SpinRewriter 9 Launch Discount

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SpinRewriter 8.0 Launch Deal

The SpinRewriter 8.0 article spinner has just launched and adds several new features to its tool palette.

This is the preferred spinning tool of many internet marketers. Article spinning often gets a bad rap because people don’t know how to do it the right way and don’t get the results they want or expect.

Don’t think of a spinner as a push-button replacement for you; look on it instead as a tool to aid your writing tasks – one that significantly reduces the time it takes to create content.

The mistake many marketers make is in being lazy and not taking the time to read over spintext articles to correct any mistakes. While spinning software has come along by leaps and bounds in the last few years, software still does not understand language or context.

It’s down to you to polish the results provided by a spinner to give it that human touch – to apply context and correct synonym selection within articles. Take the time to do that, and having enough quality content will never be a problem.

Our SpinRewriter Bonuses

Check out our SpinRewriter Bonus page for a tutorial on the correct way to create quality, readable content with SpinRewriter. Then sign up for a 5-day FREE trial and test run the product.

You’ll get 7 bonuses that you can keep, just for trying it out.

If you decide to buy SpinRewiter, you’ll get an additional 8 bonuses.

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If you build websites, you’re probably aware that it’s getting harder and harder to rank those sites. Especially since Google keep changing the rules. Old ways of doing off-page SEO no longer work and now there’s more of a concentration on social links to your sites rather than, say, links from articles you publish through article marketing.

On-page SEO has been affected too. Now overly-optimized pages get penalized because Google thinks you’re trying to game their search engine. That causes problems for any older sites you have that use older on- and off-page SEO techniques.

It’s no wonder that some people have just given up. That includes people who were building legitimate online businesses to promote their own products or services but who were put out of business by the recent Google algorithm changes. And, guess what? Google doesn’t care (if they even notice)!

So how about a different paradigm for building sites. You build them to sell them and let someone else worry about the pain and effort in ranking them.

If you think a new site that hasn’t even made a cent from something like an Adsense ad would be of interest to anyone, think again. It’s about the potential a buyer sees in the site that can give it value, sometimes more so than any revenue the site might already have earned.

Flipping Paradise is a PDF ebook that details how to research the niches for sites to build, how you can prepare those sites for potential buyers and when and where to sell them.…

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Today is Black Friday in the USA and there’s a certain amount of craziness associated with it both online and offline.

There are a lot of Black Friday deals and offers shooting across the internet today and here’s one we think is worth your consideration. It ends tonight at 12:00 PM EST (as most Black Friday offers do).

There is a new Article Creation Service / Resource from which you can create articles in as little as 10 to 15 minutes from over 5,000 Article Templates in some of the most popular niches online.

You can do this yourself, or you can choose to have articles written for you for $1 to $5 each which are 100% unique (as verified by Copyscape) built from the same templates that you want your content written from.

This service is from Jon Leger and is called Jiffy Articles and while I think the name stinks, the kind of articles you can get from it are first rate.

Since Jon also has created tools like The Best Spinner and the new ArticleBuilder (now closed to members), you can only imagine how many features this new tool has.

Here is where the Limited Time Offer comes in. Jon currently has Jiffy Articles listed at $77 per year and he is also offering a split payment of $27 per quarter (which comes out to $108 per year). Tonight at 12:00 PM EST, he is increasing the Price to $127 per year.

That is a $50 increase.

This means you have a very limited window of opportunity to get this service for creating an unlimited amount of 100% unique articles for your blogs, websites (e.g.…

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Article Equalizer sells on Clickbank for $97 (you can check it here).

With this special offer, you can get the software for just $9.50, a HUGE 90% saving.

So what does Article Equalizer do? It makes creating articles easy.

Suffer from writers block? Doesn’t matter any more.

Don’t know enough about a topic to write about it? Not a problem.

We all need articles (content) whether that’s so as to put articles on our websites, build Hub pages or Squidoo lenses, do article marketing or guest posts on blogs. Pretty much all promotion of a site depends on decent content somewhere along the line.

When it comes to delivering website content, Article Equalizer is second to none! Now you can…

Highly increase the overall value of your website… FAST Quickly and easily locate relevant subject-related content Build the kind of content-rich niche sites that search engines love Build the kind of content-rich niche sites that *pull* visitors like crazy Make your site “sticky” so visitors will keep coming back Tap into a continuous supply of quality targeted content Automatically insert content into pre-designed site templates Locate and gather content for the most popular and in-demand topics Optimize your site with the type of high quality content search engines demand Add content pages to your website or blog even without HTML knowledge or expertise Keep your site “fresh” by adding new and unique content on a regular and ongoing basis

And the most important thing is that you can do it all with little or no effort whatsoever!…

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Want to get some blogs up and running in some prime niches but don’t have the time to do the research and build them?

The PLR Blog Pack 3 contains these 10 niche blogs:

Acid Reflux Article Marketing Autoresponders Blogging Detox Diet Forex Solar Energy Sports Betting Web Hosting Yeast Infection

View blog demos.

Each blog includes the following:

SEO Optimized with various plugins Monetized – with Adsense, Amazon, Clickbank (or your chosen ad network) 10 PLR articles (plus another 10 included) 21 colors and 2 theme layouts Easy to install (video explains how) 5 videos in total (installation. changing Clickbank/Adsense info, etc). Royalty free photos PSD files for logo banners included Dedicated email and forum support Optimized for Smart Phones

Grab your 10 niche blogs now for just $17 (that’s $1.70 each!).…

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