Want to make and sell your own plug-ins but…can’t Program? Can’t afford to outsource?

This cool software creates hot new WP Plugins with nothing but a few clicks.

You know that WordPress plug-ins are hot, but if you are not a skilled coder the only way of developing your own is to find a developer who knows what they are doing and pay them a shedload of money.

Here is a way for you to make your own simple WordPress plug-ins with No Programming, No Coding, No Developers Costs.

See for yourself.

These Plugins are very, very simple but they are also very powerful, popular and versatile.

Here is to your success as a plugin superstar so grab your copy now before the price goes up.…

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2012 saw two major updates to Google’s search engine known as the Panda and Penguin updates. These changed the landscape by introducing new criteria by which websites are ranked. It’s fair to say that while Google intended to scrub thin, spammy sites from its index and boost quality sites to the top of the rankings, the exact opposite happened.

There are plenty of stories about legitimate online businesses (not internet or affiliate marketers) who saw their sites (and earnings) tank overnight as a result of the Google updates (particularly Penguin). Despite the hue and cry that was raised at the time, Google remained uncharacteristically quiet in the aftermath. Perhaps they were too busy trying to figure out what went wrong in the update while never publicly admitting something had gone wrong.

Google don’t like affiliate marketing sites. They see them as parasitic, earning money off Google’s efforts to provide quality information to web users. Google seem to forget that they are also parasitic by crawling the billions of sites on the web, gathering information, sometimes without permission, and using that to their own ends, ostensibly to provide quality results to those search the web for information. But Google have long placed Adsense ads on their search pages and make the bulk of their income by monetizing information scraped from other peoples sites.

Video review of Mike Johnson’s Profit Marketer

There’s now an arms race between Google who supposedly are trying to show quality results and webmasters who are doing their best to get their sites listed high enough in the search engines so their sites will be seen.…

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The Wiki Word plugin for WordPress adds content from Wikipedia onto your blog automatically.

These are high-quality, authoritative articles – just what Google loves. It’s a great tool to use to resurrect old sites that are languishing in the bowels of Google’s index.

This plugin is currently on offer at $19.70 during launch but we don’t know when the offer will close. There is a one-time offer attached to this but it’s for other plugins that the developer, Walter Bayliss, has created and they aren’t needed to “enhance” the Wiki Word Plugin.

Walter Bayliss’ plugins are regarded highly and you can check out the reviews and positive comments from his previous customers on the plugin’s sales page. Wiki Word has been flying off the shelf and over 2000 copies have been sold in the last week alone.

Anything that makes the job of adding content to multiple sites easy is worth a look, isn’t it?

Check Out Wiki Word Now And Watch The Video That Explains How The Plugin Works If Nothing Else!


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Click here and buy Covert Copy Traffic and always get credit for the content you’ve spent time crafting and adding to your blogs.

Social sharing is big these days and if I were to ask you what the top ways to share stuff are you’d probably say Facebook and Twitter. Yet Facebook, with its 700,000,000 users is only responsible for 25% of all shares. Twitter has an even (much) smaller percentage. So what’s responsible for 70% of shares across the internet?


Good old reliable, tried and tested email. You probably do it yourself. How many times have you copied and pasted text and/or links to stories, videos, articles, etc. into emails you’ve then sent onto friends.

People have been using email for this for years, probably decades, as email even predates the inception of the World Wide Web in the early 90s.

The trouble is that if it’s your content that’s being copied, or scraped via your site’s RSS feed, your affiliate links aren’t being copied and your site isn’t credited as being the original source of the content (and that could hurt your rankings in the search engines).

Covert Copy Traffic is a new WordPress plugin that addresses that issue. With it, an attribution link is appended to any content from your blogs that’s copied and pasted onto someone else’s blog, shared in emails or on Facebook and so on.

You can make that attribution link an affiliate link to try to make sales, link it to your blog or link it to the specific post from which content was copied.…

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WP Social SEO Booster is a simple, yet highly effective plugin for increasing Google Ranking and Conversions on Search Results.

The Booster is a critical element of Social SEO which needs to be implemented on all of your blogs now. We are using it and have seen a significant increase in Rankings, but more important than that; we have seen a huge boost in our actual Search to Click Conversions from outside the top rankings.

