LinkWhsiper Discount Offer

LinkWhisper is a WordPress plugin that makes building internal links much, much easier for bloggers.

Google actually recommends building internal links (links from one post or page to another on your site) as it helps them to navigate your site and understand it better.

That, in turn, means that your site will rank higher in Google.

.Internal link building is one of the most underused strategies in SEO and Link Whisper takes the hard work out of it by making intelligent suggestions that are easy to manage.

Matthew Woodward.

LinksWhisper is smart. Powered by artificial intelligence, it starts suggesting relevant internal links when you start writing your article right within the WordPress editor.

Depending on how many articles you have on your site and the relevance of your existing content, the plugin will suggest dozens or more internal links from the content you are editing.

Just check the box and hit save and Internal links are done.

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WordPress Exploits

If you knew that a bulletproof vest was only 8% effective against a bullet – would you let someone shoot you?

Well, unless you have big issues… we’re guessing the answer is no…

So if you knew that your WordPress site security is only 8% effective against common hacker attacks – would you set your site live in the most toxic hacking environment ever…. the internet?

The reality is… that’s exactly what 73 Million WordPress sites are doing right now … that’s like playing Russian roulette with site security.

Don’t believe us? …Watch this SITE GET HACKED IN SECONDS:

This WordPress site was running the best WP security plugins + the latest version of WordPress and just one bad plugin.

In fact… ALL 6 Top Security plugins & Cloudflare FAILED TO BLOCK a simple comment exploit.

That’s just insane as 92% of sites are hacked by exploits …


WP Site Guardian is the first plugin to PROACTIVELY DEFEND against current and future exploit attacks … it has built in intrusion detection and user behaviour monitoring.

So, if hackers launch a common exploit – they will be booted and you’ll get notified immediately…

It’s on launch for 1 week only [ending tonight] – it will then go to full price – not to be missed.

Click here to visit the WP Site Guardian page…

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One of the most effective ways of driving affiliate commissions is by doing product comparisons.

Some of the methods for implementing this are more complicated than others, and many people put off using comparison tables because they find that the technical side of getting it done is too daunting.

Fortunately from today, any such problems are history.

A WordPress plugin has just been released that creates about the nicest looking comparison tables we’ve seen, and all you have to do is add a shortcode into your post where you want the table to appear.

That’s it. No coding, no formatting, nothing.

Easily and quickly create tales like thisYou choose the options – like what you want in the table – then enter your shortcode and presto, your comparison table is ready to boost your conversions, and make you more money per visitor.

You can see a ton of examples of cool looking tables at the link here.

The plugin in on a “dimesale”, so the price is slowly going up.

Right now it’s $14.93 for an unlimited license… to use on any site you personally own. Developers rights (so you can use the plugin on client’s sites) are available as a one-time-offer for a ridiculous $9.95.

To us, that’s simply a no brainer.

If you have an affiliate site and you’re getting traffic, you need this.

Go pick up the plugin now at this link.…

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Save 40% on any iThemes product in their Christmas Sale by clicking the image above!

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Easy Azon 3 is a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to integrate Amazon products ans links into your posts. Links can be simple text links, images with links or images and descriptive text with links.

You don’t need to use the “Link to this page” link on Amazon itself to get your links, so using the plugin saves you time.

There are two other major benefits to using the plugin:

You get the “Add to Cart” option. As soon as someone adds a product to their cart, a cookie is written to their PC which means that if they buy the product withing 90 days, you get the commission. The usual cookie length is just 24 hours! You can localize the product links so if someone from the USA visits your site, they see products from; if someone from the UK visits, they see products from It’s the same for all the Amazon regions (apart from India – you have to be resident in India to be an affiliate for What’s more, this link localization happens automatically behind the scenes without you having to do anything. So how much time do you think that would save you?

The plugin is on sale for $27. However, for just $10 more, you can get developer rights which allow you to use the plugin on sites for your clients and to flip sites that use the plugin. That’s certainly worth an extra few bucks!

Easy Azon 3 is only available until November 24th, so just less than 2 days.

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In the previous post about the new social networking theme for WordPress (now $28.71 in the dimesale, and rising), I mentioned that there was a one-time-offer for a content curation plugin which was available (this may also be on a dimesale). That plugin’s now been added to the About Cats website so it’s now adding posts to the site completely on autopilot. Check out today’s screenshot:

The top 6 news items were all pulled automatically from other sites (content curation), along with the images and pages for them being created on auto on the site. Content has been scheduled to be added to the site several times a day, so now the site is running completely on autopilot.

Check out the social networking WordPress theme now (the content curation plugin is not available separately).

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