Developer Chris Record talks about his Smart Member 2.0 software suiteChris Record is an internet marketer to keep your eye on. In the last year, he did over $2,000,000 in sales on JVZoo alone. He built a platform (Smart Member) to run all his membership sites, the support desks for them and the autoresponder he uses exclusively to email his lists. Smart Member is designed to create membership sites where some or all content is free for members, or some content can be put behind a paywall. It is not built on WordPress, so is not a plugin for that platform. Sites build with his software are hosted on his servers so no additional hosting fees are required.

Yesterday (January 12th), he launched Smart Member 2.0, a souped-up version of the original Smart Member 1.0. He talks about it in the above video. You should watch it get a full understanding of what Smart Member 2.0 has to offer internet and affiliate marketers.

This system is not cheap. It’s not a $97 plugin, or a $197 or even a $297 one. It costs $997. This is a solid product with a track record with a brick-and-mortar company and salaried employees behind it.

This Smart Member launch offer lasts for 2 weeks only, until January 25th. Demand will be high. The launch was originally meant to last a week, but was extended to 2 weeks to give potential buyers the chance to digest the copious amount of information Chris Record provides about Smart Member 2.0 and marketing in general.…

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It’s Christmastime, and you know what that means! The 2015 SiteSell Holiday Special is upon us, and I have some fantastic news for you.

But first, that jolly old elf from up North has something to say:

That’s right! From now until December 29th, you can get SBI! or SBI! for WP on sale for 33% off.



Create a business around your passion and love your work! Determine your own schedule Create financial security for you and your family

This is how you can turn your idea into an income, and there’s no better time than right now, during the SiteSell Holiday Special. For less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day, you can create an opportunity for yourself, and one that lasts much longer than that Peppermint Mocha Latte.

For example, Laura and Susan were working jobs that took them away from their kids too much. Instead of wishing things were different, they teamed up and created a business they could work on from home AND allow them to be available to their families at the same time. What was their “care about”? Having more time to be “mom” to their children.

You can read their full story here…

And here are some other examples of people using SBI!:

How Two Grad Students Turned Their Hobby Into A Business
Her Passion For San Francisco Led To Over $5k A Month
He Turned His Knowledge Into Ongoing Retirement Income
Start a Business and Spend MORE Time at Home?

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Site Build It! (SBI!) is a comprehensive, integrated, business-building system. In addition to best-of-the-Web functionality for keyword brainstorming/research and viral traffic building, SBI! value-bundles step by step guidance and a suite of over 85 site building, hosting, and marketing tools into its all-inclusive subscription.

SiteSell’s newest solution is SBI! for WP, a combination of web-based learning, online tools, and a WordPress plugin that integrates your research and findings into your WordPress website, helping you to find topics and find customers for your business.

By also tapping into the widespread popularity of the WordPress platform, SiteSell reaches small business owners wherever they are and provides them with two effective website and business building choices, SBI! or SBI! for WP.

Normally $297 per year, during the Black Friday weekend, you can join SBI! at a $100 discount, for $197.

Click here to save $100 on the SBI! fee!

BTW, here’s a free affiliate marketing course from Sitesell.…

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Building a blog takes time, energy and resources. If that’s something you’d prefer to outsource, then Top Design Blogs will build a Niche or an Authority Blog for you.

There’s no need to buy a Premium WordPress theme, as one will be provided.

Blog security is a big topic these days, especially after the huge attack on WordPress blogs was perpetrated earlier this year. Unfortunately, however, many people who use WordPress have little appreciation for security and how to harden their blogs against attack. The blogs built by Top Design Blogs come with Premium Security Plugins, pre-installed and fully pre-configured so that the blogs you get are pretty much hacker proof. So that’s another aspect of a blog you don’t need to worry about.

In addition, the blogs come with other plugins that will make them SEO optimized, provide options for social networking and include tools (some automated for you) that make site management easy. For example, a copy of your blog’s database will be emailed to you each week in case you ever need to recover the blog; you can’t always rely on your webhost to make backups for you.

Content is always an issue for any webmaster. “Content is King” has long been a mantra amongst top webmasters as well as Google and other search engine providers. Top Design Blogs offers two options for content:

5 Unique articles – this is for a Niche blog and typically these would focus on promoting/discussing a product that the blog is designed to sell

20 Unique articles – this is for an Authority blog that aims to provide information on a particular topic so generally would not be product focused.…

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Update: It’s been just 1 week since Paul Clifford launched his new Content Marketing systm and it’s been receiving rave reviews:

“Kudani KICKS butt – very good work Paul…blown away!” (Pat) “Amazing product, your best yet. Business in a box that I can go forward with to build a real income. Blown away.” (Charles) “Kudani is like a Swiss army knife, a most useful and valuable tool.”(Yvette) “I can understand why everyone has been going into fits of ecstasy about Kudani 🙂 ” (Michael) “Kudani is the best I have seen so far!” (Goran) “This is the best curation software. It’s all in one! Keyword research and other stuff. Great!” (Mazween) “Love the program so far.” (Mike)

Paul’s Early Bird pricing offer is expiring in the next couple of days so now’s your last chance to get this software at a discount. Grab the annual pricing option if you can afford it as it works at at half the price of the monthly option over a year!

