Internet Marketing Newsletter October 2018 Issue

I just published the October 2018 issue of my Internet Marketing Newsletter (PDF).

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There’s a sample issue of the emagazine available on those pages you can check out (no strings attached).…

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Affiliate Marketing Circle - For Affiliate Marketers

If you’re not having much success with affiliate marketing and earning some extra income online, give this option a shot.

You get get weekly tutorials on different aspects of doing business online, a monthly 32-page PDF magazine packed with insightful articles and resources, regular free reports and ebooks, product reviews so you know what things are worth buying and what not to waste your money on and other helpful tips and advice.

And it’s all free.

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Wealthy Affiliate Bonus Offer

Wealthy Affiliate is the best training program and site builder package I’ve ever used (and I’ve bought a lot of courses over the years). If you missed my review, you’ll find it here:

If you want to start an affiliate marketing business, this is the course to get.

Start Your Affiliate Marketing Business Today For Free!

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When Mark Ling first started Affilorama, he did it because he wanted to give people a clear roadmap for success.

Getting started as an affiliate marketer can be confusing and overwhelming, so he wanted to cut through all the murk and just show people exactly what to do.

It’s been 8 years since Affilorama opened its doors to their first students. Many of Mark’s early students have gone on to become famous marketers, and even more of them have been able to quit their dreary 9-5 jobs and learn the freedom of working for themselves.

So to celebrate Affilorama’s 8th birthday he’s offering everyone the chance to grab his ultimate step-by-step blueprint for success at a huge discount.

For the next 64 hours (from time of posting) you can grab AffiloBlueprint for just $97 (it’s normally $197).

The AffiloBlueprint Members’ Area – there are actually 12 sections in the course

AffiloBlueprint is Mark’s step-by-step course that shows you how he personally makes his own affiliate websites.

Not sure how to build profitable affiliate websites? AffiloBlueprint takes you through how Mark does it, step by step. He makes it really easy for you to copy his methods by revealing them in an over-the-shoulder style. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel: you just need to copy his methods. This is the perfect course for people who want something that isn’t super technical. He even used AffiloBlueprint to teach his father (who isn’t tech savvy) how to build a 6-figure business. Mark doesn’t just teach you how to build websites: he shows you how to drive thousands of eager buyers to your websites with his targeted traffic techniques.…

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2012 saw two major updates to Google’s search engine known as the Panda and Penguin updates. These changed the landscape by introducing new criteria by which websites are ranked. It’s fair to say that while Google intended to scrub thin, spammy sites from its index and boost quality sites to the top of the rankings, the exact opposite happened.

There are plenty of stories about legitimate online businesses (not internet or affiliate marketers) who saw their sites (and earnings) tank overnight as a result of the Google updates (particularly Penguin). Despite the hue and cry that was raised at the time, Google remained uncharacteristically quiet in the aftermath. Perhaps they were too busy trying to figure out what went wrong in the update while never publicly admitting something had gone wrong.

Google don’t like affiliate marketing sites. They see them as parasitic, earning money off Google’s efforts to provide quality information to web users. Google seem to forget that they are also parasitic by crawling the billions of sites on the web, gathering information, sometimes without permission, and using that to their own ends, ostensibly to provide quality results to those search the web for information. But Google have long placed Adsense ads on their search pages and make the bulk of their income by monetizing information scraped from other peoples sites.

Video review of Mike Johnson’s Profit Marketer

There’s now an arms race between Google who supposedly are trying to show quality results and webmasters who are doing their best to get their sites listed high enough in the search engines so their sites will be seen.…

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Many affiliate marketers still do not cloak the links on their blogs. What they end up with is a lot of ugly links that are easily spotted as affiliate links and it therefore makes it easier for commissions no to be earned as visitors can side-step the links. Not good.

So for any serious affiliate marketer, it’s essential to use a quality link cloaker. There have been a few over the years and many have come and gone for a variety of reasons.

Cloak.FM is the latest incarnation of a link cloaker that’s been around for years, one that has seen constant improvements and upgrades in that time (at no extra cost). you might know it by its former name: CloakPiG.

When I originally bought the CloakPig plugin about 2 years ago, I paid $77 for it. I’ve used it consistently ever since. In fact, it’s used on this blog to cloak the links you find here.

Cloak.FM is just one plugin that members of Profit.FM get access to after they join. It’s one of the best blogging courses and methodologies available today.

However, Mike Johnson, one of the co-creators of Profit.FM has decided to offer Cloak.FM to the wider blogging community, outside of Profit.FM.

Remember, I paid $77 for this plugin. Today, it’s on offer to you for just $17.

Cloak.FM can automatically cloak links for you; you don’t even need to go back and edit your blogs links. You can have it cloak all links, cloak all links except those from particular domains (useful if there are links to external sites you don’t want to cloak) or you can cloak links just from specific domains.…

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SiteBuilder Elite is a tool for affiliate marketers to build websites quickly and easily – websites that are pre-populated with content, that inlcude dynamic page elements like RSS news items and Yahoo Answers and has built in support for Adsense, Amazon, Chitika and Ebay (you can also use whatever ad networks you want), so it’s pretty much all point-and-click stuff.

Site layouts are controlled from within the software and you can configure a site to look exactly how you want. All changes are immediate and site-wide, so no more editing of multiple HTML files if you want to change something on every page. And you don’t need to know any HTML, PHP or Javascript to use the software.

Rather than reiterating the software’s benefits here, take a look at the sales page for more information, then come back here to take advantage of the discount price.

SiteBuilder Elite Version 4 was released just a couple of days ago and since it’s Christmas, I’ve decided to run this discount offer over 10 days until New Year’s Eve.

The software normally costs $147 but I’m starting this offer off at $97 (a 33% discount). Each day, around 8PM EST, the price will increase by $5 until, at 8PM EST on New Year’s Eve, the price will reach its normal retail value.

The sooner you buy, the more money you’ll save:

Click Here For More Information On The
SiteBuilder Elite Version 4 Christmas Discount Offer


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The best way of building a sustainable, ongoing, online business to to build a list. It’s not easy, which is why so many affiliate marketers skip this step. But by doing so, you are leaving money on the table.

Two marketing professionals, Colin Thompson and Carl Carter, show you all there is to know about super-fast list building for super-fast profits They leave no stone unturned as they show you how to go from ZERO to 3,000 laser targeted buyers in just weeks List Building Firestorm shows you the secrets of creating a sustainable business in just 60 days or less They let their “inner circle” students test drive the basics of the List Building Firestorm systen and their failure rate was ZERO!

Along with the 11-module course they’re also offering these bonuses:

3 Public Label Rights (PLR) products to gice away or sell to build your list fast Proven to convert squeeze pages Complete “Ready-Made”internet marketing auto responder series (25 emails) You get Traffic Travis Professional V4 absoutely free! Gold membership in for 1 month giving you access to 5,000+ Private Label and Resell Rights products

The price is currently $12.99 but the price does increase the more copies are sold.

Get a Copy of ListBuilding Firestorm Now
And Start Building Your List Today

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