NicheReaper 2 Dashboard
A peek inside NicheReaper 2

You may or may not be familiar with a keyword and niche research tool called: Niche Reaper. Matt Garrett launched it in 2011 and it was the only tool available where you could review pre-researched niches, and keywords in those niches.

Ok, now let’s fast forward to 3+ years later here in 2014. About 2 weeks ago, Matt contacted me and told me he had just put the finishing touches on Niche Reaper 2.0 and he wanted me to check out the Beta version.

What I found was a highly updated product which not only finds niches fast, but only finds rock solid niches which can help you start making money fast.

The best hands free keyword discovery system is back as NicheReaper 2, but only if you’re quick…

NicheReaper v1.0 sold out it’s maximum 1,000 spots in under a week when it first launched back in May 2011. Now the smarter, better & faster v2.0 has opened it’s doors once again and is already selling out…

Since 2011, keyword research has changed, it’s become even more difficult with Google Panda, Penguin & Hummingbird updates & with Google closing doors on their “free” keyword tool.

Just as well that Matt’s back with a new version of NicheReaper that has even more hot trending keywords, more accurate data and great new user interface, putting the very best profitable new keywords at your finger tips 24 hours a day…

NicheReaper 2 Dashboard

And you no longer need to do brainstorming for keyword ideas, NicheReaper 2 delivers thousands of pre-qualified, valuable keywords for you (about 5,000 per day) by spotting hot trends as they happen!

As you will see, there is NOTHING else like this online. It is a one of a kind product.

You can see Matt’s just released an incredible update here.

My NicheReaper 2 Bonuses

NicheReaper 2 is a great tool for finding domain names so I’m offering two bonuses to you if you buy through my link:

  • Flippa Cash – a 10-part video tutorial series on how to use Flippa to flip domain names and websites
  • Domain Cash Generator – a 7-part video tutorial series about the ins-and-outs of buying and selling domain names
  • YouTube Raider 2 – a 37-part video tutorial series showing you how to get your sites ranked high in Google with YouTube videos (includes how to create videos if you don’t know how, or don’t want to be in your own videos). Only 10 of these are available!

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With over 540,539 users of their free version, and 76,659 customers using the paid version, Market Samurai is probably the most popular piece of Internet Marketing software EVER created.

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This page has some videos about Market Samurai that will give you a better idea of what’s in this excellent software. Just don’t buy it from that page – there are no 50% discount links there!

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Spencer Haws, the super affiliate who generates between $300-$450 per day on a consistent basis is doing something CRAZY.

He is offering a crazy discount on his flagship software, Long Tail Pro!

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Regardless if you are creating an SEO, PPC, Social Media campaign…stop shooting in the dark and utilize the POWER of Long Tail Pro’s advanced keyword research and analysis!

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Start to…

  • – Uncover Thousands of Lucrative Keywords in Seconds
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The guys over at Noble Samurai have an extremely special offer at the moment: they’re selling Market Samurai at a 50% discount. I figured this was worthy of mention as this tool is very seldom offered at a discount. Here’s the…

Special Offer Link: Buy Market Samurai for just $75 (50% discount) or get more information on the offer here.

If you’ve never heard of Market Samurai, it’s a piece of desktop software (so it runs on your PC rather than being web-based) and it can be used for keyword research and SEO competition research, among other things.

There’s more info on Market Samurai here and that post also contains 16 videos showcasing the software’s capabilities, so check them out but the special offer link is only on this page, so come back here if you decide to buy.

This special offer ends on Friday, September 15th at Midnight PDT.

The price on Keyword Blaze Pro continues to go up from the crazy low price of $19 they are selling it at right now.

If you were one of the people who tried to go to the Offer and buy it when they were supposed to launch at 12:00 PM EST and found that the offer pay buttons said “Closed”, this was because the Warrior Plus server got crushed by all the people trying to use it.

They had IPN issues with PayPal and only got things up and running to accept purchases at just after 1:00 PM.

Here is how the pricing will go up during this special offer:

Keyword Blaze Pro will start at a ridiculously low price of $19 for just a few hours only. It will then go up to $21 for the next 48 hours. Then it will move up to $24 on day 3, $27 on day 4, $34 day 5, $41 day 6 and $47 by day 7.

Even at $47 this tool is massive value, but do you really want to pay that much for it?

We were lucky enough to get Market Samurai when it was first launched for just $47 and we still consider our Lifetime license on that to be the best purchase we ever made. This is that kind of purchase.

If you need a keyword tool which has the features you need to augment your success, then this tool is it. Watch the video on the page here and see for yourself:

Take action now on a software tool that can be used on a PC or a Mac using Adobe Air. This is something you can and will use everyday in Internet Marketing, regardless of your niche.

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A few of my readers have been in touch because they’ve heard about NicheReaper opening its doors again briefly, and I’d promised to keep people posted about this!

It’s true, for the first time in four months, NicheReaper has opened its doors to new members. Even with a database of 2.6 million researched and evaluated keywords, and 20,000 new keywords being added every day, and almost 200,000 researched niches, membership is still limited to 1000 people – the 200 open slots will be snapped up fast!

Grab Your NicheReaper Spot Now!

Not heard of NicheReaper?

Identifying the right niche for which to build and promote a website is the foundation block of making money online. You have to get it right but, boy, is it time consuming to do yourself, even with some of the best keyword tools on the market like Market Samurai.

NicheReaper, as its name suggests, reaps the web for untapped niches for you. That’s right – not just keywords, but niches. It took the founder of BlogPiG, Gary Prendergast, and his colleague Matt Garrett two years to produce this game-changing tool.

