One thing every website needs is content. Either to add to the site to increase the number of pages or to use for promoting the site on article directories, social networks, etc.

But article writing is a time-consuming pain. And that’s when you know enough about the niche to write something. The problems really start when you need content for a niche that you know nothing about.

Traditionally, that’s meant outsourcing article writing to someone else and having to pay for each article. The cheapest way to go about this is to get Private Label Right content from places like InfoGoRound or have unique articles written specifically for you at places like iNeedArticles.

Depending on the quality of the article, the number of words in it and the amount of research put into it by the writer, article costs range from $5 to $50 each. So it can become pretty expensive getting a lot of content written.

The newest article writing service on the block is Jiffy Articles, from Jon Leger, which we posted about on Black Friday. It basically spins articles for you from a database of articles and article snippets in a range of niches. It’s $127 per year (that works out to be about $10.58 per month), so the more articles you create with it, the cheaper each one costs.

But there is a big brother to Jiffy Articles – it’s called Article Builder, and it too is from Jon Leger.


Whereas Jiffy Articles is open to anyone, Article Builder is a limited membership service.…

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Stop wasting massive time and money by building links between all of your site’s content pages by hand. Let this automatic app do it the right way in seconds…

The Fast Attack Interlink WordPress plugin turns any WP blog into a natural-flowing silo of connected keyword-based content that both Google AND visitors want to see for better rankings and sales.

And it works on both brand new AND older sites, regardless of their size or the amount of content!

Typically a plugin like this costs between $50 to $150, and are often limited in the amount of sites they can be used on. With this special offer you can get the Fast Attack Interlink for $9.00.

Fast Attack Interlink automatically builds a perfect “recommended reading” footer for each page on your site that you control.

Even a raw beginner to WordPress and plugins in general will be able to follow the instructions and have it running quickly, and without having to go through a 100+ page manual that serves as the cure for insomnia…

Just a few examples of what proper internal-linking will do for sites over time, and why it’s so important:

Increases Average Time On Site Dramatically – Visitor time on sites increase by a factor of 50-75% when having the right internal links present on all the content pages. Increase Pages Per Visit Dramatically – Readers spend more time on the sites reading more content (and seeing more offers because of it) thanks to following the connected footer links.…

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Although this product from Mark Dulisse is very similar to Web Traffic Genius (WTG), it’s pretty impressive. While I love WTG, I had to admit after installing this and quickly setting it up, this is like WTG on steroids. Frankly it is very impressive.

This WordPress plugin is called RSS Link Bomber and it will create an RSS Feed for each and every Blog Post you create just like WTG does, but here is where it somwhat veers off course. While it submits your RSS Feeds to around 50 RSS Feed and Aggregator sites, it also automatically fills in forms and defeats Captchas.

Still sounds very like Web Traffic Genius except that after is submits your Feeds to these services, it can also use Multi Proxy Support to shield your blog from being IP Banned (for Safe Submissions) and then also ensure that every Feed gets indexed by Pinging it to over 150 different Ping Services.

Plus, it also allows you to Mashup your Feeds with other Feeds and/or allows you to create new feeds and add them to the Submission Engine on your Blog. This includes any Youtube or other Video RSS Feeds you might have.

Even more, you can add Spin syntax to the Header and Footer of the Feeds you create to make them even more unique across the Submission Sites they are sent to, increasing the value of each and every RSS Submission that is made.

The amount of natural backlinks that can be added to your site’s profiles are crazy with this plugin.…

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BlogPiG make a number of very useful WordPress plugins, some of which are listed in the Top 100 WordPress Plugins Report available on this site.

The 70% discount applies is you buy all 5 plugins in their software suite. Normally, these would cost $750 if bought separately but, for the moment, you can get all 5 plugins for $197.

The plugins are:

CloakPiG – cloak affiliate links on your site. An excellent alternative to MaxBlogPress’s Ninja Affiliate plugin CommentPiG – searches the blogosphere for relevant comments to add to your posts. Keeps you site alive and makes it look active to the search engines. You can also specify a list of backlinks to use in comments, so it’s a good way of building backlinks to your own sites. TagPiG – automatically manages every aspect of your WordPress tagging, giving your blog the maximum opportunity of being deep indexed by Google. TagPiG automatically analyses each post on your blog and adds topic themed tags. CSVPiG -a data feed import plugin for WordPress. It transforms affiliate data feeds into professional WordPress blogs with thousands of content rich self-publishing posts. You can also build your own CSV files and import them using CSVPiG, automatically scheduling the posts so they appear naturally over time. NukePiG – provides easy one-click bulk deletion of all your autoblogs posts, pages, tags, categories & links.

You can use the plugins on an unlimited number of sites as well.

Click Here Now to Save 70% On The Price Of The BlogPiG WordPress Plugin Suite

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Its a fact: many websites have more than enough backlinks to dominate their keywords on search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. The reason they are not though, is because very few of those backlinks are actually crawled and indexed by the search engines.

What if I were to hand you the solution to getting all your backlinks crawled and indexed a LOT quicker?

This PingAutomatic WordPress Plugin was created to:

keep your sites up to date in the search engines keep all your site’s pages indexed & ranking high get and keep all your backlinks indexed drive tons and tons of link-juice to your site through your backlinks

Here is the best part: It does all that on 100% autopilot!

Pretty awesome!

