ContentSamurai Christmas Offer

Save 70% on Content Samurai fees in this pre-Christmas special offer.

Offer expires at Midnight EST, Tonight, Dec. 22nd.

Content Samurai is an incredible web-based tool that takes the text from an article or blog post, and through the power of Artificial Intelligence turns it into a stunning video, in just a few clicks!

Normally $97/mth, you can get this video creation tool for just $29/mth.

2018 is set to be “The Year Of Video” with Cisco now forecasting that video will account for more than 80% of all internet traffic! What this means is that the key to your success in this Video-First world is going to hinge on your ability to produce great videos quickly and easily.

And this is the tool to do just that.

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Instant Video Wizard Bonus Offer

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Ultimate Video traffic Blueprint

If video marketing is your thing, then here’s an 85% off offer on 5 video templates that generate and convert traffic. $7 for the next 3 days (until end of Sept. 22).…

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Content Samurai Box

If you want to generate traffic in 2016, then you NEED this tool.

Here’s why…

Right now over 60% of all web traffic comes from VIDEO, and by the end of next year it’ll be over 74% – which is just insane!

If you have been avoiding video marketing because you didn’t want to get on camera or you thought it was too complicated – this tool is perfect for you

It is hands down the easiest way we’ve seen to create traffic-generating videos quickly…

So, if you’re going to need traffic in 2016, this is how you’ll get it…

The tool comes from Noble Samurai, the guys behind Market Samurai and other “Samurai” products. They’ve also just released a super cool new feature, and to celebrate it, for the next 72 Hours they’re giving away access for 50% OFF – FOR LIFE…

But you need to take action now

…because if you wait till next year you will have well and truly missed out……

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Cindy Battye's Video Overplay

No doubt, you’ve seen all of the video launches lately!

There is a reason for it…

Video marketing is a GREAT way to make money, and with the recent creation tools making it super accessable for anyone to get started…it’s no surprise that more people are making videos.

These tools are about creating videos where you don’t have to appear on camera!

However… there is a missing element to most video marketing products…

Clear cut monetization.

Which is where Cindy Battye’s new report comes in!

You can download it for free here.

It’s an easy to follow guide, showing you these 3 simple ways to make money with your videos (or… if you are feeling lazy, someone else’s videos!)

BTW, This is so easy anyone can do it, even if you’ve never had any success with video marketing before… and the step by step methods are great!

Grab Cindy’s Report Here

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Explaindio, the fastest-selling video creation tool of recent times, is ending its launch phase tonight. So, for the rest of today, you can still buy it for $39.95. After today, the price is going up, but we haven’t been told by how much.

Even people who bought the excellent VideoMaker FX and Easy Sketch Pro 2 packages earlier this year have upgraded to Explaindio.

Like we said, this is your last chance to get the software at the discount launch price.

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You may have heard of Explaindio in the last couple of days in the run-up to its launch today.

Demand for the software has been so great that it crashed JVZoo’s servers. The whole JvZoo website was down for a while, but seems to be back online again.

So if you tried purchasing and couldn’t, please try again.

We love Easy Sketch Pro 2 and Video Maker FX but “Explaindio” puts the best features of both of these products into one!

It allows you to combine HD video, animated slides and hand-drawn sketches…all in one piece of software, from one interface.

So you can create “whiteboard” videos AND pretty much any other type of video like:

Video Sales Letters Marketing videos Viral advertisement videos Training videos Product Promotion Videos Business Promotion Videos Explainer Videos Product Review Videos And much, much more…

The early bird page just went live a couple of hours ago and the early-bird offer has been extended till NOON, EST (Nov 11, 2014).

We’ve been playing around with Explaindio (beta pre-release) for a couple of weeks now, and think it’s great.

If you want to make more than whiteboard videos, Explandio makes it SO much easier by having just one interface for everything.

So even if you already own Easy Sketch Pro 2 or Video Maker FX, we highly recommend you also grab Explaindio (especially at the low price of $39.95).

Here are some more reasons why it’s great:

Allows you to move and size animated elements – you are no longer locked into a particular animated slide style because with Explaindio you can resize and move the animated elements as you wish.…

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Video Marketing Publisher allows you do display your videos (hosted on Amazon’s S3 servers rather than YouTube) with custom video players; and you can embed text, images, links and watermarks in your videos.

You can also publish your videos on Facebook and they’ll keep all the embedded images and links. You can even put a “Share this on Facebook to see more” shutter on videos so that viewers are forced to share them before they can watch them to completion.

Developer’s Rights are being given to the first buyers (they’re still available) which means you can use this publishing package for your clients’ videos as well as your own.

This video marketing package is proving very popular. It’s only launched earlier today and it’s already sold almost 1,000 copies (one of them to me). While not exactly a dimesale, the price is increasing a couple of dollars every few hours.

Click here to watch the demo videos now.…

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If you do any kind of video marketing and you upload your videos to YouTube and make it your primary source of those videos, you may be putting your business in danger. This new free report details 9 things you should consider when hosting videos on YouTube.

Download the PDF report here.…

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VideoMakerFX reopens to new customers on Thursday May 29th @ 11:00 AM EST

There’s no question that Video Marketing gets results.

If you’re not already using video in your marketing efforts, you’re leaving money on the table.

Creating professional quality videos has been beyond the capabilities of most people but a new video application makes creating dynamic, engaging videos easy for just about anyone.

Videos just like this one:

Before using this software, creating videos was a pain – I didn’t like appearing on camera, doing voice overs or recording PowerPoint

VideoMarketingFX takes all that pain and inconvenience away.

Check out some of the features:

Creates easy and powerful sales videos Makes those character explainer videos that cost THOUSANDS of dollars Creates beautiful photo slideshows Easy presentation style videos, faster then using Powerpoint Creates videos in full HD, exports them in record time! It saves your precious time! The learning curve is just minutes! Over 200+ Animated Scenes and Slides to use with the software Music, beautiful backgrounds, photos and even more Works on Windows or Macs NO monthly subscriptions, NO watermarking of your video and NO other limitations You get full Resell and Monetization Rights to any videos you create

Here are two more videos I created with VideoMakerFX:

Top Design Blogs

LunarPhase Pro

And, if you order through my link, you’ll also get free access to YouTube Raider.

Click here to find out more about VideoMakerFX…

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