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Recently, Russell Brunson became the highest-paid speaker in the world. Earning more than Tony Robbins…Oprah… Bill Clinton… Ellen… Richard Branson… Arnold Schwarzenegger… and Mark Cuban COMBINED!

His strategy can applied to any business or niche you are in because sales are what drive any profitable business. You’ll get some really cool bonuses included too!

Anyone can use this to sell more of your products…

from stage on a webinar during a Facebook or Instagram live when selling in person and more!

Anyone can use this to sell more products… – from stage – on a webinar – during a Facebook or Instagram live – when selling in person – and more!

So are you happy with the amount of money you’re earning from your efforts? Or do you want to learn a new strategy from the best in the business?

Learn More About Russell’s Strategy Here

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Facebook Ads That Attract A Massive Audience

Growing a large, loyal, responsive online audience to promote any product, event, website or anything else has never been easier and it is being proved over and over again with the PAF strategy!

This course is being discounted by 90% during launch.

Learn how to:

Sell a lot more of your products on Amazon, on your own site, or even directly on Facebook ​Apply the proven audience-building strategies to get attention to ANY service, charity, business or cause Grow your OWN audience of loyal buyers, prospects and followers

BONUS: You also get the Proven Performance Inventory course worth $200 thrown in.

Why? Because some PAF buyers needed more knowledge about how to find high-margin, low or no-competition products to sell on Amazon

Click Here To Find Out More About The PAF Course

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Local Biz Profit Webinar

Here’s what will be covered in this free webinar about building websites for local businesses

Step One: How to start a business in a market you know there’s a huge demand

Step Two: How to communicate your value through persuasive marketing

Step Three: How to create local business websites without tech knowledge – and quickly

Step Four: Scale your business with automation

The presentation will include a live demo – watch “over our shoulders” as we build a website for a real customer

Q&A: Enough time will be reserved at the end of the presentation to answer questions

Free for all webinar participants: as a special gift, you’ll receive an Amazon bestseller on the subject “How to generate new clients and revenue in only 7 days

Register For This Free Webinar Here


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This is a real *game-changer* for marketers but you need to act fast…

AdvantageBot the revolutionary text scoring engine has just gone live & you can get it for HALF PRICE!!!

This is the lastest, updated, all new version of a tool that’s been around since 2006, and it’s MUCH, MUCH better than that older version…

The tool has not been widely known about because it was developed specifically for copywriters and wasn’t sold into the internet marketing niche.

If you promote or sell anything online or offline, then without a doubt you need this software on your desktop.

We couldn’t even guess at how much extra money this can help you make, from your own own products and rebranded PLR, to simply writing eye catching email subject lines, or even just great article titles, this will help every step of the way…

For full details +PLUS your private invitation to get the software at this time-limited discount, use this link right away.

This offer closes on November 11!

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Derrick VanDyke’s SureFire Profit System is an internet maketing course that contains 171 pages of high quality content, broken down into six easy to digest modules.

The course sells for $47 – you can check it here at http://www.SureFireProfitSystem.com – but Derrick is offering PLR (Private Label Rights) to the system for a limited period for a price that’s less than half what it sells for without the PLR licence!

This is a dimesale and this high-value PLR package went up for sale at just $17. At the time this post was written, a few hours after launch, it was selling for $18.50, so it is selling fast.

These are the modules in the course, which provides a step-by-step plan for creating a product, setting up your sales funnel and launching your affiliate program in the next 30 days (you can check out the full PLR package here):

Module 1: Your Battle Plan Module 2: Setting Up Your Business Module 3: Deciding What To Sell Module 4: Planning Your Launch Module 5: Creating Your Product Module 6: Launching Your Affiliate Program

You get a complete, ready-to-roll, business in a box including PDF, DOC and ODT files of the course, a kick-ass sales letter with professional graphics and affliate banners (PSD files included).

Grab your SureFire Profit System PLR Package Right Now
Before The Price Goes Up Or The Offer Is Withdrawn!

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I just found a great deal on a bunch of internet marketing and website tools. For a limited time, Antone Roundy is offering $616.59 worth of products for only $99. (Even at his best bundle discount prices, it’d cost $397 to get all of them.)

