I don’t know about you but I find that working on my PC constantly each day results in its performance regularly dropping. There are periods when the PC is just dog slow, with things taking several seconds to happen instead of happening instantly.

iolo System Mechanic® - Fix, Speed Up Your PCThen there are the apps that creep into the system startup folder (and hide themselves elsewhere) and you find that instead of your PC booting up in a minute, it takes several minutes or more. You can hear the hard disk trashing away so you know it’s doing something but you haven’t a clue what.

And, of course, over time as apps get installed and data gets written to the disk, fragmentation starts to build up, so programs load slower than they used to and things just seem that bit more sluggish.

And then there’s the Registry, that black hole of software settings and other weird and wonderful stuff to do with Windows. I used to think it was pretty solid but it turns out that Registry entries get broken on a regular basis and if they’re not fixed (some may relate to security issues), they too will add to the sluggish nature of your PC.

To combat all of these issues, I’ve been using a tool called System Mechanic for the last year to keep all of these is check. When My PC gets sickly – which is usually at least once a day – I wheel out System Mechanic to whip it back into shape, whether that’s freeing up large tranches of memory, fixing registry errors or on the odd occasion, cleaning up the hard drive.

System Mechanic normally costs $49.95, and it’s well worth it at that price. But this offer allows you to save $25 (50%), and get it for just $24.95.

To Get Your Discount:

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  1. Click the above link. This will take you to a special page where you can order System Mechanic for $29.95. To get the software for $24.95, follow these instructions:
  2. Click the Get It Now button on the System Mechanic sales page from the above link
  3. Tick the I have a discount coupon checkbox on the order page
  4. Enter coupon code TEN5 into the Discount coupon box
  5. Click the refresh icon to the right of the discount coupon box to apply the coupon
  6. Buy System Mechanic for $24.95 instead of $49.95!
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