Wow! Maria Gudelis has convinced a mystery $200,000 per month traffic addict to show you how to get massive traffic…guaranteed or she’ll double your money back!

You’ll Get All His “Secrets” She’s Twisted His Arm To “Confess” You’ll Get At LEAST 6 Traffic Tactics And Learn How To Drive MAJOR Traffic… You’ll Avoid Mistakes 99% Of All Marketers Make

So who is this traffic guy?

He drives traffic for the “gurus” He puts the “gurus” (and Maria included!) to SHAME with his traffic skills! With a SNEEZE he sends 2,000 visitors in 76 Minutes with EASE! He’s never even launched ANY of his own products because he’s just making too much darn money that he doesn’t need to!

In fact, you’ve never EVEN heard of him because he’s never wanted to EVER Teach his Traffic Secrets…

So what exactly is The Ultimate Traffic Challenge?It’s a 12 Day Challenge You get VIP access to a “Elite” Members Area Live WEBINAR coaching workshops Simple Step by Step Blueprints/Mindmaps Cheat Sheets *** AND YES – ALL Recorded for you in case you can’t make it live… AND you get LIFETIME ACCESS

It all happens on Tuesday July 19th (tomorrow)!

So sign up for The Ultimate traffic Challenge now (limited availability) – $18.99 at time of posting. …

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As you probably already know, Google just rolled out two new services, Google+ the social network, and Google+1 the social voting system, for websites.

What you may not know, however, is that these two new features are already significantly shaking up the organic search results and pulling in huge social networking traffic!

You should be prepared as well! Google is about to change the way that we do SEO (again) and how we interact with each other online!

If you –

Do SEO for your sites or for other people’s sites Are trying to get traffic, or want to get traffic, via social media Are just trying to get traffic to your sites in general

You need to know exactly how you can make these new tools work for you and drive traffic to your business, leaving the folks who are not prepared – eating your dust.

In this course, you will learn –

How to use Google Plus and Plus One How to drive traffic to your sites using these tools How they affect SEO and Social Marketing Strategies for getting +1’s and Followers Best Practices for both tools

This course contains 12 Videos that go over all aspects of these two tools.

Plus, as a bonus, there’s a companion PDF Quick Reference Guide that you can use for a quick refresher anytime.

Everyone who purchases will receive lifetime updates – since the author will be adding to this product as these tools continue to expand and change (and they will).…

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For a very limited time, you can watch two online marketing pros (Jeff Dedrick and Liz Tomey) take you step by step and show you exactly how they built their businesses to massive profit-spewing empires, and learn how you can do the exact same thing!

This is the exact same live workshop that people paid up to $997 to attend to learn all of their inside secrets. Jeff & Liz recorded the whole thing and now you can have access to all of the recordings for the entire 3-day workshop!

For a very limited time, you can watch two online marketing pros (Jeff Dedrick and Liz Tomey) take you step by step and show you exactly how they built their businesses to massive profit-spewing empires, and learn how you can do the exact same thing!

There are 20 modules:

Introduction to the Workshop Rules For Online Success Outsourcing Like The Gurus Picking Profit Sucking Niches List Building The Easy Way Email Marketing The Right Way One Gazillion Ways To Use A Blog Jeff’s Cash Spewing Sales Process Creating Products To Make A Killing Online How To Write Profit Sucking Copy Driving The Traffic Train Secrets of A Million Dollar Launch Get A Business Model Or Die Fast Product Creation Tactics Giveaway Marketing For Instant Cash Four Day Cash Machine Tactics The Lost Reseller Scrolls The Hot Seats Best Business Practices The Wrap Up

Plus, you get resell rights to the entire package!

All for the princely sum of $7.40.…

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Ever heard of Market Samurai? It’s probably the leading keyword research tool available. But it costs $147.

Meet Niche Sensei. For just a couple of bucks (less than $4 at time of posting), you can grab this easy-to-use Keyword and Research tool that will give you all the information you need to research your competition, and CRUSH it!.

If you are not researching and targeting everything you do on the internet, you are leaving money on the table!

Proper Keyword Research is the difference between hitting the front page of Google and being buried so deep that nobody can find you.

Niche Sensei will return:

up to 50 keywords that are similar to your base keywords the Global and Local searches for that term the number of pages indexed in Google

You can also analyze competition for keywords. Niche Sensei will show you:

the top 10 results in Google for the keyword the pagerank of those pages the number of pages indexed in Google per site the number of backlinks for each page the number of backlinks for each domain.

Results are color-coded so you can easily identify where you can compete and where not to waste your time.

