Publishing ebooks for the Amazon Kindle is one of the hot trends in 2012. There are a lot of advantages – you don’t need a website, you don’t need to drive traffic, you don’t need to do advertising, you don’t need to deal with customers and Amazon handle all aspects of order taking and delivery.

And you can get a very healthy commission of 35% or 70% on the books you sell (depending on the option you select). Not only that, but you can sell your ebook in different territories for extra revenue. Obviously the USA is the biggest market but the UK market is pretty big too.

There are similarities to building a website – you need to do proper market research and keyword research so you’re creating ebooks for a buying audience. With Kindle Triangulation (it’s only $7 – yes, you read that right!), you’ll learn:

What Amazon buyers know that Google searchers don’t Where to find little hints Amazon gives as to what keywords and niches are most popular and profitable Six signs of a good ebook market How Amazon search results are sorted 95% of the time

And creating ebooks is easier than ever…

10 kinds of books that almost build themselves 11 ways to name your books Who to use on the rare occasion to outsource a project And 2 free sites with the content you need already organized

What Amazon won’t tell you but you’ll also learn:

The five most important fields for ranking your ebook listing How to title your books to be considered the most relevant search result Where to sneak in other keywords when they won’t fit in your title How to use the author field to give yourself an extra edge

If you want these questions answered:

Which Kindle devices are being used most?…

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