Proven Private Label 90% OFF Deal The newly updated and revamped course is an industry established and trusted step-by-step guide on how to build your own private label products and brands that will help you avoid common pitfalls, wasted time and money – and you get to avoid the hefty price other less experienced “experts” charge for inferior training.Inside the course you will find 40+ neatly catalogued lessons in 8 modules with an easy “pause anywhere” feature that really steps you through the process and keeps you moving forward at all times.The sale in on TODAY ONLY!Click Here To Grab This 90% OFF Deal!

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Funnel Hacking Live 2020

This is THE event to attend if you build sales funnels. .

BONUS: Get your ticket BEFORE Midnight EST, Monday, July 15 , and you’ll get this bonus…

Russell Bronson (who runs Funnel Hacking Live) along with Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and 8 other AMAZING entrepreneurs heading to a totally private, totally exclusive mastermind in Fiji.

These experts are the best of the best…

The attendance list isn’t totally finalized, but Russell has invited people who are TOP leaders in nearly every industry…

He’s invited someone who has generated over $350 million dollars a year selling supplements…

There are rumors that some of the biggest personal development players will be there (BESIDES Tony Robbins)…

Someone who hosts one of the most well-known podcasts out there will be joining them…

A deep dive with any one of these entrepreneurs could cost thousands of dollars, but you can get access to the Fiji Mastermind interviews for FREE if you get your Funnel Hacking Live ticket before Monday night (July 15th). These sessions will be FULL of brainstorming, geeking out, and major, major growth…

Click Here To Get You Ticket And Learn More About The Event…

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PromoteLabs Video PLR Mega Bundle

Save 75% On This Premium PLR Bundle of Video Courses.

If you need quality lead magnets, products to sell or additions to your membership site, this is a fantastic deal. The coupon code is on the page at the link below.

The regular price for this bundle is $2,120 but it’s available on the page below at a 53% discount – $999 (they got their math wrong when saying it’s a 45% discount!)

HOWEVER, the coupon code on the page below will give you a 75% discount on the $999 price, so you pay only $249.75 for the entire bundle.

Each PLR video course costs $297 on its own to buy separately, so you can see the savings here.

NOTE: This discount ONLY applies to buying the bundle, not to buying individual products on the page.

Click Here To See The Coupon And What’s In This Video PLR Mega Bundle…

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Instant Video Wizard July 4 Deal

July 4 Deal: Lifetime 40% Discount on Instant Video Wizard Fees PLUS My 27 Bonuses

Deal ends Midnight EST, July 4th.

Instant Video Wizard is an online tool for creating videos.

Normally $37/mth, with the discount that drops the price to $22.20/mth. Includes my bonus package of 27 products.

Click Here To Get The 40% Discount Promo Code And The Deal…

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June 2019 PDF Mini-Ezine

You can download this month’s (June 2019) free mini-ezine insert [Affiliate Marketing Made Simple] here:Click Here To Download The Ezine

Please share the zine with anyone you think would be interested.

If you’d like to get the accompanying monthly 32-page emagazine and access to all the mini- and full-magazine back issues, you can do that here.…

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Lifetime Legacy - 3 Ready-To-Go Businesses

This is a collection of 3 successful online businesses:

One in the Internet Marketing niche One in the Forex Investing niche One in the Cryptocurrency niche

The Collection consists of over 47 sales pages, bribe pages, 600 email campaigns, 28 premium products, webinar slides, audio files, banners, call scripts for $2k-$50k+ programs, broadcast messages, 20 books, and countless videos.

You can check out everything that’s included in this package (and it is a lot) here:

It’s not often that you can buy a complete business-in-a-box, let alone 3 of them. If you’ve done so in the past then you know how expensive they can be.

That’s not the case here. These businesses are being offered at a knock-down price. You either see the value in them or you don’t.

Building an online business is probably the quickest (legal) way to build a big income fast. Certainly faster than out in the “real” world.

It can still take years to build up an online business so when a shortcut comes along that can shave those years off your business development, isn’t that something at least worth taking a look at?

Click Here To See Everything That’s Included In This Package…

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Content Samurai Meme Style

Content Samurai has just released a new “Viral Meme” style video that is perfect for social media content and video ads.

This stunning new style comes in 6 color variations (with infinite customization options) and allows you to create:

Viral Content Videos to skyrocket your online audience Attention grabbing, high converting Video Ads to turn viewers into customers

And best of all, you can make these professional looking videos in a matter of minutes (Even if you’ve never created a video before!)

Also included in this deal are:

40% OFF Content Samurai (Save $216/year) FREE access to 480,000+ Storyblocks video clips (Save $199/year) A FREE copy of their Video Marketing Mastery Pack – 5 fill in the blanks templates that can skyrocket your online audience The 5-Minute Facebook Ad Formula eBook which shows you exactly how to create high converting Facebook ads Plus the YouTube SEO Cheat-Sheet that’s been used by over 45,000 business owners around the world!

Click Here To Learn More About The New Video Style


Click Here To See My Bonus Package

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Affiliate Secrets 2 PLUS Bonuses

This affiliate marketing course comes from a Clickfunnels Dream Car Winner!

If you’re not familiar with Clickfunnels, it’s probably the best page builder in the business. It’s used to build landing pages, sales pages, webinars, membership sites, blogs and sales funnels.

It also has a free-to-join affiliate program where affiliates can earn an additional $500 per month (on top of regular commissions) to finance their dream car. Affiliates need to bring in 100 members to Clickfunnels to achieve this.

And, as I mentioned, this course was created by one such Dream Car Winner.

It contains 8 modules of solid training, a separate course on driving traffic, Whitelabel courses you can promote, profitable funnels you can use and pre-written emails for your autoresponder.

Check it out here…

Click Here To Learn More About This Course And See Testimonials

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GroovePages 2.0 Special Offer

While this offer has officially expired, the order page is still open for business.

How long it will remain open, I don’t know. I’m surprised it hasn’t been closed down already.

Is Clickfunnels Too Expensive For You? Try This New Alternative Page Builder Instead!

Get UNLIMITED EVERYTHING for a single, one-time payment.

PLUS, you get my bonus package worth $12,000.

Click the big red button button on the page linked to below to watch the video describing this page builder tool. Wait for the “Buy Now” button to appear at the end of the video because the “Get Lifetime Access” button below the video doesn’t work!

A basic Clickfunnels membership is $97/mth which only lets you build 20 funnels or 100 pages max. This new page builder platform lets you build as many as you want for a single $497 fee.

That’s Lifetime Access for the same price as 5 months of Clickfunnels.

When this new platform is finally released to the public, it will be $199/mth and limits will be imposed on new acccounts at that stage.

Hopefully, you can see the value here. If not, there’ll always be Clickfunnels!

Click Here To See My $12,000 Bonus Package

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Funnel Fridays

Each Friday, Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards pick one lucky winner, and in just 30 minutes try to write your copy, build your funnel, and help you get it launched…FOR FREE.

You may have noticed that I’ve been talking about sales funnels a bit recently. I was slow to get on board with List Building. I’m not going to make the same mistake where sales funnels are concerned. 🙂

You don’t have to have your own product to build a sales funnel. Affiliate marketers can do it too and build customized funnels for their subscribers and buyers.

All the previous episodes of “Funnel Fridays” are free to watch too and you can download the sales funnels demonstrated and built in each episode.

Now that’s a cool resource!

Click Here To Go To Today’s Funnel Challenge

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