SpinRewriter 6.0

There are three ways to get content for a website:

Write the content yourself Pay someone else to write your content Accept guest blogs posts (though this is not content on demand)

There is a fourth option. Use spinning to create new articles from existing content.

Spinning gets a bad rap because most people do it wrong. They just want to click a button, do no work and have a new article burped out the other end. And what you get with that method is crap. Everybody knows it, including Google. However, if you put a little extra time into tweaking and tuning your spins, you will always get readable, quality articles.

The spinner you use will also play a big role in the quality of your end results.

There are three common applications for spinning content:

WordAI – hands down, the best content spinner out there. But it is very expensive at $49.95/month. The Best Spinner – Jon Leger’s desktop application is good but needs a lot of hand-holding to get the best results, It’s $77/year SpinRewriter – a web-based tool that leverages the input from all its users to continually improve the results they get from the tool. Discount to $77/year until midnight PST, 19 Oct. 2015.

There’s currently a 60% discount available on the annual plan for SpinRewriter 6.0. If you sign up before the offer expires, you get to keep the 50% discount year after year (as long as you remain a member). PLUS you get all seven (7) launch bonuses…

Simply click here to take advantage of this Spin Rewriter 6.0 limited-time offer…

Here’s what you’re getting in this special deal:

A no-strings-attached 5-DAY FREE TRIAL:You can try Version 6.0 tool for yourself for 5 full days, hands-on, without committing to anything and without paying even a single dollar… Guaranteed 60% Lifetime Discount:All signups before midnight PST, Oct.…

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Here’s a cool offer for 2014. Save up to 75% Off New Hosting (on 1-6 month term) plans with Hostgator! The sale will start Tonight, Thursday, July 24th at 12am CST, and continue for the next four days, ending Sunday, July 27th at 11:59pm CST.

Here are the Summer Getaway Sale details:

75% off all new Shared hosting packages with 1-6 month terms. 45% off all other Shared hosting packages. 50% off all VPS packages. 45% off all Dedicated server packages 45% off all Reseller packages Domains as low as $8/year.

Current Hostgator customers are welcome to join in and take advantage of this great offer; however, the offer is only applicable to newly created hosting packages. That means the discount does not apply to extensions, renewals or upgrades of existing hosting packages.

You should also note that your existing hosting package cannot be canceled and transferred to a new package in order to receive the discount. If this occurs, you will be billed retroactively for the discounted amount.

If you have other questions, they’ll be answered at the Sales FAQ.

Click here to get your Hostgator discount.…

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Building a blog takes time, energy and resources. If that’s something you’d prefer to outsource, then Top Design Blogs will build a Niche or an Authority Blog for you.

There’s no need to buy a Premium WordPress theme, as one will be provided.

Blog security is a big topic these days, especially after the huge attack on WordPress blogs was perpetrated earlier this year. Unfortunately, however, many people who use WordPress have little appreciation for security and how to harden their blogs against attack. The blogs built by Top Design Blogs come with Premium Security Plugins, pre-installed and fully pre-configured so that the blogs you get are pretty much hacker proof. So that’s another aspect of a blog you don’t need to worry about.

In addition, the blogs come with other plugins that will make them SEO optimized, provide options for social networking and include tools (some automated for you) that make site management easy. For example, a copy of your blog’s database will be emailed to you each week in case you ever need to recover the blog; you can’t always rely on your webhost to make backups for you.

Content is always an issue for any webmaster. “Content is King” has long been a mantra amongst top webmasters as well as Google and other search engine providers. Top Design Blogs offers two options for content:

5 Unique articles – this is for a Niche blog and typically these would focus on promoting/discussing a product that the blog is designed to sell

20 Unique articles – this is for an Authority blog that aims to provide information on a particular topic so generally would not be product focused.…

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If you build websites, you’re probably aware that it’s getting harder and harder to rank those sites. Especially since Google keep changing the rules. Old ways of doing off-page SEO no longer work and now there’s more of a concentration on social links to your sites rather than, say, links from articles you publish through article marketing.

