Here’s a WordPress plugin which, in short, could change the way you sell online.

WP Buy Now is fully compatible with the most marketer friendly payment processors that could be found.

And a host of features have been added which are simply gonna force you to make more money…

With this software you can:

Add Unlimited Buy Now Buttons To Any Place You Choose Profit From Recurring Income With Membership Sites Recruit Your Own Army Of Affiliates Discover Your Highest Converting Offers With Up To The Minute Stats


Do You Have PLR gathering dust? Not any longer. Now just throw up a blog and setup a product. You Can Do This Unlimited Times With This Software Need to find a decent system for tracking your affiliates? Not any longer. Everything is self contained inside the WordPress Dashboard Struggling to find a quick and easy way to set up membership sites? NOT ANY LONGER. You can drip feed infinite amounts of content, including pages, posts and files Why make $10k when you can make $20k?… now you can find the best converting sales page by running simple split tests

Do You Want A Complete Membership System With Full Affiliate Tracking?

Drip Feed Content?

Unlimited Membership Levels?

Dime Sales?

Comprehensive Charting?

All From One Centralised Admin Area?

Look No More…

Get the WP Buy Now WordPress Plugin Now – there are only a few left (single site license: $17; multi-site license: $40).…

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Sell The Power Of Google Maps To Offline Clients, Online Customers, Or Use The Auto-List Building Feature To Build A MASSIVE List Over Night.

What would make you more money?

Charging offline clients to install their own customize-able Google map on their site so customers can find their shops and get directions…

Or selling the very WordPress plugin that makes this happen as your own to other marketers?

WP Maps gives you and your customers the power to install a fully customize-able Google map on any WordPress blog. The best part is I am including full PLR rights…

In fact with the included ‘plugin generator’ you can build this plugin from scratch, call it whatever you want, and put your name on it in 5 minutes. Sell it, or heck give it away and let the built in lead capture build you a massive list of offline marketers overnight!

Here are are just some of the capabilities of the WP Maps plugin:

Generate Google Maps Right Through WordPress – Your Customers Will Thank You For Providing The Easiest Solution To Generate Google Maps On Their WordPress Blog. Your Customers See Your Offer Every Time They Use The Plugin – Embed Your Own Banner Ad In The Plugin’s Options Page To Drive Traffic To Your Sales Letters Or Promote Affiliate Offers. Full Private Label Rights To The Plugin – Sell This Tool To Make Cash, Give It Away To Build A List, Use Is As A Bonus On A WSO Or Product Launch… This Is Your Product Now!…

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Use this “Related RSS” Plugin to generate a unique, targeted, relevant RSS feed on the sidebar of every post and page of your WordPress blog…instantly!

Google LOVES content, and the fresher and newer the content, the better it is to Google.

SEO Experts know that one great way to add fresh, ever-changing content to your WordPress blog is to use an RSS feed widget in your sidebar.

If you add a feed from another site or a news source that is related to your site’s topic, you’ll get new, fresh content automatically.

If you don’t have an RSS feed widget on your site, set one up now!

BUT, Google loves something else too. In fact, what Google loves most is relevance.

Relevance is Google’s highest value, because if the search you do doesn’t bring up pages that are relevant to what you want, you’ll go look elsewhere for the information, and you’ll stop being a pair of eyeballs that Google can profit from.

And on your website, you want the content on each page to be RELEVANT to the topic of the page. That way, Google knows without a shadow of a doubt what your page is about…and what keywords it should rank you on page one for.

The more fresh, updated, and relevant content on your website — and on each page — the better. So, what you really want are RSS feeds that are RELEVANT to the pages you put them on.

And that’s a problem for the standard WordPress RSS plugin.…

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Quickly, easily, and painlessly populate a blog with Amazon affiliate links in the form of text, banner, and review posts.

WP Dollar is an Amazon all-in-one WordPress plugin that can add text ads, review posts and banner ads for Amazon products.

The plugin is plug-n-play and newbie friendly. Just install, activate and you’re good to go.

WP Dollar works on autopilot. You don’t need to worry about keyword research. The plugin will show relevant ads all by itself.

It works with all premium and non-premium WordPress themes.

Choose from over 8 variant text ad box sizes.

Works with Amazon International, UK, Canada, Japan, France & Germany.

Target only specific categories you want per campaign.

Fetch and create Amazon review posts with UNIQUE content quickly.

The plugin adds keywords to the “alt” tag of images in posts and cloaks affiliate links for better SEO.

The plugin is $17 – compare that to ReviewAZON ($79), WPZon Builder ($99) and PHPZon ($79).

Go grab WP Dollar now.

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Update: There seems to be an allegation that Social EasyShare is a ripoff of another author’s work and the payment button for it has been pulled. The plugin that appears to have been plagiarized is the Reward Button. So if you’re interested in getting a plugin with the mentioned functionality, grab the Reward Button plugin now. It’s a bit more expensive at $24 but at least you know you’re getting an original plugin.

Stop struggling to generate traffic! Instead… imagine getting FREE “viral” traffic and seeing it grow exponentially — on complete autopilot. (Yes, really.) Introducing Social EasyShare… the NEW WordPress plug-in that makes it possible.

This ingenious, “viral” traffic plug-in for WordPress lets you tap into the VAST USER BASES of Twitter and Facebook. To put that into perspective… Twitter has approximately 200 MILLION users and Facebook has OVER 700 MILLION.

You see… until now, generating traffic meant writing tons of boring articles or paying for outrageously expensive clicks on AdWords.

But Those Days Are Over…

Now there’s an easier way…

Simply stated… Social EasyShare produces viral traffic that grows “exponentially.”

It Also Works With HTML Sites!

If you’re like most Internet Marketers, you’ve probably got some simple HTML sites you’d like to incorporate this sort of powerful viral functionality into. Well, with Social easyShare… YOU CAN!

This plug-in’s functionality can be used with any of your plain HTML websites.…

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