This can be a huge help to anyone running a WordPress blog and an essential element and complement to other SEO plugins like the WordPress SEO Plugin and the ALL-in ONE SEO pack.

The WP Social SEO Booster will help increase Social SEO Rankings in Google by:

Optimizing Your Blog for Facebook Open Graph SEO for increased Ranking in Google and Facebook Setting up Google Authorship for Single and Multi-Author Blogs. Connecting Google Plus to Your Blog for enhanced Publsiher status Implementing the use of Rich Snippets Tagging for all of your Content, increasing your ability to Rank in fine tuned Search Results and increasing your Click Conversions. Adding in Twitter Meta Tags for increased connections between Google, Twitter, and your content.

The Plugin does this all seamlessly and can take a poor performing blog to a highly ranked blog FAST!

It’s currently still under $10 so Click Here Now to…


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If you ever wanted to be able to create content for your blog in a matter of minutes using articles, RSS, video, pictures, music, events, monetization links, etc., and then Watch the Google Bot go Crazy for it; then the Instant Curator WordPress plugin is your answer!

Fast indexable high quality content for your blog in just minutes, created for Google AND your blog’s visitors!!

Simply pick from one of the in-built content sources (or add your own), choose your keywords or direct parameters, insert the shortcode (or multiple shortcodes) into your post via drag’n’drop, hit Publish and WHAM!!

Instant Curated Content with Built in Attribution!

The plugin comes from Mike Johnson over at Profit.FM. The Instant Curator will help you “Curate” and add Content to your blog instantly from almost 30 Content Sources and you can also spin any content you create as well using its API access with tools like The Best Spinner and Spin ReWriter.

There is literally no other plugin like this online.

You can create curated content Posts that Google loves in just a few minutes or you can add your Content Shortcodes to other plugins like WP Robot, WP Turbo, ReviewAZON, etc…

Plus, when you add a ANY Instant Curator Content Shortcode to your post or page editor, you can use WordPress’ Preview function to quickly scroll through and change your content right on the blog page itself before publishing or AFTER publishing.

And for Power Users there is really no limit…

You can add content and create new instant Curator Shortcodes from ANY RSS, JSON, or XML Datafeed.…

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If you run a WordPress blog, and you’re wondering why your site is loading slower than you expect, one of the likely causes is Bots crawling over it. There are good bots and there are bad bots and both Bots can and will crush your site. The reason your site loads slower is probably is because Bots are spending more time on your site than actual visitors.

There is an answer. We know the Chennai Central plugin was a nice free option, but that plugin is now out of date and no longer supported. However, there is now a plugin which gives you ten times more protection and power for your blogs than ever before. This is a must have for every blog you own in our opinion and we use it actively on this site and on our other blogs already.

Check out the 8 Shocking Facts right now about what things actually slow down your page load times – some of them will surprise you!

There’s little setup time required, just install the plugin and go.

This is a dime sale, so the price goes up with each sale. Spyder Spanker normally costs $37 but is on sale at $17 (the price may have risen by the time you read this).

Stop Bots From Crushing Your Site Today
You’ll Earn More From your Sites If You Do!

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Ranking can be one of the hardest parts of owning your own websites.

SEO is constantly changing and there are so many rules and tricks you need to follow to ensure you have consistently good rankings and don’t drop pages because Google has released a new algorithm update.

Since it was first launched, the free version of the SEO Smart Links WordPress plugin has been downloaded over 1 million times from the WordPress.org plugin repository and is conservatively estimated to have been used on over 3 million blogs. It’s a plugin that’s used to manage internal links on blogs.

Internal links are now more important than ever, especially since the Panda and Penguin algorithm updates on Google.

SEO Smart Links Pro is the plugin’s big brother. It includes and better and more enhanced content parsing algorithm. It also runs about 3 times faster than the free version of the plugin (that can result in faster page load times, another metric now used by Google to rank pages). It features a range of advanced and automatic interlinking options along with a variety of advanced custom keywords options.

You can control the number of links created per keyword per page and it supports link redirection and link cloaking. All settings can be overriden at post level so you have complete control over how the plugin works. You can even set up custom CSS for your links so they look exactly how you want.

An there’s even a statistics module which gives you insight into how the plugin is working – you can see how your posts are interlinked and how your keywords are used throughout your site, the keywords used in links and the URLs generated for them and more.…

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