Hide My Ass

It may not have a name that elicits a warm fuzzy feeling among prospective customers, but Hide My Ass (HMA) provides an in valuable service.

You probably know that pretty much everything you do online is tracked by someone, somewhere. If not, then now you do.

So how do you stay anonymous online? By masking your IP address. And that’s what HMA does. You can appear to be in any country and you can change your IP address as often as you want. It won’t make you totally anonymous as other things will be tied to you like your credit card if you make purchases online, but it does offer an added level of security online.

It’s a subscription based service and here are the savings on offer (click the image to get the discounts):

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Page One Google Traffic

Dori Friend is holding the last in her 3 seminar series TODAY at 8pm Eastern (so sorry that’s a bit late in the UK…). The above image is a static one and the counter isn’t live! 🙂

It’s entitled: “How To Quickly Convert Free Search Engine Traffic Into a Life-Long of Profit Without Ever Creating a Product“.

Here she is teaching strategies to rank your sites at the top of Google as fast as possible, without using black hat, short term methods. These are FAST, long term strategies.

Sadly, Dori says there will not be a recording/replay. And there are no replays available of her first two webinars (actually there is a replay of her first webinar, “7 Step Formula to Rank on Page One“, available at the special link below).

The only way to see this webinar is to attend live if you possibly can.

It is definitely worth a look. Register here.

During this webinar “SEO legend” Dori Friend takes you step-by-step on how to make $100k in 4 hours with nothing but free traffic…

Plus her…

7 Step Formula To Rank Any Website on the First Page of the Search Engines Patent-Pending Technique To Rank, that the Search Engines Love A Little Known Secret that Leverages Other Peoples Content and Brings You Traffic How This Can be Done in Less than 4 Hours a Week!

Watch it now…

7 Step Formula to Rank on Page One

Click the image below to watch a replay of Dori Friend’s first webinar from July 1st.…

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Udemy are running another of their discount promotions for the next 3 days (until October 8th).

Rather than offering a selection of courses at a discount, what they’re doing this time is offering a 55% discount on ALL of their courses.

Udemy is now the largest online source of quality video tutorials and lessons. Every course submitted to them for review is thoroughly vetted to make sure it meets their stringent guidelines. If you’ve never heard of them before, you can rest assured that this is a great place to go for online education.

Course topics range from how to build websites to how to program mobile devices to trading with forex, improving your photography skills, self help and a huge range of other subjects. There are literally hundreds of courses to choose from.

Click the image above or this special link to get your discount. If, for some reason, the discount coupon is not automatically applied, click on any of the Redeem A Coupon links on Udemy’s site and enter this coupon code: SECRET55

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When Mark Ling first started Affilorama, he did it because he wanted to give people a clear roadmap for success.

Getting started as an affiliate marketer can be confusing and overwhelming, so he wanted to cut through all the murk and just show people exactly what to do.

It’s been 8 years since Affilorama opened its doors to their first students. Many of Mark’s early students have gone on to become famous marketers, and even more of them have been able to quit their dreary 9-5 jobs and learn the freedom of working for themselves.

So to celebrate Affilorama’s 8th birthday he’s offering everyone the chance to grab his ultimate step-by-step blueprint for success at a huge discount.

For the next 64 hours (from time of posting) you can grab AffiloBlueprint for just $97 (it’s normally $197).

The AffiloBlueprint Members’ Area – there are actually 12 sections in the course

AffiloBlueprint is Mark’s step-by-step course that shows you how he personally makes his own affiliate websites.

