This page lists what are the best internet and affiliate marketing tools that have stood the test of time and we use on an almost daily basis. Tools come and go. Bad ones get dumped and good ones tend to be recognized as such and that spurs the evolution of competing products, so better tools replace what came before. But in all this, there are tools that stand out above the rest and consistently remain the best tools for a particular job, and those tools are…

Best Video Marketing Tools:

Video Niche Dominator – Create dynamic, professional slide-show type videos that you can upload to YouTube and other video services. Great for creating quick promotional videos for affiliate products. The system works on credits – each video you produce costs 1 credit and each video you upload to YouTube through the system costs half a credit (though you can save credits by uploading videos manually). This system can create tens of videos for you in minutes so it’s the quickest way of creating and blasting out multiple videos to promote products or services. Normally, 500 credits would cost $27 but if you order using the above link, you can get 1,000 credits for just $17 (yes, the offer is still available despite what it says on the sales page!).

Simple Video Pro – Video marketing is huge and an area of internet marketing you should get into if you’re not already. But if you’re not the type of person who likes to create videos, can’t afford to buy the tools (like Camtasia) or doesn’t have the time, you can still use videos posted on YouTube. Like review videos. Simple Video Pro is a WordPress plugin that allows you to customize how those videos look on your webpages. And you can add clickable watermarks, banner ads and PayPal buttons; set the times when videos start and finish playing; add front and end splash images; add Facebook Like, Pinterest Pin and Twitter buttons (to virally promote videos); and set videos to reveal hidden content on your pages at any time during playback.

Best Backlink Building Tools:

SENukeX – most comprehensive software tool for building backlinks by submitting content to article directories, press release sites, forums, RSS sites, social networks, social bookmarking sites, Web 2.0 sites, etc.

Unique Article Wizard – Many blog networks were very effective at building backlinks to sites. However, a huge number of them have been forced to shut down in recent months due to the recent activities of Google. Unique Article Wizard has been around for several years and its model for getting backlinks is different to those of the blog networks. They send your articles out to article directories and to members’ blogs. There’s no interconnection between blogs or directories, no gaming Google for better page rank. Unique Article Wizard continues to be an excellent way for building backlinks to your sites.

The Hoth [$60-$350] – This is a link building service that creates a tiered link structure. Only a few sites it posts to will link to your site, but it build links to those tier-1 sites, strengthening them and they, in turn, strengthen your site. The Hoth is a good option if you don’t want to use software like SENukeXCr to build your own link campaigns.

SocialADR [Free – $17/$47/$72/117 per month] – This is a credit based system for buying and posting large numbers of social bookmarks to various services to boost your website’s profile online. With the Free service, you have to do all the work; with the paid options, all the work is done for you.

Best Article Marketing Tools:

The Best Spinner – Spinning is now almost an essential aspect of article marketing. Most people do it the wrong way though. They use spinning software like The Best Spinner on automatic settings and get unreadable articles as a result. The only way to do proper spinning is to manually select the synonym alternatives because you have an understanding of the context of the words whereas a piece of software doesn’t. Where The Best Spinner comes into its own is in the range of alternative words and phrases it can present to you, most of which would never occur to you. The better the quality of your article spins, the more likely those articles are to be accepted for publication by services like Unique Article Wizard and the directories they work with.

Article Builder – Hate writing articles? Article Builder can write them for you using its extensive database of articles. So you can get articles for your sites and/or get articles to use with your article marketing efforts. You can even do sentence spins from similar articles to create spinnable articles that can be dropped into Unique Article Wizard. Or load your spinnable article into The Best Spinner, and do additional word-level spinning to further increase the uniqueness of your articles. The only limitation is that you can only create 399 articles per day (but who’d reach that limit?!)

Best Keyword Research Tools:

NicheReaper [$67 per month] – A great tool for finding niches to exploit and build sites around. All the keyword research is done for you. All you have to do is search their database for niches or keywords using various criteria (e.g. how much an Adsense ad would per per click on a keyword; how many opportunities there are to get a page 1 placement for a keyword in Google, etc.) Members of Profit Marketer also get access to NicheReaper (Niche.FM to members) for the $29 per month membership fee so joining Profit Marketer is a much better and cheaper option.

Google Keyword Tool: [Free] – Google’s keyword tool is still a great research tool and the data from it is at the heart of some of the other commercial keyword tools. Any searches you run should be for Exact Match phrases as this will give you more realistic results. The “Competition” column in the results provides an indication of how many advertisers are bidding on Adwords for a keyword; it is NOT an indication of how strong or weak the competition is for a keyword in the search engines!