NicheReaper will mine keywords, group them into niches and then evaluate them, assessing competition, monetary value, available domains and fanpages. Every day it adds about 20,000 new keywords to the database – all analysed and evaluated in this way. You don’t have to lift a finger, you’re just presented the end results so you know which niches to target instantly. Currently the database stands at 2.6 million keywords!

As well as telling you the obvious stuff like search volumes, NicheReaper’s complex algorithm:

  • Groups like keywords to form niches – so you can see the value of a niche, not just a keyword, and then build authority sites
  • Assesses the competition – so you know where you have a fighting chance
  • Reports available matching keyword domains – so you can snap up domains which will rank
  • Lists Facebook fanpage URLs – so you can snare your share of the Facebook goldrush
  • Calculates a potential monthly revenue figure per keyword – so you know if it’s worth investing
  • Opportunity and value filters – so you can see instantly what to jump at and what to disregard

Within minutes you can have a valuable niche (which you’d never in a million years have thought of yourself) in the palm of your hand and for which you can get a site up on a great domain and start monetizing. And you can repeat this again and again so that you build a portfolio of niches to master.

NicheReaper also now includes 12 video training modules with over 60 training videos, covering every aspect of building, monetizing and driving traffic to niche websites and Fanpages. So whatever your level of experience, NicheReaper can grow your business with you.

NicheReaper launched in May and sold out within days. It was opened again in June but hasn’t been open to new members since then – not for four months! About 200 spots are now available.

Grab Your NicheReaper Spot Now!

Gary and Matt have limited the total number of members to 1,000 to make sure the value of the system isn’t watered down, and they’re keeping to that limit, so they WILL close the doors again once the spots are filled.

If you’re a WordPress blogger or build sites with SiteBuilder Elite, you’ve already made the decision to focus more on the revenue generating aspects of your sites and to outsource some of the essential but time-consuming tasks to software.

Let NicheReaper take care of another vital task, one that you need to get right in order to give your chance at success a head start.

Grab Your NicheReaper Spot Now!

You may have heard of NicheReaper – it’s the system that pre-researches keywords and niches for you to build websites around or target in other ways. NicheReaper now has over 2.6 million keywords and 200,000+ niches available to its members. And there are 60+ training videos showing you the system in action and how to use it to build a niche blog (looking over-the-shoulder videos).

NicheReaper has been closed to new members for a few months now, though if you’re a frequent visitor to this blog you’ll probably have noticed the NicheReaper ad at the top of the sidebar that allows you to get backdoor access to NicheReaper.

They’re officially opening their doors to the public again today at 12noon EST for just 7 days or until they have 1,000 members, whichever comes first. You can go through the official NicheReaper sales page here or, if you don’t want to take the chance of missing out on membership, you can still get in through the back door here. They have a huge waiting list of potential members so don’t be surprised if the official sales page is closed after a couple of days

Membership is $147 per quarter (equivalent to $49 per month) or $497 per annum. I wrote a post about one of the ways I use NicheReaper to build sites with SiteBuilder Elite here:

Click Here To Join NicheReaper Now
And Guarantee You Become A Member

I’ve had a few queries about how to use NicheReaper to find niches and keywords to build sites around. So here’s a video I’ve just put together showing one of the ways I use it to find profitable niches:

There’s a better quality video here if you’d prefer to see finer detail in the video.

NicheReaper is currently closed to new members but you can get in the back door through this special link.

Join NicheReaper Now

Ever heard of NicheReaper? It’s a subscription-based service that has a database of just under 2,000,000 fully researched keywords (about 20,000 new keywords are added each day).

The keywords are researched for their profitability (so you get a ballpark figure of how much can be made with Adsense per month) and how many opportunities there are to rank the keyword in one of the top 5 positions on Google using competition analysis.

Keywords are grouped by niche, so you can quickly go in, find a niche, get a list of profitable keywords in that niche and start building sites around them in minutes. Keyword and niche data can be further filtered using other criteria.

NicheReaper in action (more features have been added since this video was made)

And because the keywords are held in the NicheReaper database, retrieval times are measured in seconds rather than minutes (as would be the case if you were to do similar keyword research and analysis with desktop keyword research software).

NicheReaper memberships sold out fast when it launched and it has been closed to new members for weeks now. In fact, there’s a large number of people on their waiting list hoping to be allowed in at some point in the future.

We contacted the NicheReaper guys and asked them if they’d be willing to open the doors to people on our mailing list and they agreed to do so. Frankly, the request was a shot in the dark, but it’s paid off. Guess it goes to show that there’s never any harm in asking for something!

There is a proviso to this special offer: NicheReaper won’t keep their doors open for long, so…

CLICK HERE NOW to jump the queue on all those who are currently on the NicheReaper waiting list and secure your membership today!

Ever heard of Market Samurai? It’s probably the leading keyword research tool available. But it costs $147.

Meet Niche Sensei. For just a couple of bucks (less than $4 at time of posting), you can grab this easy-to-use Keyword and Research tool that will give you all the information you need to research your competition, and CRUSH it!.

Niche Sensei Keyword Research Tool

If you are not researching and targeting everything you do on the internet, you are leaving money on the table!

Proper Keyword Research is the difference between hitting the front page of Google and being buried so deep that nobody can find you.

Niche Sensei will return:

  • up to 50 keywords that are similar to your base keywords
  • the Global and Local searches for that term
  • the number of pages indexed in Google

You can also analyze competition for keywords. Niche Sensei will show you:

  • the top 10 results in Google for the keyword
  • the pagerank of those pages
  • the number of pages indexed in Google per site
  • the number of backlinks for each page
  • the number of backlinks for each domain.

Results are color-coded so you can easily identify where you can compete and where not to waste your time.

Grab a copy of Niche Sensei now while it’s still a ridiculously low price ($3.74!)