Not sure how to build profitable affiliate websites? AffiloBlueprint takes you through how Mark does it, step by step. He makes it really easy for you to copy his methods by revealing them in an over-the-shoulder style. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel: you just need to copy his methods. This is the perfect course for people who want something that isn’t super technical. He even used AffiloBlueprint to teach his father (who isn’t tech savvy) how to build a 6-figure business. Mark doesn’t just teach you how to build websites: he shows you how to drive thousands of eager buyers to your websites with his targeted traffic techniques.…

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Click here to see more courses on offer

These are only 9 of over 300 online video courses that you can get for just $10 for the duration of this sale. Many of the courses normally sell for $100+ (some for as high as $999 like The 400K Crowdfunding Launch Formula) so this is a great opportunity to stock up on some courses you’ve thought were out of your price range!

Udemy courses very rarely go this low in price in their sales (a recent sale offered courses for a discount price of $19).

The sale ends at 11:59PM PST, July 28, 2014

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We’ve just finished reviewing the entire Money Marketing Mastermind package, and it’s pretty AWESOME!

So let us back up a second…

When we first started hearing about this package a couple of weeks ago, people were saying it included cutting-edge strategies…some of which have never been revealed before.

Truth or fiction? Our BS Meter totally went off. How many times have we all heard that claim before? Pretty much every day in every “new” product that claims to teach you how to make money online.

Then we came across five videos that were created by Simon Hodgkinson and Jeremy Gislason, who are known for putting out high-quality training. Simon and Jeremy are in the trenches every day, testing everything, developing revolutionary new strategies and then sharing what they’ve learned.

When we started going through the videos, we were absolutely blown away. The bottom line is that these five training videos are all about putting more money in your pocket. Each of these videos covers topics such as:

Getting more sales by boosting your conversion rate. Harnessing the power of viral marketing. (This was eye opening!) Turning a surprising source of traffic into money in the bank. Becoming a respected super affiliate in your niche. (Sneaky!)

And much more. Let’s break it down…

What’s Inside the Monkey Marketing Mastermind Package

Here’s what you get:

Five eye-opening training videos designed to put more money in your pocket. Special Bonus: The resell rights to these training videos. Special Bonus: High-converting sales materials to sell these videos to others, including video sales letters and emails.…

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Ben Shaffer makes a killing selling little 30 page ‘how-to’ books on Amazon Kindle for about $3 each. Today he released a new way that you can partner with him and earn royalties…

Earn Royalties from Ben’s ebooks

Royalties are almost as old as commerce itself, but still work just as well in the modern world. It is very rare that something comes along which follows the old royalties method to the tee and which is affordable. Shaffer is changing all of that.

Go here for the full details

If you ever wanted the ability to make a passive income while letting someone else do all the work, then this could be right for you. He’ll be closing this pretty soon once the numbers full up (you’ll understand why it has to be very limited when you check out the offer).

Free Presentation Showing You EVERYTHING You Need To Know To Make Money With Kindle – to access, click the image, then press the “Back” button in your browser and finally, click the “Stay on Page” button that will pop up.

This is not a normal product per se. Or even a ‘done for you’ product. Shaffer is literally letting you become a partner with him where he does all of the work.

Given the amount of work he has to put in, this is a high-ticket product costing $997.

Shaffer has been an internet marketer for over 10 years and has sold (literally) millions of dollars of products both within internet marketing and also other strange niches.…

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Video Marketing Publisher allows you do display your videos (hosted on Amazon’s S3 servers rather than YouTube) with custom video players; and you can embed text, images, links and watermarks in your videos.

You can also publish your videos on Facebook and they’ll keep all the embedded images and links. You can even put a “Share this on Facebook to see more” shutter on videos so that viewers are forced to share them before they can watch them to completion.

Developer’s Rights are being given to the first buyers (they’re still available) which means you can use this publishing package for your clients’ videos as well as your own.

This video marketing package is proving very popular. It’s only launched earlier today and it’s already sold almost 1,000 copies (one of them to me). While not exactly a dimesale, the price is increasing a couple of dollars every few hours.

Click here to watch the demo videos now.…

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Today is your last chance to get the bonuses being offered to early adopters of Traffic Genesis. These bonuses will be pulled in about 10 hours (at time of posting)!

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