SENukeX, if you’ve never heard of it, is a system for building a huge number of backlinks to your sites. And that’s more important than ever these days.

SENukeX has many ways of submitting links and link to links to boost your sites. Links can be submitted to article directories, social network, social bookmarking sites, forums, Press Release sites and Video sites. And all this is bolstered with RSS feed submissions, an indexer to get the pages on which your links reside, indexed.

SENukeX has just undergone a major revision which pretty much removes its need for Internet Explorer which was the source of intermittent crashes. No two PCs are alike, so each SENukeX setup was a little different. All relied on IE though to perform link submissions. Now, with the latest upgrade, the reliance on IE is gone and SENukeX is much more stable, regardless of what version of Windows you’re using.

To celebrate, the SENukeX guys have opened up the lifetime membership payment option again. This was previously only available for a short time during SENukeX’s launch.

The current offer is available for 48 hours only! Offer closes August 11th, 4pm EST.

Lifetime membership is $1997 (or three monthly payments of $697).

Yes, it’s steep. But regular monthly membership is $147. So after 14 months, you’d be using SENukeX for free. In perpetuity.

This really is an offer you shouldn’t pass up if you’re serious about building an online business (you can always use SENukeX to build backlinks for clients if not for yourself!)

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If you are familiar with Clickbank’s Gravity system, which ranks a product by number of Sales, Volume of Sales, Traffic, and by Refund Rates; this product is nearly perfect with almost a 1000 (991.28 the last time I checked).

This not only tells you that this product is good, it tells you it is one of the Best Ever on Clickbank and this is saying something. The 991.28 Gravity also says that almost no one is asking for a Refund either. Which is unbelievable.

With a price point that is so low that it is crazy ($47), it is most likely going to be the highest grossing Clickbank product ever too.

All I can say is, I wish this was my product and not someone else’s.

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Article Equalizer sells on Clickbank for $97 (you can check it here).

With this special offer, you can get the software for just $9.50, a HUGE 90% saving.

So what does Article Equalizer do? It makes creating articles easy.

Suffer from writers block? Doesn’t matter any more.

Don’t know enough about a topic to write about it? Not a problem.

We all need articles (content) whether that’s so as to put articles on our websites, build Hub pages or Squidoo lenses, do article marketing or guest posts on blogs. Pretty much all promotion of a site depends on decent content somewhere along the line.

When it comes to delivering website content, Article Equalizer is second to none! Now you can…

Highly increase the overall value of your website… FAST Quickly and easily locate relevant subject-related content Build the kind of content-rich niche sites that search engines love Build the kind of content-rich niche sites that *pull* visitors like crazy Make your site “sticky” so visitors will keep coming back Tap into a continuous supply of quality targeted content Automatically insert content into pre-designed site templates Locate and gather content for the most popular and in-demand topics Optimize your site with the type of high quality content search engines demand Add content pages to your website or blog even without HTML knowledge or expertise Keep your site “fresh” by adding new and unique content on a regular and ongoing basis

And the most important thing is that you can do it all with little or no effort whatsoever!…

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Let’s face it: Backlinks = traffic = cash.

And one under-utilized method of getting backlinks is by submitting your site RSS feeds to the right places.

If you build WordPress blogs, then you have the option of using the Web Traffic Genius plugin (review here) which will automatically submit RSS feeds to a multitude of RSS aggregators each time a post is published.

But what if you don’t use WordPress or you don’t want to spend money on another WP plugin?

RSS Pigeon is a system for getting free backlinks from high-PR sites using RSS feeds. Don’t just think this is just for your blog posts. You can use it ALL ON AUTOPILOT for…

Backlinks to your articles on EzineArticles and other article directories Backlinks to your hubs and lenses on Squidoo & Hubpages Republish your tweets on Twitter to get more backlinks to your site Republish your Aweber email broadcasts across the web! Actually ANY content you publish online. WOW!

With the RSS Pigeon strategy, you’ll be able to crush Google…

Making your content available on as many of these authority sites is just good marketing sense Getting backlinks to all your posts from these sites is SMART SEO Doing it automatically is icing on the cake!

No expensive software is required! The main RSS Wildfire strategy for automatic backlinks & wide exposure on authority sites costs nothing. You don’t even need your own website as you can use this to promote your YouTube videos or published articles.

Automatic, authority backlinks, all for free!…

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Passive income is brilliant. You put something (for example, Adsense) on your site and never have to do anything else with it. But it gets ongoing clicks from visitors and you earn money for no extra work.

Backlinks are big business these days so when a service comes along that offers to put backlinks on your blogs at no cost to you, that’s a revenue model to look at.

You install a plugin on your blog which adds backlinks into your posts. And you get 10% of what the advertiser pays to have his backlinks displayed on your site. It has nothing to do with whether the link is clicked or not. You get paid for displaying it.

As an added bonus, you build valuable External Links for your site at the same time. If you have Keywords that Advertisers want to use for Backlinks, then you will be able to create excellent External Links for SEO purposes at the same time.

So here’s a question: Is this going to change your own links or remove linking you already have with any keywords which are the same as those that Advertisers want to use?

The Answer is NO. It will not change any current links you already have and you can use multiple monetization techniques on your Blogs as normal and this will not affect anything. The only thing this service does is replace Keywords on your Blog with Hyperlinked Anchor Text for Backlinks for the Advertisers.

You can see more detail and a Profit Calculator here.…

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Here’s what the TubeSpy creators will give you:

Step by step training that shows you how to beat Youtube at their own game.

We will teach you how to leverage other peoples’ hard work We will teach you how to get your links displayed and keep them displayed We will teach you how to get even the most popular videos to display your links We will teach you how to get traffic for less than the cost of lunch We will teach you how to spread a web so big that your links literally follow your audience around everywhere- they will have no choice but to click your link!

You will also get access to the Tubespy membership site – This site alone has the power to change your marketing forever!

PLUS – Access to never before released Tubespy software! This isn’t your everyday piece of software. We’ve seen stuff selling for TWENTY times the price of this offer that can’t do what Tubespy does.

And As A Bonus: Customers of Tubespy also get Access to Anthony Aires Critically Acclaimed Tube Ranker!!! (Currently Closed to the Public)

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This search engine is EXTREMELY GOOD at finding the backlinks you need!

Give your blog visitors a GREAT reason to stay on your site!

NO MORE cutting and pasting Backlink search queries into Google! Simply add this plugin to your blog and let it do the searching for you!

Add a Backlink search engine to ANY page or post One button push to insert WordPress shortcode Searches 13 different types fo sites to add your links Searches 5 different domain extensions (.com, .org, .net, .edu, .gov)

Simple! And it only costs $14.42 (at time of posting). The price goes up the more copies are sold so the sooner you buy, the cheaper you’ll get it!

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