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The Money’s In The List!” – how many times have you heard or been told that before?

We wanted to let you know about an awesome tool that came across our desk yesterday.

We review a lot of tools, but this one grabbed our attention because it has the power to double…triple…even quadruple your list size in a very short period of time.

And we know that the profits are in the list (as should you). Bigger list, bigger profits. It’s that simple.

That’s why you need every edge you can get when it comes to generating leads for your site.

The tool we’re talking about today is a list building mega machine.

Video Lead Box

Have you heard of an event-based ‘light box popup?’ If not, it’s essentially a popup that shows up when and where you want it to, on your page.

You can tell it to display:

  • When the visitor arrives
  • When they’re about to leave
  • When they’re about to click something
  • Etc…

This allows you to display your light box at the PERFECT TIME, increasing your optin rate dramatically.

Sounds powerful right? That’s because it is…

…and if you’re not doing this, you’re missing out on a lot of leads.

This tool – called Video Lead Box – has taken popups to whole new level by enabling you to quickly launch both video and non-video event-based popups in mere SECONDS. It’s drag-and-drop, point-and-click simple.

We’ve been testing event-based light box popups on some of our sites for several months now and the results blow traditional popups OUT OF THE WATER.

You’ll capture so many leads that that you never would have had without this technology in place.

Video Lead Box is the most feature-rich, flexible and cost-effective solution we’ve come across so far for launching light box popups.

It comes with over 30 templates across 15 markets, includes detailed analytics so you can see how your popups are performing; it’s mobile ready, and so much more.

We could go on and on, but we’d suggest you visit the site now to learn more because the price is going up in a few hours.

You’ll be able to watch a demo video of the software in action as well as pick up a copy at the early bird discount price.

Video Lead Box Upsells

Ok, so you want to know what upsells are available so you have a better idea of how much you’ll actually spend on this product.

The basic Video Lead Box is $20 (for 1 site), $27 for 5 sites and $27.97 for 500 sites (one time payments). Obviously, it makes sense to go for the 500 site option if you have more than a handful of sites, plan on expanding your virtual real estate empire in the future or build sites for clients (more on this later).

Upsell #1: This can be thought of as a “Pro” upgrade. $67

Here’s what you get:

    • Powerful A/B Split Testing – Alternate between 2 versions of your popup to see which one gets the better response from visitors
    • Skyrocket Your TeeSpring Campaigns – if you sell T-Shirts through TeeSpring, offer them to visitors instead of an opt-in formTeeSpring Sales
    • Built-in eBook Cover Creator – create your own ebook covers right inside Video Lead BoxBuilt-in eBook Cover Creator
    • Sell Anything With PayPal – offer anything you sell through PayPal direct to visitors instead of an opt-in boxSell products through PayPal
    • Promote Amazon Products – same with Amazon productsSell Amazon products in a popup
    • Video lead Box Developer RightsThe Geolocation Technology – targeting people with geo-location messages gives you a leverage like no other
    • Developer and Unlimited Install License – the biggie. Install Video Lead Boxes on as many sites as you want. Offer them to your clients and even flip the sites with these installed!

Upsell #2: Pro quality videos to use in your opt-ins. $97

You can use whatever videos you want (e.g. from YouTube) on your opt-in forms. However, this set of 30 done-for-you videos might be of interest.

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