To help you stay organized, you can install the auto-pinger on as many of your own blogs as you wish, but you can also manage multiple campaigns (even for different sites) from one single WordPress admin panel. Very simple and yet, very cool!

Once set up, the plugin puts a little code in your blog footer which it uses to ping your site, RSS feed, and/or as many backlinks as you want. It truly is a set-and-forget system that does ALL the pinging for you on total auto-pilot. Almost too easy!

And the price of this plugin? Just $15.70 (at time of posting but the price is increasing as more are sold).

Get Your Copy of Ping Automatic Here Now Before the Limited Number of Copies Available Sell Out!

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Imagine publishing a post on your WordPress blog and gaining authority backlinks to each and every post within minutes without lifting a finger.

This is what WPSocialPipes does – In fact, the authority backlinks it generates will ensure you get rapid indexing of all posts and super charged Google rankings. Backlinking has never been this easy.

Here are some of the features and how it works:

WPSocialpipes features

Works with WordPress Works with multiple PixelPipe accounts Works with multiple Hellotxt accounts Works with multiple accounts Works with spin syntax to send unique content to each linked account Automatically creates a backlink for each post you publish (user doesn’t need to remember) Uses 301 url shortner with tracking to ensure link juice passed to your sites Works with pages and posts Works with scheduled posts once made live Sends images and videos to linked accounts Forces published posts to your linked destinations (not just Blogger, WordPress or Live Journal)

This plugin has been designed so that it gets you deep links to each and every post you publish and also allows the user to add their own links should they wish.

The reason WPSocialPipes works is because it gives the search engines EXACTLY what they want. It uses Authority social media sites as the backbone for your website which in turn feeds the search engines their favourite meal. This then shoots your site to the top of the Google rankings within hours, if not minutes, depending on your keyword competition.…

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The Facebook Optin App just went live and you can be one of the first to get your hands on this killer WordPress plugin…

Developer Licenses are currently available if you want to add Facebook connect technology to your client’s sites.

And for the next 7 Days Only, you can get a “White Label” Copy of the Facebook Optin App plugin and sell it for 100% profit!

Go watch the video right now…

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This is a total business plan on how to use “TUMBLR to make money.

TUMBLR, have you heard of it? It’s like a social network of blogs. Blogs which you can sell for big bucks.

There are 15 easy-to-understand videos, totaling over 90 minutes of training on how to pick the right blog to create, signing up with TUMBLR, and finally getting traffic to the blog, and selling it for $700 to $900!

Here’s just one comment about this product that people have piled onto in the past two days:

“I have just finished viewing the videos, and it definitely brings much needed clarity to Tumblr, which I knew next to nothing about and previously thought was just another web 2.0 property.

Well, I’ve discovered how wrong I was after going through these eye-opening videos. This is a great way to get targeted traffic to your affiliate and CPA offers, and offers struggling and broke newbies the ultimate resource – an absolutely free way of making money where even domain and hosting fees are not required!

My advice is to get it now before the price skyrockets with this crazy dime sale that Stephen is doing.”

– Paul

Ok, here’s what you need to do…

Go to this link, purchase this TUMBLR system, and watch the 90+ minutes of video, taking lots of notes, and get ready to make out with TUMBLR!

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Everywhere we look today we are told that to get traffic to your site you need to try and get as many backlinks as you possibly can. We need to try to trick Google and force our sites to the top. right? WRONG!

SEO is no longer that simple!

While backlinks are vital to a website’s success, there is now something that’s much more important: content – quality, unique content.

The catchphrase “Content is King” has never been truer than it is today.

But creating quality, unique content is hard! It is also time-consuming or, if you choose to use an outsourcer, then it can be very expensive.

Does this sound like you:

I hate writing articles – it reminds me of being back in school! I just want to get on with building my business and making money! I can’t afford to keep paying outsourcers every week to write my articles! I am so busy promoting my site that I don’t have time to create great content!

Well, now there’s a WordPress plugin that will create free, unique content simply by pushing a few buttons.

Here’s how it works:

Choose your keyword for your article and type it in… KontentBot will take sections of articles from around the internet… Go through the article and spin words throughout… Click “Save” and KontentBot will check the article for uniqueness with Copyscape and then turn it into a post!

This is a short-lived offer. Currently, you can get KontentBot for $15.60 before this offer is closed an KontentBot goes for sale on Clickbank for $97.…

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Passive income is brilliant. You put something (for example, Adsense) on your site and never have to do anything else with it. But it gets ongoing clicks from visitors and you earn money for no extra work.

Backlinks are big business these days so when a service comes along that offers to put backlinks on your blogs at no cost to you, that’s a revenue model to look at.

You install a plugin on your blog which adds backlinks into your posts. And you get 10% of what the advertiser pays to have his backlinks displayed on your site. It has nothing to do with whether the link is clicked or not. You get paid for displaying it.

As an added bonus, you build valuable External Links for your site at the same time. If you have Keywords that Advertisers want to use for Backlinks, then you will be able to create excellent External Links for SEO purposes at the same time.

So here’s a question: Is this going to change your own links or remove linking you already have with any keywords which are the same as those that Advertisers want to use?

The Answer is NO. It will not change any current links you already have and you can use multiple monetization techniques on your Blogs as normal and this will not affect anything. The only thing this service does is replace Keywords on your Blog with Hyperlinked Anchor Text for Backlinks for the Advertisers.

You can see more detail and a Profit Calculator here.…

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