Click Here To Get Paul Clifford’s Content Marketing System
Before This Special Offer Expires!

I just had an opportunity to review some state-of-the-art software developed by Paul Clifford.

It’s called Kudani and it blows away anything out there related to content marketing.

This system is designed for lifetime traffic and improves your rankings the more you use it.

Here are some of the powerful features:

it has a built in keyword explorer that lets you find keywords that people are actually searching for it examines Google trends right inside the keyword tool so you can immediately decide whether or not you want to use it – HUGE time savings it has a built in RSS Reader and a plugin so you can grab any feeds off the Internet PLUS, drag and drop integration so you can grab snippets from the content and just drag them into an editor…curating was NEVER this easy.…

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Tracking how your sites are ranking in the search engines can be a real pain, especially if you’re doing it all manually.

AccurankTracker saves you time and effort by checking the rankings of ALL of your websites with the click of a button and with no restrictions or pricey upgrades! You can rest assured that the rankings you are shown are the true rankings of your websites, guaranteed or your money back! But don’t take our word for it, watch this video to see it in action!

The software runs on your PC (there isn’t a Mac version yet). It uses a very small amount of resources from your own computer in order to provide 100% accurate rankings that you can verify at any time by simply checking the ranking yourself manually.

Unlike other rank trackers, the number of websites or keywords that you can track isn’t limited. Use AccurankTracker to keep track of one site or hundreds, it’s totally up to you. No restrictions, no fine print and absolutely no limits.

You can also pick any country that the top search engines support and track rankings using that option. This can be set on a website and keyword basis, so you can track rankings for one site/keyword in one Country, and others in another Country if you like.
Accurank Tracker was originally launched by Jonathan Leger a few months back and there are several new additions to the software:

Multi-Keyword PDF Reports: Add multiple keywords to the exportable PDF reports (latest addition).…

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SiteBuildz is a brand new site builder (WordPress based) brought to you by the guys behind SENuke, SENukeX and SENukeXcr. It’s a lot more than a simple site builder; it’s an all-in-one tool for researching, building, hosting and selling websites.

…And you can build mobile apps with AppBildz (and apps are very HOT right now).

There are several membership levels, running from Free all the way up to the Enterprise Business package. Here’s a video showing a site being built in just 9 minutes:

The “Starter” package costs $47 per month and includes the following:

If you want to build WordPress sites but don’t want the hassle of figuring out what plugins to use and which ones not to use, don’t want to mess about trying to find the best webhost for WordPress sites and are looking at building sites for sale as a business model, then this is the tool for you!

Get SiteBuildz Here Now!

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The WordPress social networking theme that I posted about yesterday has now gone on dimesale. Up until 10AM EST today, you were able to buy the theme (with multi-site and developer licenses thrown in) for $27.

As the time this post was written, the theme was selling for $27.45 – not a huge price increase but with each sale, the price does go up.

Here’s a site that was languishing a bit that I added the theme to:

About Cats‘ website using social networking theme

This makes the site look much more modern and cleaner.

There is an upsell for this theme for $27 which is a plugin that automates content curation and is designed to work seamlessly with the social networking theme. There are two or three other higher-priced upsells, but they can safely be skipped as they add nothing to the theme itself.

With both the social networking theme and the auto content curation plugin running on the site, this is a great, hands-off way to build lots of sites. Some moderation will be required to check that visitors aren’t submitting unrelated or spam articles to your sites but you can stop that if needed by having submitted pages go into Draft status rather than Published status.

The content curation plugin allows you to pull in articles from Google News, Google Blog Search and any RSS feed you like. You can schedule when content is pulled and you can run as many campaigns as you like on your sites to pull content.…

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As luck would have it, just after I posted the review of Zonterest, a Zonterest clone hits the market. While it’s not an exact clone, the presentation is very, very similar and it does look like a knock-off.

What’s different between PinAzon and Zonterest is that PinAzon is a WordPress theme whereas Zonterest is an Amazon store builder that has nothing to with WordPress.

PinAzon was created by Edwin Boiten & Mike McKay and, according to them “…is the result of months of planning, research and hard work that will give you valuable social interest and social proof to your Amazon affiliate sites from Pinterest…all with one fast install”.

I can’t comment on whether that statement is accurate or not.

PinAzon will allow your visitors to take the products and links you have on your sites and post them onto their Facebook wall, inviting their friends and passing visitors to like them…getting targetted traffic back to your affiliate sites thereby increasing your likelihood of making more sales…they refer to this as social shopping!

RichRelevance, a specialist in e-commerce personalization, recently analyzed more than 689 million shopping sessions that took place between January 1 and August 31, 2012 to benchmark the performance of Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest as drivers of traffic to retail sites.

Pinterest is nearly doubling revenue per session compared to other social channels. While shoppers who come to retail sites from Facebook and Twitter purchase more often, Pinterest users spend more than either ($168.83 average order value versus $94.70 for Facebook and $70.84 for Twitter)!…

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