Cash in on the MASSIVE offline coupon trend.

This new Facebook app makes it stupidly simple to add coupon offers to any Facebook fan page!

Check out some of these features:

Schedule all of your coupons in advance and have them update your fanpage automatically Create daily, weekly, monthly or ongoing coupons Delete expired coupons Update coupons as needed Give your coupons extended expiration dates Link coupon codes to your website, speciific offer page or your checkout Privacy Policy, terms of Service ad Website Links appear on reveal and offer pages Optional “reveal” or “fan gating” functionality Coming soon…coupon personalization with fan’s name.

Grab the Facebook Coupon App now while it’s still only $9.97.

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Quickly, easily, and painlessly populate a blog with Amazon affiliate links in the form of text, banner, and review posts.

WP Dollar is an Amazon all-in-one WordPress plugin that can add text ads, review posts and banner ads for Amazon products.

The plugin is plug-n-play and newbie friendly. Just install, activate and you’re good to go.

WP Dollar works on autopilot. You don’t need to worry about keyword research. The plugin will show relevant ads all by itself.

It works with all premium and non-premium WordPress themes.

Choose from over 8 variant text ad box sizes.

Works with Amazon International, UK, Canada, Japan, France & Germany.

Target only specific categories you want per campaign.

Fetch and create Amazon review posts with UNIQUE content quickly.

The plugin adds keywords to the “alt” tag of images in posts and cloaks affiliate links for better SEO.

The plugin is $17 – compare that to ReviewAZON ($79), WPZon Builder ($99) and PHPZon ($79).

Go grab WP Dollar now.

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High Res eCovers Pro is a brand new selection of action scripts for PhotoShop that allow you to create your own photo-realistic, high-resolution, 3D ecovers for all your products, whether that’s box shots for software products or covers for reports and ebooks. Here’s what you can create ecovers for:

Binders Magazines CDs & DVDs Brochures Books Spiral bound reports Boxes Cards

…each of which comes in several variations.

You’ll have to take a look at the site to see the quality of the graphics but here’s a teaser…

This fantastic package of graphic action scripts is what every internet marketer needs to add that touch of professionalism to your products.

Normally $67, go get High Resolution eCovers here for just $37.

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There are some things that I’m pretty sure I know about you.

You know what Groupon is You know it is successful but you never fully realized how much money you could personally make for yourself. You are involved in Internet Marketing and want to better the position that you are in.

Today is one of those days where you get a break.

All it takes sometimes is to have the door opened for you by someone.

Never heard of Groupon? This is the kind of stuff they offer

Imagine what it would be like if you made a hundred thousand dollars in a day, teaching something you already know how to do, using the money making power of Groupon. Think about how that would change your life ! Even if you were way off the mark and only made $10,000. That is still nothing to hate on.

Imagine what it would be like if you made a hundred thousand dollars in a day, teaching something you already know how to do, using the money-making power of Groupon. Think about how that would change your life ! Even if you were way off the mark and only made $10,000. That is still nothing to turn your nose up at.

This interview ($14.95) will allow you to start your journey with Groupon and lay down your own path to success. And get you super excited about Groupon knowing you can make a ton of cash.

The Groupon Factor

Second you will actually get a ton of money, by putting these strategies in place.…

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Anybody who builds websites knows that to rank well on Google, they need a steady supply of quality links.

But what would you class a a QUALITY link?

Well, what Google sees as a quality link is one in quality content that leads to another quality content site. And since the Google Panda update, this is more true now than ever before.

LinxBot is a bit of software that runs on your PC and searches out PR1+ sites that are aching for your backlinks. All you do is type in a keyword and LinxBot will return a list of relevant high-PR sites.You then visit the sites and leave a comment with your backlink. It’s that simple.

Grab LinxBot now while it’s still $9.95. Here’s a demo:

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Update: There seems to be an allegation that Social EasyShare is a ripoff of another author’s work and the payment button for it has been pulled. The plugin that appears to have been plagiarized is the Reward Button. So if you’re interested in getting a plugin with the mentioned functionality, grab the Reward Button plugin now. It’s a bit more expensive at $24 but at least you know you’re getting an original plugin.

Stop struggling to generate traffic! Instead… imagine getting FREE “viral” traffic and seeing it grow exponentially — on complete autopilot. (Yes, really.) Introducing Social EasyShare… the NEW WordPress plug-in that makes it possible.

This ingenious, “viral” traffic plug-in for WordPress lets you tap into the VAST USER BASES of Twitter and Facebook. To put that into perspective… Twitter has approximately 200 MILLION users and Facebook has OVER 700 MILLION.

You see… until now, generating traffic meant writing tons of boring articles or paying for outrageously expensive clicks on AdWords.

But Those Days Are Over…

Now there’s an easier way…

Simply stated… Social EasyShare produces viral traffic that grows “exponentially.”

