If you run a WordPress blog, and you’re wondering why your site is loading slower than you expect, one of the likely causes is Bots crawling over it. There are good bots and there are bad bots and both Bots can and will crush your site. The reason your site loads slower is probably is because Bots are spending more time on your site than actual visitors.

Spyder SpankerThere is an answer. We know the Chennai Central plugin was a nice free option, but that plugin is now out of date and no longer supported. However, there is now a plugin which gives you ten times more protection and power for your blogs than ever before. This is a must have for every blog you own in our opinion and we use it actively on this site and on our other blogs already.

Check out the 8 Shocking Facts right now about what things actually slow down your page load times – some of them will surprise you!

There’s little setup time required, just install the plugin and go.

This is a dime sale, so the price goes up with each sale. Spyder Spanker normally costs $37 but is on sale at $17 (the price may have risen by the time you read this).

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Ranking can be one of the hardest parts of owning your own websites.

SEO is constantly changing and there are so many rules and tricks you need to follow to ensure you have consistently good rankings and don’t drop pages because Google has released a new algorithm update.

Since it was first launched, the free version of the SEO Smart Links WordPress plugin has been downloaded over 1 million times from the WordPress.org plugin repository and is conservatively estimated to have been used on over 3 million blogs. It’s a plugin that’s used to manage internal links on blogs.

Internal links are now more important than ever, especially since the Panda and Penguin algorithm updates on Google.

SEO Smart LinksSEO Smart Links Pro is the plugin’s big brother. It includes and better and more enhanced content parsing algorithm. It also runs about 3 times faster than the free version of the plugin (that can result in faster page load times, another metric now used by Google to rank pages). It features a range of advanced and automatic interlinking options along with a variety of advanced custom keywords options.

You can control the number of links created per keyword per page and it supports link redirection and link cloaking. All settings can be overriden at post level so you have complete control over how the plugin works. You can even set up custom CSS for your links so they look exactly how you want.

An there’s even a statistics module which gives you insight into how the plugin is working – you can see how your posts are interlinked and how your keywords are used throughout your site, the keywords used in links and the URLs generated for them and more.

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SEO Smart Links Pro with a Multi-Site license normally sells for $149. For the next 7 days, you can buy it for just $22!

SEO Smart Links Pro with a Business Developer license normally sells for $299. For the next 7 days, you can buy it for just $37! This version allows you to use the plugin on clients sites as well as your own and includes the statistics and caching modules plus some other extras.

This is a strictly 7 day sale which will be taken down on May 23rd at 12:00PM EST.

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Over the last few months many subscribers have been asking for a solution like this. It just launched yesterday…

Check out this AMAZING WordPress plugin that “churns out awesome websites in a few clicks”. This is the best one we have found that will make your life a whole lot easier and you’ll make more as a result.

The plugin posts a mix of content to your blog and you can have it publish one or several posts per day, set on a random schedule or during certain hours (like when you’re normally awake) and you can select the categories of content to use on your site. If you add your Clickbank ID, it will post offers in your content so you earn commissions from sales. Everything else happens on autopilot.

What’s more, and perhaps even better, is that it will drive traffic to your site through various channels, again all on autopilot. It’s one neat little plugin.

So If You’re Fed Up Trying To Write Or Source Content
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Many affiliate marketers still do not cloak the links on their blogs. What they end up with is a lot of ugly links that are easily spotted as affiliate links and it therefore makes it easier for commissions no to be earned as visitors can side-step the links. Not good.

So for any serious affiliate marketer, it’s essential to use a quality link cloaker. There have been a few over the years and many have come and gone for a variety of reasons.

Cloak.FM is the latest incarnation of a link cloaker that’s been around for years, one that has seen constant improvements and upgrades in that time (at no extra cost). you might know it by its former name: CloakPiG.

When I originally bought the CloakPig plugin about 2 years ago, I paid $77 for it. I’ve used it consistently ever since. In fact, it’s used on this blog to cloak the links you find here.

Cloak.FM is just one plugin that members of Profit.FM get access to after they join. It’s one of the best blogging courses and methodologies available today.

However, Mike Johnson, one of the co-creators of Profit.FM has decided to offer Cloak.FM to the wider blogging community, outside of Profit.FM.

Remember, I paid $77 for this plugin. Today, it’s on offer to you for just $17.

Cloak.FM can automatically cloak links for you; you don’t even need to go back and edit your blogs links. You can have it cloak all links, cloak all links except those from particular domains (useful if there are links to external sites you don’t want to cloak) or you can cloak links just from specific domains. The links all appear to come from your domain so they’re good for SEO as well!

You can also add manual links to the plugin and create specific links yourself.

It also has the ability to preload cookies for several links, auto-link keywords in your content without you having to insert links yourself, along with other capabilities. There’s a 30 minute video on the sales page that takes you through all the options.

In short, this really is an excellent plugin and, if you don’t already use a link cloaking plugin, you should consider getting this one.

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If you read our post yesterday about why popups are an effective means of getting offers in front of your visitors, you’ll be glad to learn that Mark Dulisse’s Popup Deluxe plugin is now on sale.

There are two versions:

1. Single User License: You can add the plugin to whatever sites you own (you cannot include the plugin on any sites you sell). Price at time of writing was $17.43.

2. Developer’s License: As well as being able to add the plugin to your own sites, you can add the plugin to sites belonging to your clients. In addition, you are allowed to sell sites that use the plugin (though they must be sold for a minimum of $100). The price at time of writing was $37.39.

This is a dimesale which means that each time the plugin is sold, the price goes up. So the sooner you buy, the more you save.

We just bought this plugin as we consider it a “no-brainer” and will be adding it to various sites.

