks about it in the above video. You should watch it get a full understanding of what Smart Member 2.0 has to offer internet and affiliate marketers.

This system is not cheap. It’s not a $97 plugin, or a $197 or even a $297 one. It costs $997. This is a solid product with a track record with a brick-and-mortar company and salaried employees behind it.

This Smart Member launch offer lasts for 2 weeks only, until January 25th. Demand will be high. The launch was originally meant to last a week, but was extended to 2 weeks to give potential buyers the chance to digest the copious amount of information Chris Record provides about Smart Member 2.0 and marketing in general.…

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Long Tail Pro 3

It’s funny how keyword research tools come and go. Market Samurai was the old reliable but while still useful, it’s slow and these days, people don’t want to wait around for their keyword lists to be built.

However, there is another keyword research tool that has stood the test of time – and is fast…

With over 70,000+ marketers and SEOs using Long Tail Pro – it has become the benchmark for Keyword Research and Competition Analysis.

But now…

Long Tail Pro has raised the bar again.

Version 3.0 is their most powerful and feature-rich release to date with added features like:

Real-Time Filtering Fetch Missing Data 1-Click Competition Analysis More Flexibility with Search Results Brand-New User Interface Add Notes for Keywords Deeper Keyword Results

On top of the improved core features marketers have enjoyed for years:

Uncover 1000’s of Lucrative Keywords in Seconds Search Multiple Seed Keywords at Once Check Domain Availability Monitor Keyword Rankings Analyze Your Competition per Keyword Its Lightning FAST!

Check this out and prepare to be amazed!

With over 4+ years and 70k marketers worth of feedback, Long Tail Pro has evolved into the ultimate SEO research tool on the market.

PLUS…for only a limited time you can grab Long Tail Pro at up to 70% off the normal price ($27 instead of $97).

However, at midnight EST on Saturday July 18th, the price rises by $10 to $37.

So NOW is the time to grab your license!

What About Upsells?

Naturally, with a launch like this, yes there are upsells the they don’t matter.…

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Ben Shaffer makes a killing selling little 30 page ‘how-to’ books on Amazon Kindle for about $3 each. Today he released a new way that you can partner with him and earn royalties…

Earn Royalties from Ben’s ebooks

Royalties are almost as old as commerce itself, but still work just as well in the modern world. It is very rare that something comes along which follows the old royalties method to the tee and which is affordable. Shaffer is changing all of that.

Go here for the full details

If you ever wanted the ability to make a passive income while letting someone else do all the work, then this could be right for you. He’ll be closing this pretty soon once the numbers full up (you’ll understand why it has to be very limited when you check out the offer).

Free Presentation Showing You EVERYTHING You Need To Know To Make Money With Kindle – to access, click the image, then press the “Back” button in your browser and finally, click the “Stay on Page” button that will pop up.

This is not a normal product per se. Or even a ‘done for you’ product. Shaffer is literally letting you become a partner with him where he does all of the work.

Given the amount of work he has to put in, this is a high-ticket product costing $997.

Shaffer has been an internet marketer for over 10 years and has sold (literally) millions of dollars of products both within internet marketing and also other strange niches.…

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In mid-September I became aware of of a course that taught you how to sell physical products on Amazon called Amazing Selling Machine.  This was due to a flood of emails from various well-known internet marketers that landed in my Inbox. Naturally, all were trumpeting how great the course was, how they’d all made thousands from it since they bought it when it was first released back in March.

Thing is, when I went looking for reviews, I couldn’t find any that said it was crap, or that people were starting to just see sales coming in but were just covering their costs. It seemed the reviews were all too weighted towards brilliant success.

Life ain’t like that.

Anyway, I contacted one of the gurus ans asked him some pertinent questions about selling physical products on Amazon – questions that someone who’d used the course should have been able to answer. He couldn’t, or wouldn’t, answer any of them – you can learn more about that here.

So that was a big red flag.

Then there was the $3,988 price of the course. Yes, you did get some proprietary software with it but that price put the course way out of reach for most people interested in it.

While I debated whether or not to buy the course, the deadline came and went and Amazing Selling Machine was closed to new members.

Then I heard about Jim Cockrum’s Proven Amazon Course. Jim released his course back in 2011 and has kept it updated ever since.…

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Video marketing is becoming hugely important if you’re an affiliate or internet marketer. Maybe it’s something you’re interested in, maybe not. But it can be used to promote your websites, your product or services or affiliate products and services.

Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins, two living legends in the IM industry, have put together the most comprehensive and complete video marketing course to date – Video Genesis.

Learn Talking Head, Whiteboard, Doodle, Animation, Presentation, Software Demo, Fly on the Wall, Interview, Google Hangouts, Apple’s “Hippie Style” Direct to Camera, Story Style and more video styles.

Knowing which of these to use and which NOT to use depending on your landing page, squeeze page, webinar registration page, or sales page is very important. Using the wrong page could kill conversions. Using the right one can boost sales.

You’ll learn everything there is to know about creating your own marketing videos.

BTW, if you’re not interested in buying Video Genesis, here’s an invite to promote it as an affiliate yourself:

And Here’s Our Video Genesis Bonus:

Being able to create great videos isn’t enough. It’s a bit like creating a great website. You still need to promote them and tell others about them. So if you buy Video Genesis through my link, you’ll also get the Tube Raider 2.0 course which shows you how to get your videos to rank highly in Google for your selected keywords. You can read about what’s in the course here, but you cannot buy the course from this page.…

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Popups are starting to become “hot” again. In olden days, popups were driven by Javascript and usually involved displaying a mini page over a main page. They got a bad rep when you started to see umpteen popups appear when trying to leave a site. With the worst offenders, popups would appear faster than you could close them.

Something had to be done and that resulted in the appearance of popup blockers. These are now integrated by default into modern browsers. It spelled the end of mini-page popups.

But popups did still appear, except these ones were based on CSS and DIV tags within a page. The popup was part of the page that showed it. So there was only one popup per page. Much more friendly to visitors. And the way browsers currently work means that there’s always a “Leave This Page”/”Stay On Page” option presented before a popup can appear (when the “Stay on Page” option is clicked).

But popups are passe, aren’t they? It turns out that’s not the case. Advertising is ubiquitous on blogs and websites these days and tends to appear in the same positions on sites so visitors are becoming ad-blind, mentally editing them out of what they see on a page. And that’s bad news for webmasters who rely on those ads for their income.

Popups are unexpected and so they do grab a visitor’s attention. And for that reason they can prove to be lucrative.

But being able to create effective popups these days is not an easy task.…

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