On-page SEO has been affected too. Now overly-optimized pages get penalized because Google thinks you’re trying to game their search engine. That causes problems for any older sites you have that use older on- and off-page SEO techniques.

It’s no wonder that some people have just given up. That includes people who were building legitimate online businesses to promote their own products or services but who were put out of business by the recent Google algorithm changes. And, guess what? Google doesn’t care (if they even notice)!

So how about a different paradigm for building sites. You build them to sell them and let someone else worry about the pain and effort in ranking them.

If you think a new site that hasn’t even made a cent from something like an Adsense ad would be of interest to anyone, think again. It’s about the potential a buyer sees in the site that can give it value, sometimes more so than any revenue the site might already have earned.

Flipping Paradise is a PDF ebook that details how to research the niches for sites to build, how you can prepare those sites for potential buyers and when and where to sell them.…

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The WordPress social networking theme that I posted about yesterday has now gone on dimesale. Up until 10AM EST today, you were able to buy the theme (with multi-site and developer licenses thrown in) for $27.

As the time this post was written, the theme was selling for $27.45 – not a huge price increase but with each sale, the price does go up.

Here’s a site that was languishing a bit that I added the theme to:

About Cats‘ website using social networking theme

This makes the site look much more modern and cleaner.

There is an upsell for this theme for $27 which is a plugin that automates content curation and is designed to work seamlessly with the social networking theme. There are two or three other higher-priced upsells, but they can safely be skipped as they add nothing to the theme itself.

With both the social networking theme and the auto content curation plugin running on the site, this is a great, hands-off way to build lots of sites. Some moderation will be required to check that visitors aren’t submitting unrelated or spam articles to your sites but you can stop that if needed by having submitted pages go into Draft status rather than Published status.

The content curation plugin allows you to pull in articles from Google News, Google Blog Search and any RSS feed you like. You can schedule when content is pulled and you can run as many campaigns as you like on your sites to pull content.…

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The Wiki Word plugin for WordPress adds content from Wikipedia onto your blog automatically.

These are high-quality, authoritative articles – just what Google loves. It’s a great tool to use to resurrect old sites that are languishing in the bowels of Google’s index.

This plugin is currently on offer at $19.70 during launch but we don’t know when the offer will close. There is a one-time offer attached to this but it’s for other plugins that the developer, Walter Bayliss, has created and they aren’t needed to “enhance” the Wiki Word Plugin.

Walter Bayliss’ plugins are regarded highly and you can check out the reviews and positive comments from his previous customers on the plugin’s sales page. Wiki Word has been flying off the shelf and over 2000 copies have been sold in the last week alone.

Anything that makes the job of adding content to multiple sites easy is worth a look, isn’t it?

Check Out Wiki Word Now And Watch The Video That Explains How The Plugin Works If Nothing Else!


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Click here and buy Covert Copy Traffic and always get credit for the content you’ve spent time crafting and adding to your blogs.

Social sharing is big these days and if I were to ask you what the top ways to share stuff are you’d probably say Facebook and Twitter. Yet Facebook, with its 700,000,000 users is only responsible for 25% of all shares. Twitter has an even (much) smaller percentage. So what’s responsible for 70% of shares across the internet?


Good old reliable, tried and tested email. You probably do it yourself. How many times have you copied and pasted text and/or links to stories, videos, articles, etc. into emails you’ve then sent onto friends.

People have been using email for this for years, probably decades, as email even predates the inception of the World Wide Web in the early 90s.

The trouble is that if it’s your content that’s being copied, or scraped via your site’s RSS feed, your affiliate links aren’t being copied and your site isn’t credited as being the original source of the content (and that could hurt your rankings in the search engines).

