Liz Tomey has just released another PLR package for affiliate marketers. If you’re familiar with her, you’ll know that she over-delivers on her products.

This package consists of 4 products:

7-Day Income – An instant commission product that pays 50% on the front end and the back end. Comes with a wealth of affiliate tools to help you promote it. Fan Page Pro – Creates and manages Facebook fan pages easily. Another instant commission product that pays 100% on the front end and 50% on the back end. Comes with quality affiliate tools to help you promote it. Traffic Dashboard – A system for getting 3,000 subscribers in the next 30 days. Another instant commission product that pays 100% on the front end and 100% on the back end. Comes with quality affiliate tools to help you promote it. Squeeze Page Package – A complete, professionally created and designed squeeze page system. Includes the pages, graphics and newsletters.

And you get Private Label Rights to all the packages so you can do what you want with them.

Not bad for $8.45 (price at time of writing). And strictly limited to the first 400 buyers only!

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Affiliate Marketing Tools PLR Package

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Another of my recommended plugins (as listed in my Top 100 WordPress Plugins report) is WPFacePages. This is not one of the free plugins and currently the Personal Licence version – you can use it on unlimited sites you own – is $27. On Friday, the price will rise to $77.

There is also a Developer Licence which allows you to install the plugin on as many WordPress blogs as you want and you can create WordPress blogs for resale with the WPFacePages plugin included on those blogs. So great for those who like to flip their blogs on and elsewhere. Currently $77, the Developer Licence will more than double in price to $197 come Friday.

So what’s prompting the price increase?

Just a few days ago a huge upgrade for WPFacePages was released. Now this Plugin is much more than just a Facebook Fan Page creator.

Over the last 2 months, WPFacePages has gone from being a simple Fan Page Creator to being a complete Social Media Integration tool. Support for Google Plus and complete Twitter integration and more enhanced features for customizing your Facebook Fan Pages has now been added.

With all of this being said, the most dynamic part of this Plugin is with the Open Graph integration with Facebook and the Facebook Auto Posting features.

Open Graph Tagging has now been implemented on a by Post/Page level where users can completely customize the output seen by Google and Facebook from their WordPress blogs or you can simply use the Automatic settings.…

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One Day Special! – This special offer closes on Thursday, 8th September, 8:00AM EST.

If you’ve read my Top 100 WordPress Plugins report, you’ll know that two of the recommended plugins are the MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate and Subscriber’s Magnet plugins.

MaxBlogPress have all their plugins for sale today at a 30% discount, so now’s the time to buy. The 30% discount applies to each plugin so buy however many of their plugins as you want.

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And Save 30% On All Of The MaxBlogPress Plugins

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Here’s a fantastic Labor Day Special.

The Pingback Optimizer WordPress Plugin normally costs $97 (if you buy direct from Clickbank) – you can check here.

But until Monday, 11AM EST (Sept. 5, 2011), you can save $70 on that price and get the plugin to use on unlimited domains, for just $27.

Update: Sept. 6, 2011: The price special offer price on Pingback Optimizer has risen to $47 (the Labor Day special offer is closed) but that’s still a saving of $50 on the retail price for the plugin.

In principle Pingback Optimizer does the same thing as Paul Forcey’s Indexing Tool plugin – that is, it reads the list of pingbacks that your blog receives and then it tells the search engines about those links. The search engines can then go visit the page on which those links reside, index them and find the backlinks to your site. Add that to your link popularity and link reputation and, hey presto! you have just enhanced your search engine positioning.

When a blog out there receives an article you’ve submitted manually or via services like Unique Article Wizard, Article Marketing Automation, SEO LinkVine or similar article submission services, that blog will (sometimes, not always) then try to notify your blog that it has received your article. This is called a pingback.

Your site receives this pingback and, optionally, will display the details as a comment on your blog.

The Pingback Optimizer plugin will also receive this pingback, and then it gets to work.…

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I get a lot of questions about a complete SEO process, a complete system from start to finish.

