Traffic is the single most important factor that determines if a website will be a success or failure. It trumps pretty site design and it even trumps content. Because without traffic, a website is just dead in the water.

There are many link building strategies to drive traffic, both free and paid, but the bottom line is that they all take time. There really isn’t a fully automated system. Web Traffic Genius comes pretty close as far as backlinks from RSS feeds are concerned, but there is a bit of a lengthy setup time for the plugin (read review here).

SENukeX automates submissions to Social Network, Social Bookmark sites and Article Directories, along with submissions to Forums, RSS Feeds, Web 2.0 sites and Press Release sites. But you have to prepare the content yourself. That’s where the bulk of your time will go. It’s an extremely powerful tool but it has a steep learning curve and it may take several weeks before you become familiar enough with its intricacies before you can use it to best effect.

Webfire is the new kid on the block. This link building company provides 20+ tools that allow you to analyze your sites to see what needs to be fixed to help them rank. It finds the top 100 sites in your niche where you can leave backlinks which will be of value (in blog comments or forums), both as high-PR backlinks but also in getting real visitors you your sites through those links.

If you’ve ever wondered how to get backlinks, this link building service might just be for you.…

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Bad News For Blog Networks

Yesterday, News was breaking everywhere about how Google’s Matt Cutts announced that Google is “aggressively targeting Blog Networks” built for creating backlinks.

This culminated with the News from BuildMyRank, one of the more high level link building networks, that their entire Network of Blogs had been completely de-indexed by Google.

You can read the story here.

What this means is that any back links you currently have built through a blog link network of any kind might be in danger of being lost any day now.

All Google has to do is look through its own search index, find services, join them, and then snuff out the network using their own powerful search engine. It seems that the days of building back links through networks like this are about to be over and Google is out to crush the little guys like us again to make their big money advertisers happy.

One man, who was already on top of this and saw it coming is a guy you may already know. He is a famous SEO and Link Building Expert and is not just another “IM Guru”. His name is Duncan Carver and he is the author of the now very famous Link Building Dossier, which is one of the most highly touted Products on the web.

Link Building in 2012

Duncan decided months ago that he needed to create a Free Service where members could exchange links and content and then have the content syndicated across numerous sites without any “network footprint”.…

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Learning how to tackle a web business is hard enough, but now that all this Social Media stuff is going on as well it would be nice if someone could slow things down so the rest of us could catch up.

Well, this all just got a little easier as our friends over at Profit Focused Marketing are giving away an incredible WordPress Plugin for Free.

This isn’t some cheap, non-working, low budget plugin either. This thing rocks!

It is called Lock.FM and it is a small part of the New Profit.FM system, but they are giving it away to show it off. They are saying it has just a fraction of the capabilities of all the other tools being released when they launch their main product later this week, but who cares, free is free.

This thing can Lock Content on your WordPress blog Pages and Posts. Any Content (Videos, Articles, Links, downloads, etc). Then when visitors come to your site, they have to click on either a Facebook Like button, a Google +1 button, or a Twitter Tweet button (or a combination) to access your content.

Their testing shows that most people will want to click even though they might not truly think your content is that great. People are used to it now and what this does for you is it sends out massive Social Media Signals across the web.

Google will love you, Bing will love you, but most of all more People will love you and your content.…

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One thing every website needs is content. Either to add to the site to increase the number of pages or to use for promoting the site on article directories, social networks, etc.

But article writing is a time-consuming pain. And that’s when you know enough about the niche to write something. The problems really start when you need content for a niche that you know nothing about.

Traditionally, that’s meant outsourcing article writing to someone else and having to pay for each article. The cheapest way to go about this is to get Private Label Right content from places like InfoGoRound or have unique articles written specifically for you at places like iNeedArticles.

Depending on the quality of the article, the number of words in it and the amount of research put into it by the writer, article costs range from $5 to $50 each. So it can become pretty expensive getting a lot of content written.

The newest article writing service on the block is Jiffy Articles, from Jon Leger, which we posted about on Black Friday. It basically spins articles for you from a database of articles and article snippets in a range of niches. It’s $127 per year (that works out to be about $10.58 per month), so the more articles you create with it, the cheaper each one costs.

But there is a big brother to Jiffy Articles – it’s called Article Builder, and it too is from Jon Leger.


Whereas Jiffy Articles is open to anyone, Article Builder is a limited membership service.…

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Today is Black Friday in the USA and there’s a certain amount of craziness associated with it both online and offline.

There are a lot of Black Friday deals and offers shooting across the internet today and here’s one we think is worth your consideration. It ends tonight at 12:00 PM EST (as most Black Friday offers do).