It Also Works With HTML Sites!

If you’re like most Internet Marketers, you’ve probably got some simple HTML sites you’d like to incorporate this sort of powerful viral functionality into. Well, with Social easyShare… YOU CAN!

This plug-in’s functionality can be used with any of your plain HTML websites.…

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You may have heard rumors about a certain “Monster” making its ways through the Industry. From what I understand, this “Monster” software has generated over $9,500,000 in affiliate commissions in the last 2 years. And now, that monster has grown some more claws…

And no… this is not some $37 pushbutton “stuff” like you see on Clickbank. It is a serious marketers toolkit with an established brand and a legitimate company.

I have arranged to get you for FREE what other people are paying up to $1,000 to get. What you will get is software that is the “core industry” that has generated those commissions over the last two years.

So how do you know this software works? Well because you are going to get it for Free and use it and the PROOF will be in your earnings.

What I am going to do is give you the link right now, but I suggest that you take action very quickly as similar software and training easily go for over $1,000 and
the creator is quite frankly CRAZY for giving the Monster for Free.

But hey – take the offer while it is on the table.

Go get Affiliate Mage Monster now for FREE!

The catch is that this “Monster” is only being released for a very limited time and to a select few. If you want to get in “on something good” then I suggest you run, don’t walk and do this right now.…

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Have you come across emails like these in your Inbox?

Subject: SEO is Dead?
Subject: Easier and far more targeted!
Subject: Out with the old and in with the new…

It sounds like the scaremongerers are out at force again!

First it was AdSense

Then it was Internet Marketing in general

Then it was PPC Marketing

Now it seems SEO is having its turn

SEO is by no means dead, it is just harder that it used to be as it seems that every other day, Google is changing their rules and chucking thousands of sites out of their index

However, as long as you stay within their rules then you shouldn’t have a problem.

But there is another solution…

Too many people and so called experts spend way too much of their time attracting free traffic from the search engines when there are other places where you can get visitors to your website FAR easier and FAR quicker.

And the best thing is that there is a ridiculous quantity of traffic to be got which dwarfs that of the search engines.

And much of this traffic, although free, is far more targeted and will make you much more money in the long run.

If this sounds like something that’s up your alley then check out Ben Scaffer’s Video now.

He describes how he is able to drive over half a million unique visitors to one of his websites which has nothing to do with the internet marketing niche.

And that is just one of his websites!…

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Here’s a a step by step video and ebook blueprint on how to optimize your blog and dramatically decrease page loading times.

In the How To Supercharge Your Blog 10 Step Process, you will learn:

How to track the performance of your blogs and what free services to useHow to Optimize your WordPress Theme

(because, believe it or not, even premium themes can be optimized better than they are. You will learn how to do this quickly and easily)How to Optimize Your Images Automatically

(A HUGE step many do not really think and know what to do about)How To Quickly and Easily Clean Up the Mess You Might not Even Be Aware OfHow To Minify and Implement a Cache System the right way
(Hint: If you believe enabling a plugin and hoping for the best is going to make it work, think again!)How To Use a CDN and Why You Should Use OneHow To Deal With Mobile Users

Because more than half of mobile device users say that
they expect sites to download as quickly on their mobile devices
as they do on their home computers
.Advanced Tweaking Methods (told the easy way!)How To Enjoy Your New Optimized and Super Fast Blog

(well, that one is easy really 🙂 )
Plus, a SECRET Bonus Deal EXCLUSIVELY for customers. You will need to get it to find out!

“How To Supercharge Your Blog” Today!!

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There’s no doubt that snazzy graphics can give a dull-looking site a boost. But usually, graphics designed by a professional artist cost a pretty penny.

With this Killer Graphics HERO offer, you can get a professional graphics package to use on your websites for just $9.95 (at time of writing). The price does go up the more packages are sold.

The package (all include graphics) includes:

5 premium minisite designs 2 squeeze page designs A collection of header designs (in PSD format so you can easily modify them) A collection of WordPress themes 5 premium ecover action scripts (to create professional-looking covers for ebooks and reports) 5 optin form designs 4 professional sidebar optin forms Testimonial box designs 4 different price tag designs (in 4 colors) 4 blank badges (in 4 colors) 6 headline styles (in PSD format so you can easily modify them) A collection of “Guarantee” certificate designs 3 corner sign designs (in 4 colors) 4 menu elements 3 different photo frame designs 5 banner templates in 10 different sizes A collection of action buttons (in PSD and PNG format) 2 special action buttons A collection of 3D arrows A collection of number icons in various formats and colors 8 types of bullet points in various colors A collection of handwriting fonts for that personal touch A collection of hand-drawn bullet points and numbers

In short, you get a huge number of graphics (24 packs in all) that you can use across all your websites to make them look more appealing and professional.…

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