Covert Copy Traffic is a new WordPress plugin that addresses that issue. With it, an attribution link is appended to any content from your blogs that’s copied and pasted onto someone else’s blog, shared in emails or on Facebook and so on.

You can make that attribution link an affiliate link to try to make sales, link it to your blog or link it to the specific post from which content was copied.…

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One of the tools we used day in, day out was Web Traffic Genius. This link building software was a plugin for WordPress that created an RSS feed from each new post published on your site and added links to other articles you wanted to promote into to feed (you could set up a list of articles from which items were randomly to each post’s RSS feed).

Web Traffic Genius plugin was a fantastic plugin while it lasted. But something killed it off recently and that something was the Google Penguin update.

Following that Google algorithm change, the plugin’s developers ran a few checks and tests and discovered that the automated backlinks that were being created in those RSS feeds were actually of no value – they simply didn’t have any affect ion a site’s, or a page’s, pagerank any more.

So they decided they should call time on Web Traffic Genius and stop selling it. Support for the plugin will also only be offered until July 21s. If you happen to own and use Web Traffic Genius, it will continue to work for the time being, but will gradually break down as the RSS aggregators it connects to change and eventually the plugin will cease to be of any use. The developers also feel that Google could introduce an algorithm tweak in future that targets backlinks built via RSS feeds and that’s another reason to pull the plugin now.

As Web Traffic Genius was being retired to the plugin graveyard, Sean Donahoe over at the Internet Marketing Success Center released new automated link building software – another WordPress plugin.…

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If you ever wanted to be able to create content for your blog in a matter of minutes using articles, RSS, video, pictures, music, events, monetization links, etc., and then Watch the Google Bot go Crazy for it; then the Instant Curator WordPress plugin is your answer!

Fast indexable high quality content for your blog in just minutes, created for Google AND your blog’s visitors!!

Simply pick from one of the in-built content sources (or add your own), choose your keywords or direct parameters, insert the shortcode (or multiple shortcodes) into your post via drag’n’drop, hit Publish and WHAM!!

Instant Curated Content with Built in Attribution!

The plugin comes from Mike Johnson over at Profit.FM. The Instant Curator will help you “Curate” and add Content to your blog instantly from almost 30 Content Sources and you can also spin any content you create as well using its API access with tools like The Best Spinner and Spin ReWriter.

There is literally no other plugin like this online.

You can create curated content Posts that Google loves in just a few minutes or you can add your Content Shortcodes to other plugins like WP Robot, WP Turbo, ReviewAZON, etc…

Plus, when you add a ANY Instant Curator Content Shortcode to your post or page editor, you can use WordPress’ Preview function to quickly scroll through and change your content right on the blog page itself before publishing or AFTER publishing.

And for Power Users there is really no limit…

You can add content and create new instant Curator Shortcodes from ANY RSS, JSON, or XML Datafeed.…

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Content. Keyword rich, unique content. It’s at the heart of almost any SEO strategy.

That even includes content curation, because although curation is an answer to content on your own site, if you are going to build backlinks to your site to promote it, then…

…you need articles to post in article directories, social sites, Web 2.0 sites etc.

But you already knew that!

And it’s a pain in the rear isn’t it?

For years, just about any self-respecting SEOer used the Best Spinner. That was the tool we used too as it was the best tool if somewhat buggy.

Spinning articles is a great way of producing a lot of articles, but even the Best Spinner, which we have used for years, creates very poor quality results unless you spend time removing unsuitable synonyms and trying to read article variation in your head so that they’ll all make sense…

…articles that in some cases read so badly you might as well not bother; i.e. there’s not much point is using the auto-spin option – you have to manually spin your article with other tools in The Best Spinner.

Gobsmacked – it takes around an hour to spin an article that you’ll actually be happy with!

Which is why we were shocked at how good this newly released article spinning system is. In fact, it’s downright incredible.

High quality, readable, unique content at the press of a button!

We have now ditched the best spinner in favor of this new article writer.…

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