Grab a copy of Niche Sensei now while it’s still a ridiculously low price ($3.74!)

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This is more comprehensive than some of the other, less pricey backlinking tools that I’ve let you know about recently.

SENukeX (if you’ve heard of it) is probably the most comprehensive backlinking tool there is, but boy is it expensive ($147 per month) and it has a steep learning curve.

Now for less than what you’d pay a month for SENukeX is a new tool called Sky High Linker. It costs $127 – a one-time fee rather than a recurring payment. But I have some news on that a bit further down this post. This tool submits your backlinks to:

4,000+ web directories 1,200+ article directories 500+ social bookmarking sites 60 Press Release Sites Finds high-PR blogs that you can leave comments on Finds high-PR forum threads to post your comment and link And submit comments to news sites

You can check out the full software spec here (but don’t buy from that page!):

Now to that bit of news I mentioned earlier. Get Sky High Linker here now for $97 instead of$127 and save $30.

I don’t know how long that offer will last but if it’s no longer available, you can get $10 off here instead.…

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Here’s a WordPress plugin which, in short, could change the way you sell online.

WP Buy Now is fully compatible with the most marketer friendly payment processors that could be found.

And a host of features have been added which are simply gonna force you to make more money…

With this software you can:

Add Unlimited Buy Now Buttons To Any Place You Choose Profit From Recurring Income With Membership Sites Recruit Your Own Army Of Affiliates Discover Your Highest Converting Offers With Up To The Minute Stats


Do You Have PLR gathering dust? Not any longer. Now just throw up a blog and setup a product. You Can Do This Unlimited Times With This Software Need to find a decent system for tracking your affiliates? Not any longer. Everything is self contained inside the WordPress Dashboard Struggling to find a quick and easy way to set up membership sites? NOT ANY LONGER. You can drip feed infinite amounts of content, including pages, posts and files Why make $10k when you can make $20k?… now you can find the best converting sales page by running simple split tests

Do You Want A Complete Membership System With Full Affiliate Tracking?

Drip Feed Content?

Unlimited Membership Levels?

Dime Sales?

Comprehensive Charting?

All From One Centralised Admin Area?

Look No More…

Get the WP Buy Now WordPress Plugin Now – there are only a few left (single site license: $17; multi-site license: $40).…

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Sell The Power Of Google Maps To Offline Clients, Online Customers, Or Use The Auto-List Building Feature To Build A MASSIVE List Over Night.

What would make you more money?

Charging offline clients to install their own customize-able Google map on their site so customers can find their shops and get directions…

Or selling the very WordPress plugin that makes this happen as your own to other marketers?

WP Maps gives you and your customers the power to install a fully customize-able Google map on any WordPress blog. The best part is I am including full PLR rights…

In fact with the included ‘plugin generator’ you can build this plugin from scratch, call it whatever you want, and put your name on it in 5 minutes. Sell it, or heck give it away and let the built in lead capture build you a massive list of offline marketers overnight!

Here are are just some of the capabilities of the WP Maps plugin:

Generate Google Maps Right Through WordPress – Your Customers Will Thank You For Providing The Easiest Solution To Generate Google Maps On Their WordPress Blog. Your Customers See Your Offer Every Time They Use The Plugin – Embed Your Own Banner Ad In The Plugin’s Options Page To Drive Traffic To Your Sales Letters Or Promote Affiliate Offers. Full Private Label Rights To The Plugin – Sell This Tool To Make Cash, Give It Away To Build A List, Use Is As A Bonus On A WSO Or Product Launch… This Is Your Product Now!…

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I need to make this brief as you do not have much time before the allocated licenses of Mage Monster are gone forever….

As you know there are only 500 licenses to go around and over 48,000 people on the pre-launch interest list. This means that I suggest you check out the Mage Monster right now and make your decision as if you delay then someone else may take your spot.

Remember that this is the “real” Software that is allowing people to “quit their careers” . Greg Jacobs is a real person and actually shows you inside his Monster Software so you get to see exactly what you are going to get before you purchase it (I use his earlier WordPress Mage system myself). There are not many people out there on the Internet that are this forthcoming and honest.

And you already know that once these 500 licenses are gone then Mage Monster will be shut FOREVER and you can get a placement no longer. Therefore I suggest you check it out and read the entire thing an make your educated decision very shortly.

Greg just told me that he is going to be holding Advanced webinar training series 1+2+3 for all people that purchase right now. This means that you get Greg live on a call and can ask him any questions you like and force him to give you all his secrets (and I know he has many) This is only going to be available for the people that take strong action now.…

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