ConnectIQ Facebook Ads Course

FINAL CALL: The ConnectIQ Facebook Ads Academy is closing at Midnight ET (New York Time), TONIGHT, Monday, October 8th.

Facebook Ads rock…when they work. It’s one of THE most effective platforms to attract new leads and customers and take your business to the next level – by far.

However…let’s be real. It’s NOT easy to master FB ads.

Wilco de Kreij is a Facebook Ads wizard who’s listed on Entrepreneur .com etc. And with his new course, you’ll be able to save a lot of time, frustration and ad-spend.

Wilco forwarded me an email that I think you should read. He got this email from David:

“Thanks for reaching out Wilco. I wasn’t sure whether I should pick up your ConnectIQ Academy. I’m already familiar with Facebook Ads and purchased multiple other courses… but boy did you overdeliver!! Remind me to never second-guess you, haha.

Really love your Whatsapp-trick. That small thing alone will cover the investment. Very powerful. Thanks!! Appreciate you doing this.”

There are a ton of golden nuggets in this course. No BS or anything like that – just good stuff.

Join The ConnectIQ Facebook Ads Academy Now Before Time Runs Out

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Silent Sales Machine Radio

In this episode of Jim Cockrum’s popular podcast, Brett Bartlett and Jim recap the wildly effective strategy they’ve been using to grow huge audiences rapidly using Facebook in a fully legitimate and powerful way.

If you’ve been waiting on the low priced, power packed launch of their Proven Audience Formula course you are going to LOVE this episode (#125)!

If you aren’t familiar with Proven Audience Formula (PAF) yet, prepare to be blown away with the results they discuss in this episode. The PAF is working over and over again for anyone needing the attention of a large targeted list of prospects and customers. THESE are the strategies that keep putting Jim and Brett’s products on top of the sales charts on Amazon and has a long line of prospects knocking on their door!

Click Here To Check Out The Course >>

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Viral Autobots

Imagine if you could instantly find the most trending pages, take the best updates that page has posted and then schedule or post them directly to your own Facebook fan page.

Viral Autobots is the software that made this possible.

It also works for platforms like YouTube and Twitter, instantly posting what is trending and top rated.

So, with the Bumblebee edition of this software you can:

Automate your fan pages in seconds. Your pages will be too busy posting viral content. Watch the views, comments and likes come in live. Interacting with your page live is great. Viral Autobots will allow your brand to be seen by millions of people because it works in in any niche around the world. This is a cloud based tool so all you have to do is to log-in, research your content in seconds and then set and forget. Multiple Fan Pages are allowed. No matter how many pages you have, this will work for all of them, working within the Facebook API.

Click here to watch here the live demo of this Bumblebee Edition…

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Facebook Traffic Ricochet

Have you ever said to yourself “I’ll just check Facebook” and two hours later you’re still there?

We’ve been there and it’s not nice. Most forms of social media are real time sappers and can eat away at your productivity, but Facebook is the king of time sappers.

We bet if you added up all the hours you’ve wasted on Facebook so far this year you’d get a major shock.

So now that you know how much time you spend on Facebook, how about being more productive with your time there?

Well our advice would be to invest the time saved into this. You’ll get our 10-Part Facebook Marketing video tutorial as a bonus too.

FB Traffic Ricochet is a system that shows you how to increase your web traffic by up to 1160% using Facebook starting today. There are no ad costs or other hidden charges. All you have to commit to is some time to it. Time you’re currently putting into Facebook already with no return.

We’ve gone over the training videos and must say this is something that anyone can implement and get fast results from and can highly recommend. It’s also how you should be investing your time on Facebook.

Go check it out.

It does involve using WordPress blogs and if you don’t want to build one yourself, they guys over at Top Design Blogs can build one for you (these blogs are fast, search engine optimized and, most importantly, secured against hackers). Tell ’em we sent you.…

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WP Fan Pages Box

A new WordPress Plugin helps you grow your FaceBook Fan Pages on complete auto-pilot! It’s just $18.63 at time of posting for a multi-site license but the price will be rising.

It’s a smart wordpress plugin you can install on any site and it helps you get unlimited likes to your FaceBook fan pages… all without paying for ads.

WP Fan Machine takes 2 minutes to setup and then it’s complete set and forget.

How does it work? Just add your Fan Page and keywords related to your niche and in less than 60 seconds, it’s ready to go.

See it in action by clicking here…

The software works every hour of every day without requiring you to lift a finger. All that’s left for you to do is watch your Fan Pages grow each and every day on COMPLETE AUTOPILOT.

Bonus: Facebook Marketing Made Easy Video Series

Buy through our links and this bonus will be waiting for you along with your WP Fan Pages plugin….

Any marketer worth his/her salt uses Facebook as a channel for driving additional traffic to their websites and offers. In this 10-part video tutorial series you’ll discover…

A LIVE showcase of best techniques. An Easy to understand and Professional US voiceover. How to get targeted traffic to your website. How to garner brand recognition with less effort. How to reach the widely scattered Facebook audience. how to boost your marketing efforts.

Some Facebook facts:

Approximately 900 million people use Facebook on a daily basis.…

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There are not many things you can get for $10 or less which are guaranteed to show you step by step how to create a massive following on Facebook and then turn it into Profit.

Over the last few months Don Wilson has pumped out Facebook Marketing product after product and every single one of them has been top notch. If the guy knows anything, it is how to get hundreds of thousands of Facebook Fans fast and then turn them into Cash.

Here you can see him get over 100,000 New Fans in 72 Hours (No B.S or Hype).

He has partnered up with the “other” Social Media Marketing mogul Martin Crumlish on this new product and they are going to show you how they do it Step by Step with over the shoulder Videos. They will show you their mistakes and the things which made them insanely successful on what was nothing but a test. Yes, a test to show their system works and you get to see it Live as it happened which is incredible.

So, if you want to learn some serious tricks of the trade to add to your kit bag of Social Media Marketing on Facebook, then you need to take a look at this.…

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Learning how to tackle a web business is hard enough, but now that all this Social Media stuff is going on as well it would be nice if someone could slow things down so the rest of us could catch up.

Well, this all just got a little easier as our friends over at Profit Focused Marketing are giving away an incredible WordPress Plugin for Free.

This isn’t some cheap, non-working, low budget plugin either. This thing rocks!

It is called Lock.FM and it is a small part of the New Profit.FM system, but they are giving it away to show it off. They are saying it has just a fraction of the capabilities of all the other tools being released when they launch their main product later this week, but who cares, free is free.

This thing can Lock Content on your WordPress blog Pages and Posts. Any Content (Videos, Articles, Links, downloads, etc). Then when visitors come to your site, they have to click on either a Facebook Like button, a Google +1 button, or a Twitter Tweet button (or a combination) to access your content.

Their testing shows that most people will want to click even though they might not truly think your content is that great. People are used to it now and what this does for you is it sends out massive Social Media Signals across the web.

Google will love you, Bing will love you, but most of all more People will love you and your content.…

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