Check out the Popup Deluxe sales page here
for more information on the product


Popups are starting to become “hot” again. In olden days, popups were driven by Javascript and usually involved displaying a mini page over a main page. They got a bad rep when you started to see umpteen popups appear when trying to leave a site. With the worst offenders, popups would appear faster than you could close them.

Something had to be done and that resulted in the appearance of popup blockers. These are now integrated by default into modern browsers. It spelled the end of mini-page popups.

But popups did still appear, except these ones were based on CSS and DIV tags within a page. The popup was part of the page that showed it. So there was only one popup per page. Much more friendly to visitors. And the way browsers currently work means that there’s always a “Leave This Page”/”Stay On Page” option presented before a popup can appear (when the “Stay on Page” option is clicked).

But popups are passe, aren’t they? It turns out that’s not the case. Advertising is ubiquitous on blogs and websites these days and tends to appear in the same positions on sites so visitors are becoming ad-blind, mentally editing them out of what they see on a page. And that’s bad news for webmasters who rely on those ads for their income.

Popups are unexpected and so they do grab a visitor’s attention. And for that reason they can prove to be lucrative.

But being able to create effective popups these days is not an easy task. That’s why Mark Dulisse created his Popup Deluxe WordPress Plugin. It doesn’t go on sale until March 14th, but you can watch a video demonstrating some of its capabilities here.

You can see some samples of the popups that can be created in the image above.

This popup will work on page entry or page exit. It’s fully configurable in size, positioning, fonts, colors, borders and features a selection of attention-grabbing buttons. You can set up different popups for different pages and posts and you can even have a popup appear on someone else’s site (e.g. you could show a video review of a product over the product’s sales page. Close buttons can be optionally added to popups and they can also run on timers so they automatically disappear after a set time.

While this is almost certainly a “must-have” for affiliate and internet marketers, webmasters in other niches will benefit from this plugin as well. You could use it to show an optin form to build a list, promote products you’ve created in your niche, show videos about products and services you are redirecting your visitors to…

Popup Deluxe goes on sale tomorrow, March 14th at 12pm, EST. The plugin will initially cost $17 but the price rises with each sale. You can use the plugin on any domains you personally own.

For those who build sites for clients, there’s also a Developer License version available. The price will start at $47 and it too will increase with each sale.

So it makes sense to buy as soon as possible after it launches so you spend as little as possible.

Sign up here for the early-bird list which will give you an edge over the general public.


Profit.FM has reopened, though I don’t know for how long. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a membership site created for bloggers who want to earn an income online, by Mike Johnson (who created the AutoBlog Blueprint course) and Gary Prendergast, a co-developer of NicheReaper.

Members get a ton of stuff, from premium WordPress themes to access to NicheReaper functions to comprehensive training and exclusive WordPress plugins.

There’s more info on Profit.FM in this post or you can hop over to the sales page.

This WordPress plugin has a stupid name, but an incredible ability to help you quickly and easily monetize your Blogs using multiple services like Clickbank, Commission Junction, Linkshare, Amazon, Ebay, and more.

The most important part of this entire process is the plugin READS your content (like Adsense) in order to provide the best Ads possible for your site visitors. When they visit your page because of the content, they now can get the best possible and most highly targeted Ads for that content served to them automatically.

It is a very lightweight plugin which displays the ads in a very low key manner any way you want it to be displayed on your blogs.

All of these features make it an incredible plugin to have when compared to some of the “other” auto monetization plugins out there.

Right now, not only can you get this plugin at a crazy low price -currently $22.50 – (but it rises the more sales are made). But you can also get a massive amount of monetization training as well to go along with it, all for one price. This is a great Special Offer and one you need to get in on before they take this to Clickbank at a much higher price.

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2-day Sale: This special offer is for Mark Dulisse’s Google Video Sitemap (the full version) WordPress Plugin. It is a product that’s been developed and enhanced over the last two and a half years, so it’s not some flash-in-the-pan product.

It will generate a .xml video sitemap and a .rss video feed at the same time, so you can add the RSS feed to Yahoo’s mRSS and feeds and Google’s Webmasters Tools (or anywhere else that accepts RSS feeds). In fact, with the click of a button, it will submit the video sitemap to over 35 RSS directories.

The videos it uses to build sitemaps are videos you will have created and are either self-hosted on your own website or on AmazonS3 servers. It will not add embedded videos into the sitemap.

There’s a lot more info on the plugin and testimonial here.

The Google Video Sitemap costs $97 per year if you buy it from the main sales page at GoogleVideoSitemap.com.

However, using the link below, you can get the plugin for a fraction of the price (currently $27.68, though the price rises bu $0.01 each sale). And it’s a one-time fee, not an annual fee.

Given the value of this offer, it’s only available for 2 days.

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WP Mage MonsterWe’re sorry to be so quick with this announcement, but it is the end of 2011 and due to many requests, Greg Jacobs has decided to open up Mage Monster for 2 days or 50 copies (whatever comes first).

You may be aware that Monster Mage is one of the most successful products in the history of internet marketing, being a staple in the industry and helping people with their online businesses since 2009.

You may also be aware that it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to get a license of Monster Mage because of the powerful nature of the software.

First off to get into Monster you need to have a sponsor or “recommendation”. Furthermore you need to be willing to devote yourself to learning the system.

We know that there is no such thing as ‘push button overnight riches’ however Monster gives you a proven and working system that has propelled EXTREME amounts of people to 4 or 5 figure monthly residual income.

You know it is real because the Mage’s have over 50,000 posts in their private members helping members forum of which you will be a part of after you join.

We’ll leave it at that.

To learn more about this opportunity to join Mage Monster and see if you are fast enough to be one of the lucky 50 to join them at this end of the year FIRE ALARM, then here is your invite link. Use it well.