The offer includes some of his best sellers like:

SEO Content Factory (an integrated RSS feed reader and blogging and tweeting app) CaRP Evolution – RSS to HTML converter & all its plugins. Display dynamically updating content from RSS feeds all over your website. ExPop (an “unblockable exit popop” script that you can use to turn people who are about to leave your site into subscribers or customers with opt-in forms, special offers, etc.) Affiliate Afterburner/WP (a WordPress plugin that you can use to monetize your blog with ads from Amazon, ClickBank, eBay, etc.) FastJV (an automated affiliate bonus delivery system) List Mailer GT – viral mailing list service mailer YesTube – create custom branded YouTube video players A bunch of little scripts like a countdown click, a “text morpher”, etc. A 1 year membership upgrade on Instant Affiliate Accelerator (a site that offers a bunch of tools for affiliate marketers, ClickBank research data, etc.) and more.

There are 19 tools included in the bundle. More info on each tool is available on the offer page.

I don’t know what prompted Antone to give such a deep discount on all this stuff. But whatever it is, it’s time-sensitive. The offer ends at noon (US Central time) on November 2.…

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Ever heard of Fiverr? It’s a site where you go to find people to do stuff for you (outsourcing) for $5 per job. On the other hand, you could tout your own services on Fiverr and make some easy money, especially if the services you’re offering require little or no time to implement.

Most people who try to use Fiverr to make money do it wrong so they end up not making anything (or very little). And here’s why:

Most people don’t understand how to LEVERAGE their time. Most people don’t know what Gigs are HOT right now. Most people suck at writing a good offer.
Most people don’t use AUTOMATION. Most people don’t use time-saving TEMPLATES. Most people NEVER SCALE THINGS UP. Most people don’t use OUTSOURCING. Most people are CLUELESS.

If you want to be successful on Fiverr…

You DON’T NEED a Website You DON’T NEED a List You DON’T NEED Any Experience You DON’T NEED Any Skills You DON’T NEED To Invest ANY Money
You DON’T NEED WAIT Months To Make Any Profit

In the Fiverr Fast Cash course, this is what you’ll get:

Quick Cash Method #1 – 1 Sneaky little tactic how to INSTANTLY BOOST your Fiverr sales by 50% by using this 1 ‘magical sentence’. Plus, how to make it fully hands-free (less than a minute for $5 easy profit!)… Quick Cash Method #2 – This secret gig sells like a banana stand outside an
apartment block inhabited by monkeys! Make $5 instant sales with less than 5 minutes per order using 1 simple website!…

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Liz Tomey has just released another PLR package for affiliate marketers. If you’re familiar with her, you’ll know that she over-delivers on her products.

This package consists of 4 products:

7-Day Income – An instant commission product that pays 50% on the front end and the back end. Comes with a wealth of affiliate tools to help you promote it. Fan Page Pro – Creates and manages Facebook fan pages easily. Another instant commission product that pays 100% on the front end and 50% on the back end. Comes with quality affiliate tools to help you promote it. Traffic Dashboard – A system for getting 3,000 subscribers in the next 30 days. Another instant commission product that pays 100% on the front end and 100% on the back end. Comes with quality affiliate tools to help you promote it. Squeeze Page Package – A complete, professionally created and designed squeeze page system. Includes the pages, graphics and newsletters.

And you get Private Label Rights to all the packages so you can do what you want with them.

Not bad for $8.45 (price at time of writing). And strictly limited to the first 400 buyers only!

CLICK HERE NOW to grab your copy of this
Affiliate Marketing Tools PLR Package

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I’ll cut to the chase as we’ve all heard of Groupon and what it has done for small business on the main street…

But what you may not realize is that Groupon has just created an incredible vacuum in the marketplace that any offline consultant, able to follow simple step-by-step strategies, can easily capitalize on.

The fact is that most Groupon businesses:

Are so desperate to attract more buying clients that they are willing to cut their prices or even make a loss on initial sales Have no clue how to turn these clients into repeat customers (they mainly “hope” they will be satisfied enough to return – which we all know happens rarely in business)… Haven’t got the time or patience to learn about marketing campaigns and will be happy to retain a consultant who can show them how to get repeat business!

That’s where you come in. What if someone offered to show you everything you needed to WOW these businesses and practically force them to use yor services (and show you the only tool you will ever need to provide a simple, killer S.M.S. service)…would that interest you?

What this would mean to you, the offline consultant is:

You would have an endless stream of the hottest prospects available at your fingertips. You KNOW the Groupon businesses are desperate for new clients and have no clue hoe to retain them! You would have a simple sales script to practically force their hand at using your services, while easily charging $197 on a residual basis.…

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