There is a new Article Creation Service / Resource from which you can create articles in as little as 10 to 15 minutes from over 5,000 Article Templates in some of the most popular niches online.

You can do this yourself, or you can choose to have articles written for you for $1 to $5 each which are 100% unique (as verified by Copyscape) built from the same templates that you want your content written from.

This service is from Jon Leger and is called Jiffy Articles and while I think the name stinks, the kind of articles you can get from it are first rate.

Since Jon also has created tools like The Best Spinner and the new ArticleBuilder (now closed to members), you can only imagine how many features this new tool has.

Here is where the Limited Time Offer comes in. Jon currently has Jiffy Articles listed at $77 per year and he is also offering a split payment of $27 per quarter (which comes out to $108 per year). Tonight at 12:00 PM EST, he is increasing the Price to $127 per year.

That is a $50 increase.

This means you have a very limited window of opportunity to get this service for creating an unlimited amount of 100% unique articles for your blogs, websites (e.g.…

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What if you were shown a way to generate more free traffic from Google than any amount of backlinks, articles or SEO tweaks could deliver?

What if you were shown a way to get other people to send you targeted, FREE traffic every single day, with just one simple tweak to your existing websites?

Welcome to…The “New Wave” of simple SEO

We all know the search engine traffic is the most valuable traffic you can get online, but you probably know that SEO is complicated, time consuming and competitive.

Forget backlinks, YouTube, blog commenting, articles, or paid advertising… there’s now an easier, more powerful way to get FREE traffic from Google…

… but only if you know how to exploit it the right way.

You see, Google has a new toy… a toy that will kill off SEO masters, and change the way websites get traffic (well, time will tell on this claim).

When you know how to push the right buttons, this toy delivers endless streams of traffic to any website you own… new or old.

And if you ignore Google’s new toy, then Google will ignore you

(… and you’ll be forced to find traffic from somewhere else instead.)

This new toy is called Google +1…and you’ll learn exactly how to use it to get unlimited free traffic (and why you must start using it today.)

Google now ranks websites based on their Google +1 status… The more votes you have through Google +, the higher they rank your website.…

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You’ve probably heard of The Best Spinner.

If not, it’s probably the foremost tool for spinning articles to use on your websites or when submitting to article directories to promote your sites.

The Best Spinner normally costs $77 per year but for 1 week only, to celebrate the release of Version 3, you can get a 40% discount on the software and get it for just $47 per year.

This Special Offer ends at MIDNIGHT (PST) FRIDAY, OCTOBER 7TH!

Here’s what The Best Spinner can do:

Hands-down the BEST built-in thesaurus with hundreds of thousands of entries added by REAL users writing real-world articles!The fastest, easiest interface for spinning articles and creating unique content with lightening speed.Unlimited nested spinning — go as many levels deep as you want. Different color coding for up to four nested levels.Fast individual article rewrites with the built in “word replacement” functionality, as well as the one-click “Auto-Rewrite” function.Full-sentence and paragraph spinning.Allows saving “Favorite” synonym lists for terms you commonly use in your articles — and replaces them ALL with one click of a button.Allows using all users’ “Favorite” synonym lists to really kick-start your article spinning!Generates up to 1,000 spun versions of your article at a time into a ZIP file or automatically generates one spun version on screen that you can copy to the Windows clipboard.Check your spun articles against other articles on the web to make sure search engines sees them as unique — using The Best Spinner’s built-in “TBS Check” or the Copyscape API.…

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Truth be told, most of the information on building high quality backlinks and SEO in general you can find for free just by doing a Google search!

But you won’t find this information from such a search.

You see there is an exclusive SEO mastermind that exists – it’s like the SEO syndicate of Internet Marketing. These SEO gurus meet together and brainstorm what’s working NOW – the changes in Google and so forth, and come up with and share ways to dominate the internet. Seriously! Many of you may not know this but it exists and the creator of this product is privileged to know quite a few of them on a personal level.

Link Hijack walks you step-by-step through the process of using EDU Wikis to build powerful backlinks to your website and also reveals the most deadly syndication method that is guaranteed to crush your competition in any niche and get #1 on Google for very competitive keywords using a method called RSS Pipe Dream (just one of several methods).

This video training course shows you how to get Harvard, Yale, Purdue, CalTech, UCLA, NYU, Cornell, USC and 57 other highly trusted, strong domains to link to your content.

Who This Offer Is For:

SEO companies that offer backlink services Niche marketers who have sniper sites Affiliate marketers that create product review sites Video Marketers Internet Marketers who write articles, squidoo, wiki’s, hubpages etc If you want more traffic to your websites Want to make more money online Marketers who like to outsource their work Internet Marketers who want to stay on top of the latest ninja SEO tactics no one knows about!…

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