Market Samurai [$149] – somewhat expensive but the best keyword analysis tool I’ve used to date. While it uses only keywords provided by Google, it provides a number of tools that allow to you assess the quality of those keywords in terms of site or article building. You can check the relevancy of the keywords to your niche, see how much competition there is for those keywords, determine how strong that competition is and get an idea of how profitable that keyword could be to you. You can also see how competing sites are linked to (number of links and from where), the PageRank of the sites linking to them and assess how easy or difficult it would be to get onto the first page of Google for your keywords. Using Market Samurai as a research tool allows you to discover if a niche is worth going into before you even plan to build a site, so it can save you wasted time and energy. The software can also find affiliate programs for your keywords, saving you time looking for suitable products and affiliate programs on the main ad networks and beyond. Very powerful stuff. Free videos on how to use Market Samurai.

Micro Niche Finder [$97] – This is a another tool I’ve used for keyword research. Among its many functions, it allows you to see how much people are bidding for keywords in Adwords (Google typically pays about 60%+ of these fees for Adsense clicks), so it’s a great way of seeing if a particular niche is worth going into. It also allows you to check if a particular keyword is available as a domain name. You can also do keyword brainstorming and have it suggest niches to you. Since buying Market Samurai, this is a tool I no longer use. Read my review here.

Keyword Elite [$97] – The regular price was $297 but it’s currently on offer for $97. One of the best stand-alone softwares for keyword research. It provides SEO insights, quickly allows you to determine if your keywords will target buyers or window shoppers, find high CPA offers, uncover niches and sub niches pretty much on demand. What sets this software apart from the others is that it collects keywords from sources other than Google as well as Google itself.

Best Blogging For Profit Courses:

Forever Affiliate [$97]: – Andrew Hansen’s course teaches you how to research profitable products, analyze competition so you’ll know if it’s worth going into a market before you even build a website, how to build an affiliate website the right way and, most importantly, how to promote your sites in 2013 given how Google as changed the rules on this in the last year or so. Read my review here.

Profit Marketer: [$29/month] This membership site has a lot of training materials for building profitable blogs. However, the material isn’t laid out in the best way but that’s currently under review by the site owners. The information is still excellent, but you really need to put the pieces together yourself. Where this membership site shines is in the Premium WordPress plugins and Themes you get access to, Niche.FM (a keyword/research tool that also goes by the name of NicheReaper as a stand-alone tool that costs $67/month – so big savings if you join Profit Marketer), and WordPress Supervisor, a system for centrally managing blogs, plugins and themes all from one dashboard. For the price, Profit Marketer is a steal. Read my review here.

Bring The Fresh – While it has an odd name, Bring The Fresh provides solid information on how to go about building affiliate marketing sites and provides a blueprint for getting those sites ranked. The course covers what kind of domain names you should buy and why, niche research, keyword research and backlinking tactics.

Site Builders

“Done For You” Sites [$17-$47] – This is a service I provide for building WordPress blogs at different levels depending on what you need.

SiteBuilder Elite [$147] – Creates traditional websites (i.e. not blogs) that are populated with content consisting of downloaded articles, images, RSS feeds and Yahoo Answers. You can add your own articles too. Support for Adsense, Chitika and Amazon is built in but ads from whatever network you want can be put on sites. New pages can be added automatically to a site so it can be set on autopilot so you can get on with building other sites. Sample sites: Las Vegas Expeditions, Ireland – The Emerald Isle, Stress, Anxiety, Panic.

XSitePro $197 – This builds quality websites and is a much better option than using Dreamweaver or FrontPage. Many templates are available for it. Building sites is pretty much a matter of selecting the options you want and a doing bit of typing (for menus and content). Normally $297, XSitePro is currently on sale for $197. Like SiteBuilder Elite, you can build an unlimited number of sites with the software.

Site Build It! [$299/year] – This is an online website builder. It’s point-and-click approach makes it easy to build sites, especially if you’re a complete newbie. However, Site Build It! is much more than just a site builder; it includes a number of research and other tools, including a way to mail newsletters, track statistics, build backlinks and it will promote your site for you (something they’re very successful at). However, it does cost $299 per year per site. It sounds expensive, but sites should make much more than the annual fees each year. Read my Site Build It! Review here.