Amazon 101 Flashsale

Amazon 101 is a fast-start system for learning how to sell on Amazon that, as of TODAY, is 97% off!

This is your beginner’s Step-By-Step guide to start fast, not lose money, and build your Amazon business in time to take full advantage of the coming busy Christmas shopping season!

The developers have helped 1,000s of people to launch profitable businesses FAST on Amazon with this course!

This flashsale will last only for a few days.

Normally, the course is $297, but during the sale it’s bee discounted to $7.

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Heavily Discounted Product Sourcing Video Training

This product sourcing video training has been discounted from $249 to $7 for today only.

The flashsale ends at 11PM ET Tonight (June 11).

Use coupon code ASDFOR7 at checkout to claim your discount.

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Internet Marketing Newsletter, April 2019 Issue

This 32-page FREE PDF eMagazine is packed with articles and information.

Please feel free to share it with others.

Some of the articles in this issue:

15 Trust Building Phrases New Markets, New Possibilities For Your Products Do You Need a Coach? How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs & Paradigms How To Make The Google Answer Box YOURS The Accidental Spammer – Do Your Emails Look Like They Were Written by a Used Car Salesman? Sneaky Email Trick You’re Gonna Love

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March 2019 Issue of Our Internet Marketing Magazine

This 32-page FREE PDF eMagazine is packed with articles and information.

Please feel free to share it with others.

Some of the articles in this issue:Are You Profiting From Viral PDFs Yet? Viral PDF Case Study: 160,000 New Subscribers 7.5 Secrets to Making Your Content Go Viral How To Create a “Plumber’s Lead Magnet” 5 Secrets to Selling High End Coaching PayPal, ClickBank, JVZoo And Warrior Plus – Oh My! Social Media 2019 – What Does and Does Not Work

Click Here To Read And Download This Issue (PDF) Here

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Affiliate Program Benefits - For QwikAd

This is one of the best affiliate marketing programs that every marketer should be a part of. The image shows only some of the products that you can earn commissions on.

The primary product is an online tool that ANY business can make use of to boost its profits. It’s not built only for the Internet Marketing / Affiliate Marketing / Make Money Online niches.


Click Here To Learn More About This Passive Income Opportunity

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Passive Income Business Optin

Who else doesn’t want a consistent passive income stream? One that only requires you do the work once and you reap the ongoing benefits month after month?

Building an online business like this can take a lot of time and investment.

That is, if you do it all yourself!

With this opportunity, 90% of the work is done for you.

You get the squeeze page (optin page), the sales funnel behind it, the free training course to give away and the email sequence to send out to your subscribers. All ready and waiting for you to use.

And the sales funnel promotes one of the best Software as a Service (SaaS) products in the business. It’s also a tool that ANY business would have a use for, regardless of niche.

(Don’t know what a sales funnel is – they’re becoming the next think in affiliate marketing? Then check out this web class which explains what they are and why they’re so powerful.)

The free training on offer here explains this passive income opportunity. Nothing airy-fairy or fly-by-night here. This opportunity is about promoting an established bricks-and-mortar business that provides the best tool of its type to online businesses and marketers.


Click Here To Get All The Details…

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UPDATE: The price of the Tee Inspector Grand Re-opening is going up to $67 (from $47) at midnight tonight (June 30) PDT (8am BST July 1st in Europe)

Have you heard of Teespring? If not, it’s a site where you can create and sell T-Shirts. You may not have thought of that as a business opportunity, but t-shirt sales are huge, especially at this time of year.

The Tee Inspector is a software package that’s been created by Dave Guindan, a developer with a solid pedigree for producing quality products and courses.

What this software does is research and spy on all the T-Shirt campaigns that are running on Teespring. Literally, within seconds, it gives you the top selling campaigns on Teespring. It can also provide campaign stats from a Facebook fan page that’s promoting t-shirts.

And it will also tell you the number of sales PER time period.

All you need to do is emulate what a successful campaign is doing so you can get a slice of the pie.

It will be easier for you to watch the demo video here is get a better idea of the software’s capabilities.

In addition to the Tee Inspector software, you also get the Tee Profit Spy software. This monitors ALL the latest Teespring campaigns and stores the daily sales for all the campaigns. There are currently over 20,500 campaigns and 612,000 records in the database data has been collected for 3 months!

With this you will know EXACTLY what Teespring campaigns are selling RIGHT NOW and you’ll be able to emulate them for instant profits!…

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I’ll cut to the chase as we’ve all heard of Groupon and what it has done for small business on the main street…

But what you may not realize is that Groupon has just created an incredible vacuum in the marketplace that any offline consultant, able to follow simple step-by-step strategies, can easily capitalize on.

The fact is that most Groupon businesses:

Are so desperate to attract more buying clients that they are willing to cut their prices or even make a loss on initial sales Have no clue how to turn these clients into repeat customers (they mainly “hope” they will be satisfied enough to return – which we all know happens rarely in business)… Haven’t got the time or patience to learn about marketing campaigns and will be happy to retain a consultant who can show them how to get repeat business!

That’s where you come in. What if someone offered to show you everything you needed to WOW these businesses and practically force them to use yor services (and show you the only tool you will ever need to provide a simple, killer S.M.S. service)…would that interest you?

What this would mean to you, the offline consultant is:

You would have an endless stream of the hottest prospects available at your fingertips. You KNOW the Groupon businesses are desperate for new clients and have no clue hoe to retain them! You would have a simple sales script to practically force their hand at using your services, while easily charging $197 on a residual basis.…

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