For all those who’ve been asking, you literally couldn’t do any better than picking up a piece of “SEO gold-dust“.

Incredibly simple and straight forward, it cuts to the heart of what we all like – SEO Made Simple! The whole thing is only a handful of pages long and yet I know from experience (and the testing results) it is incredibly effective.

Short, sweet, and effective. Let’s face it, would you rather wade through 100 pdf pages of complex intertwined backlinking processes, or have an entire blueprint set out for you that you can read and apply in 15 minutes?

Paul Prissick’s SEO Recipe is one such thing. If you are struggling with your SEO, this’ll cost you about two Starbucks coffees, and it’ll turn your business around.

This offer is now closed.

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This is a total business plan on how to use “TUMBLR to make money.

TUMBLR, have you heard of it? It’s like a social network of blogs. Blogs which you can sell for big bucks.

There are 15 easy-to-understand videos, totaling over 90 minutes of training on how to pick the right blog to create, signing up with TUMBLR, and finally getting traffic to the blog, and selling it for $700 to $900!

Here’s just one comment about this product that people have piled onto in the past two days:

“I have just finished viewing the videos, and it definitely brings much needed clarity to Tumblr, which I knew next to nothing about and previously thought was just another web 2.0 property.

Well, I’ve discovered how wrong I was after going through these eye-opening videos. This is a great way to get targeted traffic to your affiliate and CPA offers, and offers struggling and broke newbies the ultimate resource – an absolutely free way of making money where even domain and hosting fees are not required!

My advice is to get it now before the price skyrockets with this crazy dime sale that Stephen is doing.”

– Paul

Ok, here’s what you need to do…

Go to this link, purchase this TUMBLR system, and watch the 90+ minutes of video, taking lots of notes, and get ready to make out with TUMBLR!

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Everywhere we look today we are told that to get traffic to your site you need to try and get as many backlinks as you possibly can. We need to try to trick Google and force our sites to the top. right? WRONG!

SEO is no longer that simple!

While backlinks are vital to a website’s success, there is now something that’s much more important: content – quality, unique content.

The catchphrase “Content is King” has never been truer than it is today.

But creating quality, unique content is hard! It is also time-consuming or, if you choose to use an outsourcer, then it can be very expensive.

Does this sound like you:

I hate writing articles – it reminds me of being back in school! I just want to get on with building my business and making money! I can’t afford to keep paying outsourcers every week to write my articles! I am so busy promoting my site that I don’t have time to create great content!

Well, now there’s a WordPress plugin that will create free, unique content simply by pushing a few buttons.

Here’s how it works:

Choose your keyword for your article and type it in… KontentBot will take sections of articles from around the internet… Go through the article and spin words throughout… Click “Save” and KontentBot will check the article for uniqueness with Copyscape and then turn it into a post!

This is a short-lived offer. Currently, you can get KontentBot for $15.60 before this offer is closed an KontentBot goes for sale on Clickbank for $97.…

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I’ve had a few queries about how to use NicheReaper to find niches and keywords to build sites around. So here’s a video I’ve just put together showing one of the ways I use it to find profitable niches:

There’s a better quality video here if you’d prefer to see finer detail in the video.

NicheReaper is currently closed to new members but you can get in the back door through this special link.…

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SENukeX have extended their offer to get a Lifetime License for the software until 4pm EST today (12 August, 2011). So, if you thought you’d missed your opportunity, there’s still time.

Bonus 1: Anyone who gets SENukeX through my link will get a copy of SiteBuilder Elite. This is a website authoring tool and you can use it to create sites on however many domains you own.

Bonus 2: Anyone who gets a SENukeX Lifetime Licence will also get a lifetime licence to the SiteBuilder Elite membership site which offers extra feature packs, an auto-updating version of the sofware and video tutorials on all aspects of internet marketing.

All you have to do to claim the bonuses is to email a copy of your SENukeX receipt to me using the Contact form. Once I’ve verified you ordered through my link, you’ll receive your bonus(es).

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