Profit.FM has reopened, though I don’t know for how long. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a membership site created for bloggers who want to earn an income online, by Mike Johnson (who created the AutoBlog Blueprint course) and Gary Prendergast, a co-developer of NicheReaper.

Members get a ton of stuff, from premium WordPress themes to access to NicheReaper functions to comprehensive training and exclusive WordPress plugins.

There’s more info on Profit.FM in this post or you can hop over to the sales page. …

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You may have heard of NicheReaper – it’s the system that pre-researches keywords and niches for you to build websites around or target in other ways. NicheReaper now has over 2.6 million keywords and 200,000+ niches available to its members. And there are 60+ training videos showing you the system in action and how to use it to build a niche blog (looking over-the-shoulder videos).

NicheReaper has been closed to new members for a few months now, though if you’re a frequent visitor to this blog you’ll probably have noticed the NicheReaper ad at the top of the sidebar that allows you to get backdoor access to NicheReaper.

They’re officially opening their doors to the public again today at 12noon EST for just 7 days or until they have 1,000 members, whichever comes first. You can go through the official NicheReaper sales page here or, if you don’t want to take the chance of missing out on membership, you can still get in through the back door here. They have a huge waiting list of potential members so don’t be surprised if the official sales page is closed after a couple of days

Membership is $147 per quarter (equivalent to $49 per month) or $497 per annum. I wrote a post about one of the ways I use NicheReaper to build sites with SiteBuilder Elite here:

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Here’s what the TubeSpy creators will give you:

Step by step training that shows you how to beat Youtube at their own game.

We will teach you how to leverage other peoples’ hard work We will teach you how to get your links displayed and keep them displayed We will teach you how to get even the most popular videos to display your links We will teach you how to get traffic for less than the cost of lunch We will teach you how to spread a web so big that your links literally follow your audience around everywhere- they will have no choice but to click your link!

You will also get access to the Tubespy membership site – This site alone has the power to change your marketing forever!

PLUS – Access to never before released Tubespy software! This isn’t your everyday piece of software. We’ve seen stuff selling for TWENTY times the price of this offer that can’t do what Tubespy does.

And As A Bonus: Customers of Tubespy also get Access to Anthony Aires Critically Acclaimed Tube Ranker!!! (Currently Closed to the Public)

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